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  1. Direction? Warframe doesn't have any direction. It's sort of like a pretzel, first it goes here, then there, maybe there too... First we copy this game, then that one. Why not add some of this mythos and then mix it with that one. Heck why don't we make an Italian Grendel? Bowling anyone?
  2. My railjack's name keeps disappearing. I keep putting it back on, then sometime later notice that it's gone again.
  3. Oh come on! Did nobody get the joke? A finger! DE gave you a finger! DE gave you the finger....
  4. I got to listen to a pilot laugh like a maniac while we did a mission at earth last night. She was having so much fun killing things by ramming them that the rest of us just watched.... lol
  5. I know they've tried to fix it a few times, but certain tiles or tile sets seem to mess it up. I couldn't begin to count the times someone in my group will say hold on, I'm lost.
  6. lol, Ivara is supposed to be a huntress. Not a mindless blob of jelly that attacks what bumps into it. I'm going to have to disagree that it fits at all.
  7. Like others have said, Ivara is not a jellyfish. It does not fit her theme at all. As to the new invisibility look; it's too visible.
  8. Congrats! I'm being a bit lazier about it. I'm 5,3,6,3 at the moment. Friends of mine are much further along.
  9. Is so funny how people are redefining what PTW is just to fit their narrative. Pay to win was never that you had to pay. It is when you can pay to advance beyond others. Pay to get items that give you the advantage. Pay to get the tools to beat the "boss". Pay to skip ahead. In PvE people generally didn't /don't care about PTW except in raids. Where the idea that someone could just buy the gear that others worked hard for just doesn't sit right with many. Having to pay to be able to finish content is a whole other thing. Often it's an extreme version of pay to win.
  10. ROFL; it's not an exploit. It may be bad design on DE's part but not an exploit. Maybe those who can do missions on every other node without running into people farming shedu parts should stop crying about people farming. Since it sounds like you're farming the node too. Just for different things. and for what it's worth I play in a premade working for the same objectives.
  11. I'm surprised that no one has said to just not do that node for the thirty minutes the sentient ship is there. So if you go any time else the problem you're having doesn't exist. In fact, why would you even click on a node where an event is happening and not expect people to be grinding it. This is warframe after all.
  12. I like the idea of a Commando class. It would fit the archwing stuff people are doing.
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