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  1. An energy based warframe. This was an old concept of mine. Her name was Nisha Shield : 100 (300 Max) Health : 50 (150 Max) Armor : 25 Energy : 250 (475 Max) Energized Physique (Passive) - Any damage she receives to health (Including Proc damage) is deducted from her energy instead( AKA better Quickthinking). Upon death she gives 50 energy to allies within her Affinity Range. Siphon (25 Energy) - (TLDR) Deals damage to a target unit. Enemies surrounding the target takes some damage and gives some energy back to Nisha. Long Version Translocation (50 Energy) - (TLDR) Nisha teleports herself and enemies around her to a target location. Long Version Synergy (75 Energy) - (TLDR) Nisha links herself to one ally giving them both bonuses to Melee Heavy Attack Damage and Efficiency and Ability Efficiency and damage reduction. This also lets directs damage that the linked ally to Nisha. Long Version Surge (50+5/s Energy) - (TLDR) Nisha channels an expanding area that upon release deals damage and knocks down enemies in the are while also giving her some energy. Allies in the area while she channels gains energy per second. Long Version
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