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  1. Hello SilversDx8! I see that you used 10 Platinum to rush a forma two weeks ago and 7 Platinum to rush another forma a couple of days ago.
  2. Hi Dr R Epear! Yeah this is a bing issue, we fixed the links showing up improperly a couple of month ago, but bing has not re-indexed our side since then.
  3. Hi Nick_Huynh23! It looks like you installed an Umbra forma on one of your Zaws the day you got the two Umbra forma from Nightwave.
  4. Hello Raineltu! The issue of Acoyltes not spawning in Kuva Survival or Disruption has been fixed a couple of Hotfixes ago, it had nothing to do with Lotus transmissions. Hello Ms_Salami! Please record a mission of the Acolyte not spawning. In every instance we have tested the Acolyte is spawning just fine.
  5. Are you actively killing enemies? The increased spawn chance definitely worked in a 2h survival I recently did.
  6. Hi Tenno! This was an experimental change we tried out in development, but it should have been reverted before release. Expect a reversal for these follow-through changes in the next Hotfix.
  7. Hi ArchWu5! This is by design, you need to trigger the kill requirement to receive the buff from these mods, not your clones.
  8. You did not meet the requirements: Any Player who owns a Kuva Nukor will receive an extra 2 x Built Forma.
  9. Hi Tenno! We will have a fix for players not receiving their Oull requiem mod after having their Kuva Lich/Sister of Parvos flee, as well not receiving their Requiem Ultimatum after converting/vanquishing their Kuva Lich/Sister of Parvos in the Railjack showdown in the next Hotfix. After the Hotfix has been deployed we will run a script for all the players that were affected by this issue, to add the missing items to their inventory.
  10. Hey motorfirebox! This is coming in the next Update:
  11. Hi Tenno! We will have a fix for Acolytes not consistently spawning in the next Update. Contrary to popular belief this had nothing to do with transmissions but rather how the function that spawns the Acolytes was run and interacted with cleanup scripts in certain game modes like Survival or Disruption.
  12. Hi Tenno! This issue will be fixed in the next Hotfix: Changed a parameter related to rapidly throwing your Glaive to put it back to the way it was before Update 30.3. The update accidentally introduced a work in progress version of something that wasn’t ready yet.
  13. Hello mystichunter35! Could you please post the WAR-####### you got from the crash handler?
  14. Hello ShadowHunter74! The "None" Tenno Lab backdrop research is not tracking properly. We will have a fix for this issue in a future Hotfix.
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