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  1. Have you heard about our Lord and Saviour, Warframe.market?
  2. I didn't misunderstand anything. What you don't seem to get is that that's a direct consequence of having "locking out new players" be the defining feature of what's endgame content. According to those two, walling off new players is actually the only difference between "endgame" and regular gamemodes. This is their definition. This is what they insist seperates endgame content from other content, so - according to them - that must be what people are asking for when they're asking for endgame content. It's pretty simple. If walling off new players is what separates endgame cont
  3. You do realize that the relevant change was the server no longer trusting the client, right? All the rest has nothing to do with anything. As I said, you're out of your depth. You repeat something you heard that you don't understand. You don't even get that if you can verify state from one client, you can verify that state from any of them, because the important part - the thing that allows verification - isn't some mystical "active connection" that is being "preserved", it's that the server knows what the game state is supposed to be. There's no reason whatsoever why a host migration shouldn'
  4. I'm too tired for this crap. Do you want a super-special-snowflake response just for you? Can't you just scroll up and stop ignoring what I already wrote on this topic? Edit: Here, I'll just quote it for you. So now what? Do you know how to formulate an argument in support of your opinion or will you just assert that you're right and I'm wrong over and over again like those other two?
  5. The conversation isn't about what players want. Presumably a sizeable number of players want a bacon chesseburger - does that make bacon chesseburgers a defining feature of endgame content now?
  6. "Yes, but" is "no". Edit: We're talking about what people mean when they say "endgame content", you bring up examples of people asking to lock new players out in another context that you yourself admit isn't about "endgame content". That's not "yes", that's "no, and I'm too much of a child to admit it".
  7. That's a lot of words for saying "no".
  8. Is there anything at all in any of my comments that you can point out that made you think that? Or did you just assume that I must have misunderstood because I disagreed. Did you ever, even once, see anyone here ask for endgame content because they wanted content that new players were locked out from. Again - if you forget what you think the word means, and you just look at the threads that people post, what people ask for when they ask for "endgame content", what people talk about when they talk about "endgame content", did you ever see anything at all that even hinted at the defining
  9. Why limit yourself to relays? It's Excalibur. He doesn't need weapons. Also don't forget equipping a Taxon.
  10. You can't possibly think that when people are asking for endgame content, they are asking for some type of content that is identical to what we already have except new players are walled off from it. Endgame content tends to be inaccessible to new players because of the nature of the content, not because that's what it's defined by. Sure, okay, by your definition we will never have endgame content. You won. Now go away and let the adults continue the conversation about the thing that people are actually asking for which you don't think qualifies as "endgame".
  11. What in the world would possibly make you think that? Yes, that's what they said. That doesn't make it true. Especially not if it's based on the fact that DE will happily let you pay to skip restrictions. If you assume that DE will sell access to any and all restricted content, then there is no reason to assume that this wouldn't apply to a possible "endgame". The entire argument is self-defeating.
  12. Good for you. I hope you'll still like it after they overhaul it again next year, which they will, because a useless dead end clearly isn't what DE intends for Railjack. Nobody cares what you think they would have done. This isn't a speculation. It's what they said on the dev stream before the Void storms launched.
  13. You think the server actively monitors the clients memory? You're so far out of your depth here, it's ridiculous. There is no active monitoring. There can't be. It's impossible. The server can only verify that the game state the client sends him is what he expects, and there is absolutely no reason whatsoever that the server couldn't also check the state one of the other clients sends him. The server knows what game you just split from and what that game's state is supposed to be. That's not even a similar check, it's the exact same check. Exactly. So how could the client possibly chea
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