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  1. Talking to people on this forum really feels as if Warframe is the only game they ever played. It's most obvious when talking about nerfs, but the way a votekick function keeps being discussed as if it was some novel unproven idea is a close second.
  2. I think your gaming would go a lot smoother if you realized that you have neither the authority nor the knowledge to be in a position where you can tell people what they're supposed to do. The complaint is being made not just because the OP didn't know how affinity works, but because that misunderstanding somehow overrules the actual ingame experience. I would understand thinking beforehand that xp will be worse with a Saryn cleaning out the map. I don't understand complaining that xp was worse afterwards.
  3. Same thing probably. Uninstall the game and delete locally saved game data through whatever mechanism the PS4 provides, then reinstall.
  4. It's amazing how you can whine about how the limit on listed items severely hampers your trading potential while simultaneously only making use of a small fraction of said limit, and not see a single problem with that.
  5. So a romanticized unrealistic view then.
  6. Is it spaghetti code or because the devs have a romanticized unrealistic view of how these kinds of games are played? I can't decide.
  7. Link to three. If there’s enough of these players to bring them up as an honest good-faith argument, finding just three examples shouldn’t be a problem.
  8. That’s not an attribute of void damage, that’s just how that one ability works. Toxic Lash on Saryn works the same.
  9. During normal star chart progression nodes only unlock if you have completed a junction to the planet. Presumably, Steel Path progression works the same.
  10. Quite frankly, I've never even once considered that this might be an intentional penalty and not an artifact of how they chose to implement the respawn mechanism, and every post where you insist that falling down pits is a noteworthy source of difficulty in this game only makes you look worse.
  11. What I think is that not falling down pits isn't hard. You guys need to understand that this isn't a major issue for other people. In other games all the people who think this is an issue of difficulty would be stuck at the second boss, thereby realize where they actually stand skill-wise and we wouldn't be having this conversation.
  12. Ironically, to me, this thread is also a perfect example of the culture of incompetence that Warframe fosters. This thread is about a minor quality of life improvement, and people are actually strutting around, getting all smug and condescending and telling others to "git gud" because they honestly think we're talking about a difficult obstacle.
  13. Look, I'm just going to cut this non-discussion short and will just tell you that you have 15 items listed, half of which is low-value mods worth 15p or less.
  14. I have a strategy that has never failed me so far. It's a bit tricky to pull off, so I'll try to explain it as thoroughly as possible: Step 1: Queue for the lowest Index using public matchmaking in the week the challenge is on, preferably with something useful like Limbo. Step 2: There is no step 2. Just do the mission. Seriously, everyone and their mother is doing the challenges. Just do a public game on the node where you think it's easiest to do and you'll almost certainly match with three other people who thought the same thing. If you have trouble finding all the caches, just do Earth Sabotage and you'll be in a group with two MR30s looking for caches (and an MR0 who doesn't know what's happening). Need help doing Orokin Vaults in the Derelict? Do the Capture in a public game, there will be three other people with Dragon Keys there.
  15. No, no but. You have more than you can actually sell within the daily limit period. That is why you can't sell more, not the listing limit on warframe.market like you previously implied.
  16. For example, it stops you from selling your tens of thousands of items. You act like you could have traded all of them away in a short time if only you could list them, when in reality you can only sell a few dozen and then you're done for the day.
  17. Probably not. I've also literally never seen anyone ask for it. Maybe you should rethink your approach to this topic and how you somehow reached the point where you invented some strawman about people supposedly wanting the Holy Trinity in Warframe.
  18. People with 2000 rep have 2000 rep because they trade a lot, not because of the 35 rep they got via Patreon. Also I've never had thousands of items worth selling, let alone consistently have that many over months and months.
  19. It does sound ridiculous. That's why nobody asked for it. Do you also have something to say about the thing that people are actually talking about or did you just want to randomly interject that some arbitrary thing nobody asked for would be ridiculous? Here's something to think about: There is already a penalty for going out of bounds and being reset to the last position. It's being slowed down because you just went out of bounds and are reset to the last position. If you don't recognize that as a penalty, maybe it's you who sucks at movement and not the other people.
  20. No, another alternative would be to just not do it. Where does it say that there has to be a penalty for leaving the arbitrary boundary the level designer set? For jumping down a hole which you can see the floor of? For standing on the wrong part of the architecture? For jumping too high?
  21. When it's your own engine, the engine is just some arbitrary part of the game's code and "engine limitations" aren't an excuse.
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