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  1. so we will have latron prism at the end of this madness? i mean we have a prism wraith kuva of same weapon and latron is quite something too btw warframe dint make it to top 10 of steam even with mod of baroo LoL
  2. What you mean? were you been i dont know since forever? they never buff anything and if something is loved they nerf it so yeah they will now nerf the value of a few things in ducats now
  3. so when is akmagnus prime coming? cause you been fixing the worst update ever and i dont know what is after railjack? more diferent enemys? god you have talons akmagnus and a lot of old tenno weapons just saying
  4. PLEASE i cannot do railjack my internet is crap my computer too so please if umbra forma is a drop then let us BUY IT! i got plat every month but i wont be able hunt a forma cause always i end a mission i only got credits -_- as if is not hard enough get a public game that works long enough so please LET US BUY IT!!!
  5. DONT TOUCH the acrid god i may accept they kill all kitguns and fulmin and all god weapon but GOD forgive me if they touch the acrid
  6. you buff the viper the bronco like ARE YOU SERIUS?! the akstileto more nerf? whut? the gremlis prisma and welp any weapon is more god what are you smoking? WHEN IS AKMAGNUS PRIME COMING?!
  7. btw quanta vandal works very weird secondary fire says has 0.5 mts radial but i seen the thing damage and kill things at 10 mts and says has not critical chanse but does and i seen yellow damage like always witha a riven with 250% critical chance so those stats are wrong or i dont understand how secondary damage works on quanta vandal
  8. azima donts work with pistoler arcano the one that gives ammo munition every time i launch the disk takes ammo can you please fix that? i know how works and works wonderfull with primary fire but on secondary donts do a thing
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