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  1. [DE]Saske

    We are missing mods

    Hey Tenno! Please contact Customer Support and create a ticket for further assistance: https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
  2. [DE]Saske

    PoE Ghoul Event bounties not giving rewards [Reopened]

    Hey Tenno! We are investigating. The issue should be fixed.
  3. [DE]Saske

    Moa equipped weapon does not gain shared affinity [Fixed]

    Hey Tenno! We have a fix for this issue in the next Hotfix.
  4. Hey Tenno! This issue should be fixed as of 3:30PM ET. The issue occurred when deranking a Syndicate mid-bounty, while gaining standing for the Ventkids. If you were affected by this issue please create a support ticket with a screenshot for further assistance.
  5. [DE]Saske

    Dark Split Sword Bug [Fixed]

    Hey Tenno! This issue will be fixed in the next Hotfix.
  6. [DE]Saske

    Matchmaking Issue 11/10/2018 [Resolved]

    Hey Tenno! This issue should have been resolved as of Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.3!
  7. [DE]Saske

    Matchmaking Issue 11/10/2018 [Resolved]

    Hey Tenno! We are aware of the issue and our team is investigating. For updates please follow this thread or our social media accounts:
  8. [DE]Saske

    Judicial Coils Earpieces don't show up [Fixed]

    Hey Tenno! We are aware that the Judicial Coils currently do not appear on female Operators and working on a fix.
  9. [DE]Saske

    broken kubrow/kavat textures! [Investigating]

    Hey Tenno! We are looking at the Kubrow/Kavat Fur textures!
  10. [DE]Saske

    Mesa Shatter Shield not working [Fixed]

    Hey Tenno! We have a fix for this issue in the next Hotfix.
  11. [DE]Saske

    "Text" Decoration for Dojo?

    Hey Tenno! 'Text' Decorations were put in the patch notes prematurely, it is not in the build yet. We should be able to add it in the next Update.
  12. [DE]Saske

    Volt Discharge Does Nothing [Fixed]

    Hey Tenno! We found the cause of this issue and working on a fix.
  13. [DE]Saske

    Landing Craft Decorations Missing [Fixed]

    Hey Tenno! We are aware of this issue, we do not have a timeline on a fix but we are investigating. Rest assured we can still see the items in your accounts
  14. [DE]Saske

    Warframe @ PAX AUS 2018?

    Hey Lintilla! The team will not be able to make it to PAX AUS this year. Our TennoVIP tour will have two more stops at Paris Games Week and TwitchCon:
  15. [DE]Saske

    Mios missing its unique cord textures

    Hey Tenno! The Mios is currently using the correct cord mesh, the cord texture you are referring to was actually the broken one. The UV's were causing the textures to be smudged across the whole whip mesh.