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  1. i hope they fix bug.. since Lich supposedly didn't steal/take Glyph or Rewards from Gift of Lotus.
  2. HAHAHAHA.. yeah.. I like.. WHY MY LICH Stealing my Glyph...
  3. Can they do that? Since Glyph are Accessories not Resources...
  4. Type : Railjack, Dry dock Description: The Plating are not locked after being equipped to Railjack, I almost sell my High Quality Plating because of that. Visual : 1. Already Equipped in Railjack Component main page. 2. It show in Component/Plating the plating already Equipped. 3. But you can sell it, despite already been equipped, different with other parts of Railjack component, that will be lock from being accidentally sell after being equip.
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