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  1. It won’t increase minimum capacity beyond the item’s maximum capacity.
  2. A Gold rating sounds good, but what “Gold” means is that the game runs well only after you spend some time tweaking and tinkering. Linux fans think that’s fine, so they call it “gold”.
  3. Maybe, but revenue for the developer and their parent company isn't something that matters to players beyond a certain point, and this game is a prime example for why. Warframe is plenty profitable. They've always had the option to invest more money into the parts where it's lacking (*cough* QA *cough*), and they chose not to.
  4. This has been an issue since act recovery was implemented two years ago. A friend of mine reported it to DE support ages ago. They responded with an explanation of how it's supposed to work because they plainly didn't read more than the subject line. Don't hold your breath on getting this fixed any time soon. This is also my impression, but this exact bug was supposedly fixed two years ago in 25.3.3.
  5. Secure Boot is an anti-malware thing, not an anti-piracy thing. Depending on your distro, you don't even have to disable it because several major distros now provide signed kernel images. Because it's an anti-malware thing, not an anti-piracy thing.
  6. You didn’t get the Loki drop either. The normal Loki is from the Twitch Prime promotion. Try relinking your account.
  7. No one in the history of gaming has ever said that “balanced” means being able to beat literally any content with literally any gear. Stop redefining words.
  8. “That guy was rude, boy must he really really care.” First day outside of the church choir?
  9. That’s why the option to take a practice test exists.
  10. It’s still insanely telling that you said the game has “bent over backwards to please the PvE-side” about a PvE game that at some point had some PvP added as an afterthought.
  11. As if there was only “can’t kill anything” and “can one-shot everything” and nothing in between. This takes braindead black-and-white-thinking to a whole new level.
  12. If you have a problem with pay-to-win, you're in the wrong game. Then again I really have no clue what your opinion on pay-to-win is.
  13. I think we should do away with aiming. I mean, I know I can use the mouse to point the crosshair at enemies, but sometimes I point it the wrong way or misjudge the enemies position and boom, you're getting shot to pieces. I know there's area weapons but they're only effective in a limited area, so no complete removal of aiming.
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