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  1. [DE]Saske

    Recent crashing

    What is the WAR-Number of the crash?
  2. [DE]Saske

    Physique (Aura Mod) Broken or not?

    Mods are scaling of base health (health at rank 0), which would be 550 in Inaros case. Health gained from leveling is not affected by multipliers. Total Health = Base Health × (1 + Modifier) + Health Gain From Leveling
  3. [DE]Saske

    cant use operator mode

    Hey fingolfin1325! The Forum report function is for moderation purposes only. Please contact Costumer Support and create a ticket for further assistance.
  4. [DE]Saske

    Magus Lockdown "mines" visual need changes

    Hey Casardis! The mine is a placeholder and was not supposed to release yet, we will fix this asap.
  5. Hey Tenno! This issue will be fixed in the next Hotfix.
  6. Hey Tenno! We already fixed a couple of cases which would break the datamass from spawning, we will keep investigating!
  7. Hey Tenno! We are looking into this issues. We do not have a timeline on the fix but we are investigating.
  8. [DE]Saske

    "Brash" placeholder Foundry item on Switch?

    The item in the screenshot is a very early placeholder for a Fortuna item. The correct item will show up once the Switch will receive the Fortuna update!
  9. [DE]Saske

    Bounties not updating

    Hey Tenno. We are looking into it! Bounties should be showing up again.
  10. [DE]Saske

    Braton Prime Receiver accidentally vaulted [Investigating]

    Happy new year Tenno! We are looking into this issue.
  11. [DE]Saske

    PoE Ghoul Event bounties not giving rewards [Reopened]

    Hey Tenno! We are investigating. The issue should be fixed.
  12. [DE]Saske

    Judicial Coils Earpieces don't show up [Fixed]

    Hey Tenno! We are aware that the Judicial Coils currently do not appear on female Operators and working on a fix.
  13. [DE]Saske

    broken kubrow/kavat textures! [fixed on pc?]

    Hey Tenno! We are looking at the Kubrow/Kavat Fur textures!
  14. [DE]Saske

    Chains of Harrow: Hotfix 21.3.1

    Hey Tenno! Akbronco Prime having 22% Status chance was an unintentional change and will be fixed in one of the next Hotfixes.
  15. [DE]Saske

    Chains of Harrow: Update 21.1.0 +

    We will have a fix for that in the next Hotfix.