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  1. No, buffs come from DE and nerfs come from DE because literally everything in the game comes from DE. The community generally doesn't suggest how to buff, only what to buff. And of course the community in a game that is mostly cooperative doesn't suggest what to nerf. If this was a PvP game, you'd see plenty of posts asking for nerfs. The majority of posts in the forums of game developers are people angling for an ingame advantage, not about what makes the game better. People only ever ask the devs to nerf things they're up against, not things that make the game worse. Oh, by t
  2. Yeah, let's just continue to limit the design of the entire game and work around one stupidly overpowered frame instead of changing the one thing that is the problem. That makes sense.
  3. My opinion on this matter is that it's impossible to understand why Khora was used for the Steel Essence grind and not get why she was nerfed. So in my view, anyone claiming that the Khora nerf was a roundabout way to make Steel Essence harder to get (which is not the reason DE gave but something that was invented on this forum) is automatically disqualifying himself from the conversation. You either don't understand anything about grinding Steel Essence with Khora and should therefore not talk about it, or you know damn well why Khora was nerfed and should stop lying about it.
  4. I'm trying, and I honestly can't because what I remember is third party controllers with auto and turbo functions all the way back to the SNES.
  5. There is a static number with a large reward when you reach it - it's 30. You don't need to do anything beyond that in any sense of the word. If you really try to grind to the end of an effectively infinite system, you're going to have a bad time in a lot of games.
  6. Did you consider that maybe the SE farm wasn't the reason for the nerf?
  7. Won't solve anything, will instead make the problem worse. Matchmaking is already way too fractured as it is. Doesn't improve diversity at the top end. Instead of whining about nerfs people will whine about not getting carried. Most importantly, past a certain point, Forma, mod drain and MR locks have nothing to do with power and are therefore useless for balancing. You'd have to manually assign point scores to everything, then certain things will be more powerful for their point score, and now instead of one balancing nightmare you have several.
  8. A moderator had changed this comment without indicating it to hide the fact that he removed a comment I was referring to in this one. This has changed the meaning of the comment. I have therefore removed it rather than let someone put words into my mouth.
  9. Appealing to Youtubers - the shill gambit of the Warframe world.
  10. I don't expect you to like it, but if you claim to know the game, then I expect you to understand on an intellectual level why it happened and not pretend to be baffled by the concept of nerfs.
  11. That's not what "single target" means.
  12. You keep ranting about how much you supposedly know about the game all over this forum. You either need to stop doing that or admit that you know damn well why Khora was nerfed.
  13. The obvious problem isn't that endurance runs were too rewarding, the problem is that short missions, i.e. almost all of them, weren't rewarding at all.
  14. This community: Bring back alerts, Nightwave has too much Fear Of Missing Out! Also this community: Make some reward that I have to play several missions literally every single day to get!
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