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  1. Cleared two planets tonight and not a single drop. We killed every eximus we saw and not a one.
  2. Never said I didn't care about what DE does. I just said that most, including DE don't care about the .01%. While that may not seem fair, game makers make games to make money. If you want to talk about what will keep this game alive and try to satisfy the majority of players great. But if you're trying to make the new content something that even 90% of players can't do. You loose. Every one of you, all of the most knowledgeable players in the game, could quit on the same day. You know what? DE wouldn't care. They wouldn't even notice, unless you happen to know them personally. It would be a loss to the rest of us, but the corporation would live on.
  3. ah well, maybe it's time you all learn that your wants and needs are so minuscule that nobody cares.
  4. nice twist on what I said, doesn't make you intelligent at all
  5. ah, well that would be up to you Hmm, no I want a challenge too. However the entire star chart is not 1% of the game. Now is it... interesting and?
  6. God, I love arguments like these. The .001% arguing about how things should be how they want them to be.....lol DE doesn't make the game for you. They make the game to make money. period
  7. That would be a nice and could work well with the storyline.
  8. That's not Dax armor, it's dax junior armor. They could have at least given us the right helmet.
  9. Of course frames make DE money. Right along with the fashion, colors, decorations, etc. Honestly while it's a free to play game, they need to make money or they go out of business. So, if you don't want to go through the grind, you can buy what you want.
  10. Just maybe... it could also mean you have nothing to do...
  11. Nightwave wasn't designed to be 6 months long. But the story part of this one seams to be. So we're all going to be done with level 30 and forgotten about nightwave before the storyline is done.
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