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  1. I still Waiting for Lavos Duration Efficiency, since kinda unfair the other frames can spam their skills to oblivion, While Lavos Skills are Duration Gated, give other way to reduce the Duration waiting time.
  2. I hope the Costumes, the Platinums Pricing rate are not suddenly become Expensive like POE...
  3. Thank You... can we cast multiple Charges for Lavos Elemental Charge..
  4. My only problems are : Range of Ophidian Bite are too short and hope there is like small AOE burst from the lash. and the current one keep missing hit the enemies sometimes. and please make Duration & Efficiency mods affect the Cooldown, 30 Seconds are too long for high end Missions, not mention the Transmutation Probe only work if we hit a large group of enemies, which can be hard if random missions are paired up with AOE Burst Nuker Saryn, Mirage or Ember. and can we have multiple pre-cast elements? like we can pre cast a lot of different elements (that will be stored vi
  5. Nice..!! Hope You fixed the two-Factor Authenticator email problem. as soon as possible..
  6. Same here... I been waiting for 3 hours for the code. I don't Understand why they need to go to multiple PC digital distribution services, For Me Epic Games a very Buggy Distribution Platform. and Cant they give option to enable & disable the two Factor Authenticator, or use Warframe Mobile app as Authenticator like Steam use their own Mobile App to verify Login.
  7. I really wish DE consider to recheck & repurposed some of the redundant mods that players seldom use, for example Enemy Sense & Thief's Wit, Instead individual mods that taking 2 Mod slots, combine them like Animal Instincts, thus saving the mod space. and make another version of it for NECRAMECH, since it hard to make sure that I collect all the Loots and to be alert with enemy.
  8. Thanks for the slots and hope you can find the solution for Necramech Affinity, I hate when the Host purposely leave the squad at the end of Bounties/ Iso Vault mission, instead go to the Necralisk door properly.
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