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  1. It doesn't matter to me whether you work from home or not! They blocked my access even though I didn't do anything because they can WORK. It cannot be accepted that I will be banned from others just because they illegally buy platinum. Here in the forum, the letters can not respond to support tickets or forum posts. Sometimes I wonder if it is only important to you to make money with us players and if there are problems you will be ignored.
  2. No i have all my trades in warframe.market Why should I be lying? It is a cheek of yours to accuse me of this. I'm not risking my account by illegally buying platinum. I've always bought from DE Platinum. DE won't answer. Everything that goes against DE is immediately deleted by the moderators
  3. Read my Text i have trade only not buy from other.
  4. I have trade Prime Parts and more and now i see yesterday by login i have negativ platinum what can i make i have only traded not more. The German Support not Answered -,- Now i lose The traded Items and the Platinum this is not fair. How am I supposed to know that my trading partner has acquired platinum illegally. Now I can legally buy what he illegally acquired or how can I understand? Can't be there should DE do more so that it doesn't happen instead of forcing fair players to buy his account freely.
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