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  1. Dude, all I said was that she don't really have any problems surviving high level missions in her current state. I never said that she doesn't need an update. I already stated earlier in this thread that I do want to see more synergy and team buffs in her abilities, and above your post even that her 4 should just be Assimilate rather than the useless original, at least as long as it's useful (I think it is). I don't see her as a dps frame and I don't think it fit her, so imo it would make more sense that her 1 and 4 could act as buffs for her and the team. Her 1 can at least already leech auras, but could also share health and armor similar to Nekros 4, which could replace or complement the need for Adaptation and/or QT. Her 4 could absorb incoming damage and convert it into buffs for the team. Her 2 and 3 are good but need synergy with the rest of her abilities. And of course new Augments. And about Assimilate, you don't just walk around shooting in it, that's stupid. If you want to fight in Assimilate it's most fun and effective when using melee combos, since you can use it to jump around the place like mad, between groups of enemies. Obviously you don't use it in missions where you just rush through the map. It's for standing in the middle of a never ending hoard and just slash your way through them. Also handy for various interactions like hacking, life support, revives, or if you need to go and take a piss. Bonus is that it also keeps your sentinel immortal, which along with Dethcube you'll have more or less infinite dumps of energy orbs on you. And you can still cast all your other abilities to support your team if needed. Why choose Nyx instead of the alternatives? As I said in my first post, even if some frames have similar abilities, they all encourage different playstyles due to their complete kit and stats. My understanding after all these threads is that most people simply don't know how to play Nyx effectively in her current state, or they can't/don't want to figure it out. Personally I have fun gameplay with her in almost all content of the game, and that's why I keep coming back to her. Again, I'm definitely up for an update, but not a complete rework. And what does Nyx do for the team currently? She is honestly golden in PUGs to carry people who are having trouble with high levels. The CC of Chaos and armor/shield/aura strip of PB on specific enemies makes almost any mission manageable for anyone. Personally I also often use Power Donation to buff my squad further, since 125% is all I need. She practically own the entire map in Interception, Mobile Defense, Rescue, Defection.. or anything really except for Defense and Excavation. That's not useful? And don't tell me you're afraid of that one enemy that may choose to turn around and shoot at you instead of his buddies. And this discussion has nothing to do with what frame has best survivability. No one said Nyx is best, and who cares anyway, best is boring. But she can certainly handle herself as long as her energy isn't getting leeched.
  2. Nope, I rarely need energy pads. There are plenty of other ways to keep your energy economy going. With a ton of energy and Adaptation, Quick Thinking won't exactly drain you in a second. It's very efficient. It's just a buffer though to keep you alive if you mess up or take a sudden heavy hit. The moment you see it activate you just hit Absorb, go into operator to replenish health in a second ot two, and rejoin the fight. But I mean, you actively kill and confuse enemies to not get hit in the first place. It's not like QT is affecting your energy much or at all. Edit: You can also use a healing melee weapon to keep your health going up during gameplay. You triggered? 😄 I don't understand that last part, but you're certainly not just modding for survivability. Primed Flow is given on a caster like Nyx to you know.. always have energy to cast or keep up abilities. Adaptation stacks while in Absorb as well, so that's a nice synergy to keep damage resistace up when exiting, or to get it stacked to begin with without sacrificing health. Assimilate is not just about survivability, but also utility and adds different gameplay. Although I do share the opinion that Assimilate should just be her standard ability rather than an Augment. On top of that you of course still also mod for efficiency, strength, range, or whatever the focus is with your build. Just like any other frame.
  3. Yes she can. I play high level content with her all the time. Sorties, Arbies, and Veil, no problem. With Primed Flow, Quick Thinking, Adaptation, and Absorb Assimilate in your build you got a lot of survivability. You just have to look out for those OP grenades and energy leechers, as with every other frame except Rhino and Inaros.
