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  1. I wish it was an event. Unfortunately I got a wee bit excited and then logged in. Which let to spending something that I already had and then I was done. Event over. It would have been nice if a couple thematic quests, bounties or something could have been added to carry on the theme. They could have even given out mother tokens so you could spend them later. Instead..... nothing
  2. I honestly believe that the players themselves are more than capable of blowing things completely out of proportion without the help of any streamers. Of course there are times where the players should raise a stink about things that DE does.
  3. rofl This is DE's mess. People should really stop trying to push it on Invision. Invision is primarily a software company which happens to do forum software. They may be doing service packages right now, but the state of this site makes it obvious that DE like many are not paying for one. If they were it wouldn't be so broken. I used to use Invision on one of my forums and like other forum software it can be a pain to configure. The image error which has now been fixed looked as if it may have been a copy paste error. Which ended up pointing to the wrong location for the image. Not
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