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  1. Hey HunterDigi! I can not seem to reproduce the issue you are describing. For me holding the ability 4 button collapses Bastille into Vortex with Invert Tab/Hold Abilities enabled on Vauban. Do you use keyboard or controller, any custom keybindings?
  2. Hey Tenno! We have released a serverside fix on all platform and you should be able to claim your Excalibur Umbra now.
  3. This was fixed in this Hotfix: Fixed Clients playing Dante not dealing full damage from Final Verse’s Tragedy.
  4. Hey Tenno! For players that bought a physical ticket the fine print says **TennoCon Digital Pack links will be delivered via email in April 2024.
  5. Hello DeathEater365! Unfortunately, the price of 50 Vessel Capillaries was a placeholder price which wasn't updated in the final patch notes.
  6. Hey Tenno! As mentioned in the Dante Unbound patch notes we have added a good chunk of the remaining buff descriptions to the pause menu. In total we are close to 550 buff descriptions added. If you find any other buff icons without a description please report them with a screenshot and the way to trigger the icon in this thread!
  7. Hey Tenno! The "Y" keyboard binding canceling a mission vote was intentionally removed in Abyss of Dagath: Update 34, but it was sadly missed from the patch notes. We updated the patch notes to reflect this change:
  8. Hello -Kramer-! As one of the people that has been adding buff descriptions to the 700+ buff icons we have in the game, which buff is this? 😵‍💫
  9. Hello IRONLASER! I passed along all the information collected in this forum thread to the programmer, but they are still having a hard time reproducing the issue/finding the cause why the chat is moving. Like you are suggesting it most likely has something to do with game resolution temporally resetting for clients while they load into a mission, we are investigating.
  10. Hello MurlockMan! Please be more specific, what are the individual items that are missing? Be aware that console exclusive skins and TennoGen will not transfer to iOS.
  11. Hello Pc_Outtie! This is by design, from the Update 28 patch notes:
  12. Hello ThomasGhost6627! Mirage does not have any tab/hold abilities that's why she is not on the list. If you are using a Helminth ability on Mirage you will need to change the tab/hold configuration for the Warframe the Helminth ability originated from.
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