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  1. The_Tiddler

    Despoil Sucks (At Least For Camping) : Here Is Why

    As people above me have said, the health drain is affected by power efficiency. Use even just a streamline, and a rejuvination aura, and you have free desecrate. The Nekros players you've been playing with are just bad.
  2. The_Tiddler

    LGBT players being silenced?

    As MagPrime said, it's a pretty unessecary attempt at protecting us. Though you shouldn't be getting suspended for talking about it in clan chat, if that's what you're saying? I can't help ya there, but in Region you're better off just using LGBT (if that doesn't get you banned) as not to set off the machine.
  3. The_Tiddler

    Why doing this to new players?

    THIS, DE. I've tried introducing 6 friends to the game now. None of them have remained and their reason for quitting have all been the same: It's too easy. I even made a new account to run through the game without using any mods and it's still so easy all through the starchart!
  4. The_Tiddler

    Excalibur Prime

    Excalibur prime *cannot* return. And you're not entitled to him. It was a special deal for those who were playing at the time, and without that money the game could have very well faded. It's a shame to have missed out on the opportunity (in my case due to lack of income) but that's the way the cookie crumbles. However what gets me is this entitlement. No one forced you to spend that money; you CHOSE to. You bought a service, and got what you paid for. Why do you think you're owed more? That's like me going to the store near my house (which I bvuy from whenever I can) and DEMANDING free pies. I don't give them money so they'll give me free things in the future.; I give them money because they provide a service I want.
  5. I liked the old ones MUCH better as well. The newer ones fit the Orb Vallis and its own asthetic, but in the rest of the Corpus missions they stick out in the bad way. That, and it's much harder to tell when they're locked or unlocked as many others have said.
  6. The_Tiddler

    Can we have interior, orbiter skins?

    Honestly? Yes. I would love to have a more Orokin themed interior for my Orbiter. Or even Sentient (but I know that one's a far dream)
  7. The_Tiddler

    Pls revert the relic system

    I have to agree. Been spending the past 3 days (almost 12 hours a day; holidays) just trying to get another Hydroid for more cosmetic slots. What hurt the most about all those wasted relics wasn't just not getting the part I wanted, but the fact I had to then go and farm more void traces. In the old days I would've happily jumped into a survival with a single key and gone on for hours, because even if I didn't get the part at least I didn't have to use a key for every 5 minutes I was in there, and I didn't have to farm more and more traces between. This newer system has done nothing but add a new layer of grinding ontop of the grinding. The content isn't difficult; it's just tedious. If their intent was to reduce burnout, I'm astounded they thought the way to reduce burnout was to force you to farm so you can farm.
  8. The_Tiddler

    What warframe should i get

    Equinox is a gal, pal. But to OP: Assuming you're a beginner, frames like Equinox and Saryn may not be the best choices for now due to mod requirements to max out their effectiveness. For the star chart, Excalibur or Volt will likely be the best options as their AOE damage potential does not require too much modding to be effective at those levels seeing as they're relatively low energy for the damage they do, meaning you can cast fairly regularly as opposed to, say, Saryn, who's major AOE is 100 energy by default. Equinox is similar in that her AOE is a channelled ability that's less versatile than Excalibur's exalted blade or volt's shock unless properly modded.
  9. The_Tiddler

    Mesa prime with tennogen skins looks bad

    This bug happened with Valkyr and Hydroid Prime as well. Give it a lil' bit, DE will get on it.
  10. The_Tiddler

    Why do people use Chroma for Eidolons?

    Because with cold he can take alot more damage.
  11. The_Tiddler

    Best end game survival frames

    Revenant. Infinitely scaling damage, mesmer skin, CC. I can also get alot out of Inaros.
  12. The_Tiddler

    Anyone have any Revenant build?

    Strength. Strength and some efficiency is all he needs. No need for health because of his mesmer skin. Blind Rage isn't fully ranked to save some efficiency. Reave will steal 100% of enemy health, 1-hitting them at any level barring certain specific units/auras.
  13. The_Tiddler

    Revenant is the Worst Frame in the Game

    1. Enthrall can also be used to disable stronger units altogether and set them up for a combo with his 3 2. Ye 3. It's mobility, and can be used on thralls to instantly kill them. One can argue it's a bit redundant at lower levels, but it's great at higher. 4. I can't argue if some people find it boring. Personally, I find it fun enough to use in short bursts if there's a big crowd. To each their own, though! Revenant is extremely powerful assuming you DON'T just ignore his synergies. After actually playing him, fiddling with builds and how to play him, I'd dare say he's one of the strongest despite his reputation. Part of me is relieved by his reputation since it means he's unlikely for a nerf, but at the same time I worry that DE may actually change him and end up ruining him.
  14. The_Tiddler

    Revenant is the Worst Frame in the Game

    I never did. You said his CC was shoddy because allies could kill your thralls, I gave an example on how I'd seen thralls that lived long, happy lives despite allies shooting explosives all around them. As well as all CC being redundant until a certain point. You didn't even gloss over this - instead simply ignored it.
  15. The_Tiddler

    Revenant is the Worst Frame in the Game

    Lol. Ignoring points you can't argue, doesn't win you the argument. Best we stop here before the thread just becomes our bickering. Many frames have abilities that are redundant in earlygame - because the Star Chart is easy as anything. But, having tested a proper endgame Mesa build against Revenant's 4... Revenant may fall in range, but his damage is surprisingly superior. I'm not saying it's better, mind you -- their functions are too different to compare aside from "they do the damage." While immortality is not impressive on its own, the fact Revenant's immortallity is so extreme he can do what would otherwise require an invisible frame is. It's also a combination of his immortality, and ability to kill anything. And it doesn't matter all too much if enemies have to shoot him to be stunned, seeing as them shooting him doesn't actually hurt him. And you still have on-demand CC with his 1.