  4. Oh another Nyx thread 😄 As usual I don't quite agree. I main Nyx in all kinds of missions and she's my most used frame. I do play other frames a lot too of course, but somehow I always fall back to Nyx. "There are other frames that does it better" is most often referring to specific abilities, while it's the compelte kit and stats that matters, so that's not a relevant argument imo. Yes there are other frames that confuse and/or strip enemies, but they encourage completely different playstyles and overall strengths/weaknesses. That's why I prefer Nyx over similar alternatives. Fm I even put my latest Umbral Forma on her just to perfect my builds 😄 I'm not saying she doesn't need changes though. I've developed great gameplay for her, but the problem I see is that at least her 1 and 4 are not really used as intended to be effective/useful, and should imo be somewhat changed. Her 2 is the absolute strongest, and her 3 is kind of what defines her, so no need for much change there imo except for synergy with other abiliites to make it more interesting. I don't think she necessarily need some powerful damage output, but would rather like to see her become more of a buffing frame for team mates, like either converting incoming damage into damage resistance by Absorb or leeching from enemies affected by Chaos and/or Mindcontrol. I think her abilities have good potential, but they really lack synergy and something to share with the squad. And CC certainly isn't dead. It's just that most people play missions where it doesn't matter. Most frames damage output won't keep up with scaling enemies, so at some point you won't effectively just kill everything and not be vulnerable. CC will greatly reduce incoming damage and give you more time to kill sponges, as well as keeping enemies somewhat off your objectives. Certainly useful in endurance runs and often in Sortie pugs if there are squishy players who keep dying. And as for comparisons with Mag, I like her a lot but she's just too squishy to bring to the levels where her damage output, stripping, and cc even matters. At least I haven't found a good way to keep her alive yet, but Nyx at least has her Absorb Assimilate, which is no problem to keep up and move around with by using melee combos and operator. Nyx is however VERY dependent on energy to survive though, because of Quick Thinking and Absorb Assimilate which makes up for her lack of armor and buffs. So naturally her biggest weakness is energy leechers. Her 2 can strip Auras, but I really wish it could be more effective against leechers as well, just to at least stand a chance in these cases.
  5. I've mostly been running Nyx. As mentioned earlier in the thread, chaos is effectively distracting boarding crews as well as enemies on crew ships, and Psychic Bolts strip 100% of their massive armor, which combined with a Viral+slash build on your melee weapon will cut them down instantly no matter their level. With good duration you can also keep an enemy as a bodyguard behind you with Mind Control when flying 😄 With Absorb Assimilate you're also untouchable when repairing damage, or hacking the panel and destrying the core on crew ships, as well as keeping your Helios alive to finish all those scans. I don't think any warframe abilities are supposed to affect the Railjack and Archwings, so I wouldn't get used to that.
  6. They commented on it not too long ago in a devstream, saying that progress have been made and that they have a pretty good idea of what they want to do with it, but the people working on it are currently busy with Empyrean and New War. So not forgotten, but low priority, and obviously then not connected to the first phases of Empyrean or New War. They have also said before that it's based on the feedback and statistics of the two other orbs that were very different from each other for experimental reasons. So gameplay-wise it will likely be a mix of the two. It would probably be a good opportunity to introduce squad-link, as long as it's not another forced coop element.
  7. Like someone else said; because of boarding parties. It's essentially a tiny deathmatch map. We're supposed to be able to run and jump around the place and approach from different sides with walls for cover. I'm sure there is a lot more planned for interactable modules around the ship for later too. Railjack is still in a very basic stage.
  8. Certainly not an Aura I put on my go-to frames, but definitely serves a big purpose in specific missions and ridiculous endurance runs. I use Aura Formas on all my usual frames, so I just swap Auras all the time depending on what I want or need.
  9. Yea it's not meant to slay sentients, so that would make no sense. Something anti-void would be more logical, maybe something to deal with man-in-the-wall later on. Or those fingerless giants 😄
  10. I'm doing Railjack with just my brother too. We could finally enter the Veil yesterday as I reached the minimum rank of 7 in engineering, and we did the two first missions without issues, still running standard weapons and components on the ship 😄 Just mods for hull and armor on upgraded grids. The way we do it is, one person mainly take care of the ship, and the other focus on crew ships and picking up resources. When there are no crew ships around or close, the person in the ship goes outside to help clearing out swarming fighters, as they don't really do too much critical damage to the railjack anyway. Whatever objective there is is of course left alone until ships stop spawning. Nothing complicated really. Considering the crazy resources required to repair weapon/module drops we figured we'd go as far as possible with what we had, and hopefully spend the resources on MK3 instead. Research on Sigma MK3 stuff finally completed today, and luckily they are also very cheap to build. So now the rest of the Veil shouldn't be a problem as we farm for the really good stuff and that Sentient thingy. I do enjoy the difficulty with a 2 man crew though. It's not frustratingly hard, but not too easy and lazy. It's intense but managable, which if fun. I hope the good modules,weapons, and mods don't take out the fun this week. I really don't enjoy cheesing things. Things are definitely getting a heavy re-balance next year though, especially archwings. So enjoy it while it lasts, although traditionally it will likely just get easier.
