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  1. why would i ever need more endo as i mastery up???? im mr 25 and endo is super useless, i rarely have mods to lvl up. The poor players that are still below mr 10 or so, are the ones who needed it the most, they have so many mods and no endo nor credits to make things happen. I get it, bigger mastery better/more rewards, yet its still a broken system, like anytime theres something new. Years of warframe and u guys still wont lower the grindy to a healthy sanity level, every little item and thingy we only use once, has to be a hellish struggle to get...
  2. UI IMPROVEMENT: Give us back the quick menu button, specially for navigation screen and arsenal screen !
  3. EXCAVATION: Hey DE can you increase spawn rate, specially the spawn rate of energy-core-enemies for excavation missions, from time to time excavation is plagued with no cores; several minutes babysitting a stale digger. (even more specific, fix the pluto dark sector excavation, which is one of the best spots to farm axi relics) Thx.
  4. BUG: During loading screens there is no cursor/mouse. Hence it is not possible to press the OK button, when the "connection to the host has been lost, return to ship" Esc, space, or enter do not work either, so the only option is ALT+F4... EDIT: Seems the log alludes to this being fixed.
  5. "more enjoyable" no, this will be the first time excavation-fissure are playable at all. Fix the rest of the excavations missions (all the non-fissure ones) : - Not enough energy-core-enemies spawning to sustain a 2nd excavator, much less a 3rd. - low levels planets are even worse, huge amount of time pass before even one energy-core-enemy spawns at all, sometimes even all other enemies dont spawn either. - specially in hieracon pluto (the place i know best), enemies get stuck on portions of the map, rooms, details of the map that act as a "barrier" and make them become stuck on a section, small passages were enemies become bottled together and stuck, etc. The game needs to unspawn enemies that are detected as stuck and not moving towards players. - lotus repeatedly spitting out the same information about feeding and defending diggers, every time a new digger is activated. - maps that create too many in-between tiles-sets, between the tile-sets that actually have diggers, making a big waste of time just running around to reach a new zone. - tile-sets that have 2 or 3 spots for new diggers, yet the game only creates 1 new digger on that zone, and then sends you to a new tile-set. Please, please, fix excavation missions, they are still the most efficient places to farm relics and other prizes, were we take the risk of separating the team to rush more diggers, and if its successful we get rewarded very fast. In fact its the only endless mission that creates a goo challenge and risk, needs good playing and coordination, and rewards well and fast (so dont nerf that part please).
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