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  1. "Cephalon Ordis has completed a build!" for the microwave would be kinda cool. Why not just come up with a new but similar cephalon? It would give you complete freedom with the voice and dialogue.
  2. They showed a lot of stats in this years first devstream, and some at random occasions this past year. I don't get the impression that they are avoiding to show it. It seems more of a fun thing to show off and talk about whenever someone bothers to look it up and grab a bunch of screenshots for a stream or whatever. If enough people bring it up and show interest in certain stats, I'm sure they will share at some point. It seems they struggle sometimes in devstreams to have things to talk about.
  3. No that's not what I meant. My example was that I think the new Corpus enemies of Fortuna and the environments of Gas City got it fairly right. The enemies have variating abilities that when combined can effectively overwhelm our warframes if we don't pay attention to them or deal with them in a prioritized order. The environments of Gas City are variating and interesting in terms of space, cover, parkour, interaction, and random events that change the platforms. The goal is to not be able to just own everything by pressing 4 with the flashy maxed build you copied from youtube with mods you bought with plat. You have to actually play the game too. That event was designed for a completely different purpose, and are not really even comparable. Of course the rewards has to be something that players can't get enough of. Either rare resources or rare items that can be sold for plat to the lazy players (like arcanes from Eidolons), and of course some of those super cool low drop chance things, because why not. But drop the thought of mindless grind for a moment and imagine a game mode that is played to also have FUN. I'm not saying I have all the answers here, but there are plenty of games out there that are addictive because they are engaging and challenging, not because of some shiny pixles you may or may not be rewarded every 5 minutes. The real reward here should be the the sense of achievement based on your performance. Additionally maybe we could be able to set some of the conditions ourselves. Maybe there would be some form of competitive element between players although they are ultimately all working together for the same goal. Maybe we could affect the investment vs reward, as in the index. Maybe it could show related stats and achievements in your profile. Maybe the mission/challenge wouldn't be completely linear as EVERYTHING else in the game, but with some random minibosses and changes in conditions like sudden power outage, sudden transference disruption forcing out your operator, sudden elemental canges in the environment. Etc. There are plenty of things that can keep it interesting and challenging without godlike AI or bulletsponges. Also, I'm tired, I may be rambling at this point.
  4. For me it's quite the opposite. I was initially not very interested, much because of how I didn't understand why they would spend all this time and effort on a system that seem more or less built upon the ridiculously bad gameplay that is archwing. Lately however I understand that the point is not in the actual content of it, but rather a new base mechanic of how we can navigate our way through the system and between nodes, and also expanding ways of how players are connected. It opens up tons of possibilities for future content. Is it worth it though? Who knows. It's a huge investment to be able to expand Warframe from the corridor-shooting that we are more than familiar with already, and hopefully they also make AW fun in the process. I don't see it as another drop of content, but an expansion of gameplay and the whole game engine. Is it the right time to do this? I think that's the key question. Tbh they seem to be quite far into the development of this already. Granted they are releasing it bit by bit, but hopefully that is mainly referring to places for space-grind rather than the underlying tech that is the important part. They are definitely taking flak in the process though as they seem split between 3 major projects, not including Melee 3.0, the big engine update, and the new "new player experience" (whatever that even means), which is affecting the amount of content they are releasing to keep the community actively playing while waiting. Both the New War and Duviri Paradox seem dependent on the tech that is coming with Empyrean though, so it will be a thing whether we like it or not.
  5. Yes. Challenges are what drives me in games. Imo there is absolutely no point in spending time to improve yourself and your gear if there is nothing in the game to counter it. I love the lore and style of the game, as well as the gameplay, but after just a year I'm really struggling to find fun and engaging things to do. And no I don't run around in meta gear and immortal frames. If there is something good that has come from this lack of "endgame" for me lately it's that I've been spending more time on research and finetunining setups for my favorite frames and gear, and learning how to use it as efficiently as possible for different kinds of missions rather than relying on the usual op meta. But again I quickly reach that point where I simply don't have anything to do with it. Imo the game don't necessarily need tougher enemies. No one want bulletsponges. The challange should be in the gameplay, how you move, how you multitask, how you conserve energy, how you stay on your feet, how you make use of your environment, when to get in close, when to keep a distance, when/what to CC, things like that. I think DE is kind of on the right track with all the upgrades to Corpus units in Fortuna and the rich and clever environment in Gas City. Unfortunately Fortuna got nerfed, hard, and Gas City is after all on Jupiter, a barely mid-level planet. This content still have great potential for high level nodes, and is already in the game. I really wish DE would do something more interesting with it. And the people who don't want challenging gameplay can just avoid doing these things like how they already ignore things like Eidolons and Arbitrations or whatever. It makes no sense that a game of this size would just cater to newbies, casuals, and fashionistas. There should be something fun for all of us, and holy sh*t you casuals got like 98% of the cake right now, and that is simply not fair.
