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  1. i know but i am kinda tired but you are right i should wait but may the screenshot remaing of my the weapon i liked to use but still you are right i just hope i dont get too tired to then complain cause for real i am kinda tired they just dont seem to care THANKS god that is the frist answer i got that give me hope for real i mean i dint knew that i read a few things but nothing straight but i can kinda understand what you mean hopely they link it so can spam it more (people like to die but i dont like see my team dead xD) and yeah maybe instead of getting something ugly may i get something with more heavy attack or something that can be usefull to keey my style of play i came here kinda angry and disapointed but after reading you answer i feel way better and well i am kinda ready to wait and hope for the best thanks for you time
  2. SO here we are again DE whants to people play meta and not the way we whant i like magistar sancti is not strong not even fast or have range BUT I LIKE IT why? cause i can heal my team with that they only way to make sancti magistart to heal more than 200 is by channeling and using charged attack all of that in a slow weapon ok i can understand i use zaws i have a few god like plague rivens (they say they nerf what people use well when they will nerf plague and buff all other zaws? o yeah they whant people use meta weapons and nerf all else JEZZ) but i like to play with low levels or people that need helps i like using the range prime the 30 mts i can use to heal my team and even the objective to defend that is why i invested forma plat and all to have that forma and that build I KNOW IS NOT POWERFULL and i know i can use trinity but i dont whant to play meta i whant to play the way i whant but they are even taking itzal blitz i dont even use that i use ELYTRON i love nukes that looks and sounds like nukes not the silent equinox but wait DE says we should play only meta arhcwing only meta weapons only meta primary and secondary and even only meta warframes i know people may be feed up with the no content i may never see akmagnus prime or ferrox or javelo vandal or wraith or something i like ferrox I LOVE IT i like the secondary loooks sooo cool and i buyed the harrow bundle just cause finaly they give gunspear some love with that SWEET skin I AM AFRAID! they do a "sidegrade" like the crap they did with opticor jesus cristh GOD NO! if you are not going to upgrade something people like dont spit on their faces doing a sidegrade and now they are going to kill channeling ok i know is not that important i dint even use it even with hyldring using his shields to channeling but they wont even do something abouit sancti magistar or others weapons i mean i like the exilus in primary and secondary finaly something to do with the 90 exilus mod i got from sorties and i will be able make silent most of weapons or at least get more capacity i dont know maybe they wont even do that they may even create a new exilus god that would be worsth surely they wil buff all weapons that are already silent like talons (when i will see talons prime?!) and all others like baza and so on of weapons that are already silent? or they wont make silent a exilus mod? i dont even know what will happen with my riven they may disolve it or change channeling for something so useless Xd sending to the void my kuva and time
  3. i like this how hard is make something likes this? god even fan made i dont care i would read it i am on windows xp
  4. true i was asleep and on rage i dint mean nekros prime xD
  5. they are not the same i give you that reaper prime should be with nekros but then about ether weapons? they were out just whit nekros and they are at same "mega bundle" soma got primed carrier got primed nekros got primed you put reaper ether in the same boat but all got primed but not him? ok give him i dont know a vandal or wraith but dont just increase stats give some weird mechanic i mean is ether they should be able think in something good they could create some "all ether weapons with nekros has special skills" or something
  6. yeah i mean i dont ask for too much and come one when nekros when prime they give what? galatine prime?! THE HELL?! is like giving to ivara prime a shotgun prime makes not #*!%ing sense and we have a lot of old weapons like talons a tenno weapon we dont have NOTHING like trow prime tht explode like pox castañas and so on talons prime would be cool i mean atlas is almost the most useless warframe god forgive those who buy the bundle but if they give something like a shotgun and we have shotguns tenno or any secondary prime would be cool i dont even farming atlas prime or anything of this set i mean i dont ask for too much and they have 320 workers could at least ONE say something about the load of tenno weapons with not prime? and they even DARE to ask 850 pl for that bundle? GOD!
  7. So here is the deal we have nekros prime carrier prime soma prime and the "mega bundle" says: "ETHER REAPER THE PERFECT COMPANION BLADE FOR NEKROS PRIME" we are at the 25 update i was expecting MAYBE at 20 we will get SOMETHING ANYTHING! for ether reaper not a mod prime or vandal or whatever god this game has a lot of things tenno weapons we may never get prime or i will die frist cause they dont longer give a hell -_- they dont even add more power or balance the rivens for a lot of guns just popular stuff forcing people to play meta or die if you buy those "mega bundle" be ready to get deception prime cause i dont find logic on this GOD even lanka has a mod (a useless mod but still a mod) acrid (i love acrid) and a few another exceptions i know asking for something like somenthing for old weapons is as useless as hoping the last nighwave week has kuva (the only usefull thing on nigtwing and they dont put it in last week)
  8. i dont use discord :v i barely speak english feed back? i am kinda new on forums i just did a search and i got this treadh but i will search maybe someone did already on in feedback
  9. i know may i dont do too much but i will spam theirr facebook account about that and maybe i wont get nothing from that but i wont be quiet too
  10. the only usefull thing in nightwave AND THEY DONT HAVE IT! god i am so mad at DE right now
  11. whut? does DE forgot there is a lot of old tenno weapons and never will get a prime? even a dammed buff? god i love old weapons but they dont even bring ANYTHING to old weapons -_- they will never do a vandal or anything of ferrox javlok and i love both i even buyed harrow bundle just cause finally they created a skin for guns spears seems you can only play with meta welp at least they remenber they have a tonkor a small buff but is something
  12. OMG GUYS!!!! check steam stadiistics!!! holy hell LoL bring akmagnus prime LoL this is the end xD
  13. whut? how you loot with wukong? i know khora and hydroid but wukong? i am missing something?
  14. i was already a healer withc sancti magistar and a riven using just range prime got like 30 mts 2k healing for kill if i get a riven with more range i could heal even 70 mts but 30 mts is more than enough so you can build to power and heal every then
  15. walkry and saryn AGAIN? i dont sell sets i am to tired to farm just for ducats or plat but god when i will able get the dammed brain of the carrier prime? when i will ever be able taste new long hoped primes like AKMAGNUS PRIME?! i mean i just dont understand and you nerfed ember prime so much that now is not even worth being in the vault? omg i liked ember even when i never meet that powerfull ember people talk (i have less than a year playing) but add salt to the wound now that ember is not ever worth to being in the vault i just cannot walkyr and saryn again out i like walkyr looks great and never understood how use saryn so is saving dust there but come on WHEN IS COMING new primes you have like a lot of tenno weapons taking AGES to have at least a vandal or something talons attica and for god sake dont give to ivara prime a attica like 2 bows? i just cannot handle the logic of DE i just cant understand you whant money? ok bring akmagnus prime and a new prime that we dont expect like nidus or something cause people know that now is coming atlas or ivara and i got ivara is usefull as hell and too lazy to get atlas normal will be a easy thing get atlas prime BTW THANKS! i tried to get equinox and god is so hard and tiring with equinox prime i got free of keeping trying to get him xD anyway i will be there in a corner waiting for akmagnus prime so we may get a decent ak double gun and god i hope they at least use the MAGNUS word for bring something decent and not a status weapond that could be the worst thing EVER (when we have dera and so on of auto status secondary)
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