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    If you are in a clan, then your clan's Glyph will be shown instead. If not then its one of the default forum glyph for console users. However I'm not 100% sure on this but this is what I'm leading towards. Again, if you want your in game glyph to be shown, simply log out and log back in on the forum. Keep in mind that there could be a delay for the changes to apply.
  2. MightyFlower

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    Could be that the forum has not been updated with the new in game glyph(s).
  3. MightyFlower

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    For your changed glyph to work on the forums, you'll have yo re-log on the forum, other words, log out and log back in for it to change. There might be a small delay in between but it will change non the less ( Once re-logged )
  4. MightyFlower

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    Profile pics are linked with your in game Glyph aka which ever glyph you pick, it will be shown on here too. For your in game glyph to show up on the forums, you will need to log out on the forums and log back in.
  5. MightyFlower

    MOA Companion Mute

    There any news to follow up this from the sound Devs ? Would much appreciate it.
  6. MightyFlower

    MOA Companion Mute

    Hi, could we please have the MOA Companions muted while using Octavia Mandachord via Arsenal , kinda annoying hearing it beep boop in the background while composing a song. Thanks. This is with the Sensitive Module equipped.
  7. MightyFlower

    TennoGen Round 15 Deadline and More!

    I did indeed.... my apologies. That second quote message was meant for the user @(XB1)Vamma Takayn
  8. MightyFlower

    TennoGen Round 15 Deadline and More!

    As much as I love the skin as the next person, that still doesn't mean that a Warframe should just have 2 skins or 1 skin. Not everyone has a taste that everyone else does. That's why you make/have more skins to fulfill your personal preference needs. Understood?... Good. Have good day fellow Tenno's
  9. MightyFlower

    Thanks for Watching Devstream #120!

  10. MightyFlower

    Could we get an Oberon Solstice Skin?

    oooh I don't know about this, don't think DE is capable of releasing an Oberon skin, or better yet knowing this Warframe exists at all. They reworked him few years ago and haven't even fixed his skill description to this patch day. If you are confused, no worries. I made a post long ago about this. Here, feel free to read. Have a good day Tenno. https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1016117-oberon-skill/?tab=comments#comment-10205869
  11. MightyFlower

    Anyone have a list of words that can get you banned?

    It's an online world in an online game, whichever rate the game is at, you will still need to follow rules. It's not your home where you can use words at free will.
  12. MightyFlower

    Anyone have a list of words that can get you banned?

    Kickbot is treated same way as how twitch bots are/is being used for. Below is a general idea of what words you shouldn't use in game. *click at your own risk* Keep in mind that with ''monitor chat bots'', can be modified at anytime, thus the reason why DE hasn't released a list of banned words for it, as there is to many to keep up with. More info about in game Kickbot can be found here : https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/KickBot ''Play it safe Tenno. If you see someone disrespecting you in anyway, report or ignore them, do NOT go out and strike back, as it will lead you into the banned world''
  13. Because DE will then have to re-code/animate their current NPC's. Not saying this is a bad idea however, they will see it as its not really needed/benefit for everyone. (Yes they could make another NPC just for that but again, not useful nor anyone will use it) Their pet system is outdated, not to mention thousands of bugs it has. DE can't fix that either, so a grooming NPC will most likely never happen.
  14. MightyFlower

    NSW - Wrong Orbiter location after log in

    This is not a bug, its a game function. Unlike other planets in the Star Chart, the Kuva Fortress actually moves around the Star Chart, appearing in different places in relation to other planets. Planets located around the Kuva Fortress as it rotates will contain Kuva Siphon missions. The Survival node "Taveuni" has unique mechanics where players can harvest Kuva. More info about Kuva Fortress can be found here : https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Kuva_Fortress