  11. If you go through the initial grind and basic upgrading in pugs or recruit chat, you can easily solo further farming on earth missions for resources, avionics, points, and to learn things in your own pace until AI crew is released. There are also avionics and skills that can deal with the railjack remotely and offer teleporting for you to get around more quickly. There are a bunch of QoL things in there that make solo playing a lot easier if you can just get past the first bump. But yea, I'm really bummed to see AI crew getting delayed too. Even if solo is managable on easier missions, it feels empty and weird having to run back and forth all over the ship alone, or leaving it dead in water while you go AW. That's not a very complete experience. AI doesn't have to be something amazing, just save me the trouble of having to run all over the place, and let me give them specific orders through the tactical menu whenever needed.
  12. Yea, when a player goes into a closed tile, as in a ship or base, any loot found in there is not shared. I tried it with my brother as well, and originally heard about it on a stream. So that's their loss. I hope it's just a bug that will get fixed soon. I tend to get on the pilot and engineering role, so I don't get out much for that extra loot, lol.
  13. Completely depends on what you're farming. For drops from enemies I never really found it to be very effective to go for long runs past the hour in solo, since enemies get tougher you'll simply kill less. So like when farming for Mutagen Samples or Tellurium for example I mostly just go for 40 minutes and then restart. Any of the farming-frames can do that (Nekros, Khora, Hydroid), and I tend to variate between them just to not get depressed 😄 For Arbitrations it's all about the reward drops, so I would not care for a farming frame here at all (There will be plenty of Vitus Essence anyway). I just do survivals in solo, because the other missions would require CC which is not effective due to the drones. For that Rhino is my go-to for the really long runs. Make a proper Ironclad build to bump up his Iron skin to any ridiculous value you want, and make sure to refresh it from time to time. This is especially ideal against infested, since the inevitable energy leechers won't affect his survivability, nor does heavy toxic procs reach his health through the armor. His damage buff is of course also handy when enemies get tougher. Corpus Nullies are his only threat, so make sure to have a weapon with high fire rate available for that, and don't give those bubbles a chance to reach you through walls and floors. Other than that no specific weapons are required imo as long as they can scale good in damage with combos and/or procs, but ditch the standard corrosive-builds and mod for the specific enemy faction, which will be a lot more effective in the long run. Also, Magus Lockdown for the operator is always a good idea, which will lock enemies even if protected by a drone. There are of course other good frames for Arbies as well, but as you say, past the hour their weaknesses will start showing and require caution, and can get too energy hungry. They also tend to get one-shot by those dreaded grenades of Grineer and Corpus, or one-punched by Ancients. Rhino simply don't give a f*, and is still somewhat fun to play compared to the one-trick-pony Inaros. Also, I hear Nidus is also a great frame for solo runs, but I have not messed around with this one yet so I'll let someone else answer that. Not sure how well he can manage in Arbitrations.
  14. Been playing through the missions on Earth with my brother today and it's really not that hard. We had a couple fails at first, but as you learn how things work, it's very managable with a 2 man crew. Got plenty of resources and points to upgrade and unlock abilities before we move on to next planet. I was mostly piloting and keeping the ship patched up while my brother was mostly outside taking care of the bigger ships. And no you don't need to spend resources during the missions at this level. Just the Omni, but that's practically nothing. It will likely be more important later on, but by then I imagine resources won't be a problem. Also, there is actually a Tactical Avionic that can put out fires through the Tactical menu. There are plenty of QoL upgrades coming later.
  15. Adaptation somewhat works with Quick Thinking though, which is one way to at least dramatically lower the cost of energy to stay alive with QT. From what I've read however it won't change any resistance while QT is active, so in that case you're stuck with whatever damage type and % you had when running out of HP. Haven't experimented much with that myself yet, so I'm not sure. I've been using this combo on my survival-build for Nyx lately, which is a great extra buffer to handle unexpected damage, since she naturally always have a ton of energy available (Adaptation also stacks while in absorb). Usually when taking that much damage it's from the same enemy, so Adaptation has a good effect on top of the high efficiency of QT.
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