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  1. Did a one hour arbitration survival last week for the first time in a month with some other random dude, and got the seeding step. Maybe I was just lucky then 😄 Got the dripping one and Stalker one as well so far, but haven't really tried getting the others yet. As said, the arbitration one isn't that bad due to how the C-rotations work. Enemies aren't tough until ~1h in. Would suggest Infested and Corpus, which are easy to dodge and easy to kill. Personally I prefer survivals, but will pretty much require Nekros in solo to get past 30-40mins (depending on map and enemy). Interception is most time efficient, but is best played with a squad. Never liked the defense ones where you have to protect a guy that just rubberband all over the map.
  2. Personally I hope for an updated Plague Star to launch with the remastered PoE. This would make sense to bring more people there and check it out. Depends on how far away the release is I guess. They said "A couple of weeks" in last weeks Devstream, and the stuff they've shown from freeroam looks more or less completed. It would be awkward to delay the remaster due to ongoing Plague Star that is likely not compatible without a bunch of changes. But who knows. It is certainly not coming until after the Orb Vallis event is done though.
  3. I use it pretty much just as I used to, by holding right mouse button and hitting melee key. You just need to do an initial swing to pull out the sword first, kind of how you had to switch to melee before. From there it's the usual business, afaik.
  4. "Change of plans, leave nothing alive" -Bane of every warframe player, well almost. Sounds like you're a couple of years late. The game you seem to want WF to be sound like what it was back when it first released. The fast-paced-parkour-OP-nuke-show it is today is what it evolved into over the years, much based on how people played the game and what they wanted. This is always ongoing, currently with the implementation of Melee 3.0 for example. Flow and efficiency is key in WF, and that is something you will work towards throughout the game. We all start the same way you do, but eventually you'll be flying through the levels as well. The big difference is where focus lies, why you are in the mission. You're still looking for the basic experience and learning things, while the more experienced players you get mixed in with are probably just blazing through the level for a specific resource or reward for a completely different purpose. It's a huge game, and we're all on very different levels, focusing on different things, and of course enjoying different aspects of the game. That's just something you have to deal with in public games. Sneaky missions is most definitely a no-no in public squads. Always do that in solo or with likeminded friends, unless you're looking to get carried. Also, there isn't really any leveldesign, except for the open worlds. The closed maps are generated from a set of tiles, which you'll learn like the inside of your pocket after a while. People jump through it all because they already explored it. Of course there are still random stuff to find like Ayatans and codex's, but it's not really worth the effort as they probably got all the scans already and Ayatans are more efficient getting elsewhere.
  5. Not seen him a single time, and I've been playing a LOT. Just about to hit Tier 18 as soon as my brother comes online for the Profit Taker act. I'M COMING FOR THAT HAMMER AND ARMOR, WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT, WOLF GUY.
  6. Lazy and boring. 7 of them will easily be done within a week just from regular playing, along with the dailies. Like, what's the point? I prefer the more silly and challenging ones, like Riven challenges but bigger. Doesn't have to be something hard, just something you don't regularily do. At least the Profit Taker will be something more engaging to do with my brother, I'll build an MR-fodder AMP, and then some quick mindless fishing in PoE. Done. Nothing interesting in the cred shop either 😞 Guess I'll just keep piling them wolf creds up and spend it all on potatoes during the final days of the season.
  7. Been farming for vanilla Equinox for months, and I bet I'll still get the Prime before I'm done lol.
  8. I certainly don't mind it being available. It's a fun thing that can look good on some frames, and it seems you actually need to earn them, unless I missed something in the market. I only got the blob-thing built so far from Hexis, the one I was least excited about. It really does look horrible, kinda like an an old screensaver from win98. The tech is cool I guess, but they really need to put some texture and detail on it to make it fit the game. Got the smoke-one from Stalker as well but still need to find me the Ash component. This is the one I'm most excited about, so that was a very welcome drop. Crazy though how it cost a million credits and 3 days to build.
  9. I noted the glyphs on a paper from the alert-tab and was excited for something of an Indiana Jones experience as I finally could type it into the panel to open the gate. But oh wow was I disappointed when the gate was already open 😞 Apparently I'm not the only tenno around Fortuna. It's strange though because panel is obviously designed to be interacted with. I guess they had to disable it due to bugs or something, or it was opened for everyone the moment the first Tenno cracked it. Who knows.
  10. There's always someone who did it better, especially in WF. Edit: Btw, your Helios looks like a backpack. Cute.
  11. I thought it was okay. Much easier than I thought considering all the talk about "community effort" in this event, but I liked that DE had a bit more imagination this time with the different stages to get through it, although a bit too focused on just throwing canisters. I've done it solo twice so far with Rhino, but any frame that has some survivability will do fine, and no specific weapons required, although I'd suggest a sniper rifle for the raknoids outside, and a decent kitgun with Pax Charge as drops are low outside. I still don't understand why DE can't make this a specific "bounty" or whatever, so that we can have a proper ui and indicators for things, and which would probably make pubs a lot more manageable. I hate it when there's just a quick dialogue telling me what to do as I tend to either forget what was said or didn't hear it (being busy dodging and killing stuff), so I have to wait a minute or two until it repeats if I don't figure things out myself. Just some basic pointers or notes somewhere, but of course not too much. Also, I didn't have any problems using the operator. Or you mean throwing the canister with the operator? I just picked it up with the frame, popped out and dashed into a good location, transfered back into frame and threw it. Worked both inside and outside.
  12. Meh, I rather see it as an alternative way of farming random stuff for the more experienced players. Newbies will pretty much always start off with the basics to get stuff anyway, unless they get carried through the game of course. This new Orb fight was surprisingly easy though, with non-meta stuff. It's a lot more steps through it all though, so not very time efficient, but much less dependent on specific frames, gear, and builds. You pretty much just need to stay alive, pop raknoids, and throw stuff. But on the other hand this one is not available all the time, so I guess that evens things out a bit.
  13. It took me months to get Energy Siphon and Steel Charge, and there are still some auras I don't have after 1500 hours in the game, all because of the previous RNG-system. In Nightwave the rewards are at least clear and the shop items are available for a whole week at a time. All you have to do is some mostly simple acts to collect the standing necessary for creds or whatever you aim for. A lot better imo.
  14. Not until they rework the controls. I have good and upgraded Archwing stuff, but I really hate using it for regular AW-missions, especially the ones in corpus environments. Any time I have to go through those missions I just constantly yell and swear about how damn stupid the whole system is and handles. Can't believe it's still in a state like this after all this time. Good news is that they do seem to be working on improving it for Railjack, judging by various comments from devs.
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