  6. I believe it was asked (again) in last devstream, and it was (again) answered by something cryptic like "we are investigating something". It's okay guys, clearly everything is under control and going as planned! 😄 I remember over a year ago when I started playing WF, my brother who introduced me to it all said he was so hyped for this thing called Melee 3.0 that was in the workings. Today he doesn't play anymore, much because of how they messed up channeling, controls, and quick attacks in the little change they've done so far. GG DE.
  7. Such kind of bosses that relies a lot on specific setups and roles for efficiency should have a proper lobby imo. Especially for pugs it would be great if we could get a chance to set up our roles before heading out and it's too late. Even if you get into a squad with experienced players the risk is that you lack a healing or dps frame, which is just comedy. Recruit Chat is imo just a very primitive work-around, and is usually just used to avoid noobs completely rather than balancing squads with experienced and people looking to learn. I'm not one of those speedrunners, but I'd prefer to not spend like 40 mins on a single tridolon bounty. 2-3 Tridolons in one night is more my pace, which is near impossible in pugs because in 9/10 cases you end up with either speedrunners that most often leave the squad or constantly complain in chat, or complete noobs that are not equipped to do any good nor knows how to do the fight. It's not the players fault, but how blindly public squads are made without a lobby, and of course the lack of any informative introduction to how Harry and Garry works. I'm really suprised DE didn't update this with the PoE Remaster. Either way there will always be plenty of confused people in pugs there when it's a NW mission, like this week. Kudos to the experienced players who stick around and carry squads without losing their mind in chat.
  8. Makes sense to me that different tiers of relics that are farmed from different tiers of missions/rotations also have different tiers of fissure missions to unlock them. Although the current difficulty doesn't really matter for more experienced players, it's a pretty big difference for new/mid-tier players which is the majority of the community. Either way the ultimate goal is of course to have the system as messy as possible so that more people rather just spend plat or money instead.
  9. None of that brand/model exclusive stuff thanks. Especially in these times of way overpriced gfx-cards. There are plenty of improvements they can do to their engine that will work on any modern hardware. Afaik from various streams lately, that's what they are currently working on for an upcoming big graphical update. Since WF is multiplatform they have to prioritize updates that can be carried over to as many platforms as possible.
  10. The new infested suit from NW is clearly based on an adult body though. Maroo's suit would be on the same level. Either way with such a model you can still morph the mesh to look less adult without ruining things. Easy quick job. Not sure if the model use the same skeleton though.
  11. I don't mind the rotations. I just think it's sad how easy it is to get prime stuff, compared to some of the vanilla variants. Aquiring and popping relics is just mindless rng, nothing engaging or interesting or.. anything. Would very much like to see more research and puzzles involved, along with at least some lines of lore.
  12. It's good looking stuff, no doubt. But I was however very disappointed to see how the operator suit turned out. It's modeled after a adult persons body, so it just looks weird on the operator, like a shrinked adult with a big babyface. Or like someone said, it could be a skin for a warframe even. And as usual with operator clothes there are a lot of issues with seams when mixing with other sets. Nah I won't be using this one, except possibly the sleeves.
  13. Lol, that's not how it works. If I don't like it, I just won't buy it. Simple as that, and that's DE's loss. I do like the skin itself though, but YET AGAIN I feel like DE is just going way too far from the original. There is nothing "Ivara" about the skin imo and could just as well be a completely new frame. The Equinox deluxe on the other hand, oof.
  14. Christmas. But I think the question is what exactly they will release at that time. Since they dared to set an estimation like that already, I have a feeling that in case they don't get as much done as they hoped (very likely), it may be more of a launch event to slowly set things in motion as they patch things in piece by piece rather than BOOM FULL SENTIENT WAR TAU SYSTEM INVASION EVIL LOTUS SAD BALLAS EPIC QUEST AND PROBABLY SOMETHING SOMETHING SALAD V GLHF. I mean, if the latest trailer tells us anything it's that it's probably just a wide sentient invasion of the current Origin system to begin with. Of course since Empyrean will be a thing at that time, there will likely be sentient ships to mess with in space too, like the carrier seen in the trailer or something smaller. I don't expect Tau system and epic solo quests to come until months later. So what I'm saying is, don't get too high expectations on the first release.
  15. I got them all, but explore most of them more one after another with proper builds whenever I get bored of the usual stuff. Last time it was Mag, which after a lot of research and testing I now LOVE and use a lot. Next up on my list is Umbra, which I haven't touched since his quest. I'm mainly interested to see if there's any fun synergy between him and my operator, and of course I really need a proper build for him before the New War hits. Got a riven for his Skiajati last week too, so I might do something fun with that as well. After that probably Nidus and Harrow.
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