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  1. Great..!! THANKS..!! But Can You Fix The Glowing Effect on Operator on Spore Ephemera, It seem The Effect are missing when in Cetus. need to equip back.
  2. Fixes toward the Amphatz Kubrow Armor clipping on more bulky Kubrows. Fixes toward the Sloughi Kubrow Armor clipping on bulky Kubrows My Kubrows Say Thank You To YOU..!! Thanks for this Fixes..
  3. I just to ask : 1) Will You consider to released Any New Ability Efficiency Mods, Streamline & Fleeting Expertise are good, But we want a Diversity in Modding. 2) Will You consider to add back Manual Blocking? since there is 2 mods are unusable without manual blocking, yep, I looking at Ack & Brunt Electromagnetic Shielding Mod & Guardian Derision Mod. 3)Will you consider to buff some of the sentinel stats, Some of them are overpowered, while the others are forgotten in the void.
  4. Hye..!! Blood_Poppy here, My Questions is : 1. Do you have any plan for Warframe that handle Kubrow, Like Khora Handle the Venari. 2. We Need New Color Bundle, We already have Alpha & Beta Color Pack,but it still not enough. Thank You.
  5. Is there any Other ways to get The Mesa Prime Montesa Alt Helmet..? This is a First time a Warframe Alt helmet been put behind a Paywall.
  6. I really Wish we get new Skin or Customization for Warframe.. Or Kubrow.. Or Kavat.. Or Sentinels T_T & I think There is no Titania Skin Bundle & few other Winter Theme skins in Market..? Bug?
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