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  1. lower your ping limit so that you don't join players that may have bad connections to you. Additionally, you can host the missions instead, but then you may encounter issues where players might disconnect from you. You can also check if you are in the right region. Another solution would be to change DNS to ( ). There have been reports on the internet that this DNS can have varying, but mostly positive effects to connection. It should be relatively easy, but look up some guides just to be sure.
  2. So your telling me.. that there are players who are paying not to play the game? How hard is it to kill 150 units with cold damage? Most Nightwave missions don't require you to do specific missions aside from the ELITE ones. Which as the name implies are not for casual players. Oh. but I don't wanna run 10 syndicate missions, I don't want to open 3 relics. You can play literally 2 missions a day and complete most of the non-elite Nightwaves Objectives. Some of them you can complete by just doing what you want. I would much rather this token system to a random chance to get a mission that might be in a tileset that I cannot even get to. In the old alert system, it took some players either from a week to a year to get Vauban. Do you think that's better?
  3. I just buy slots and recently, I don't even delete the non prime variant as I don't want to throw away my investment of forma and affinity. They're there for memories. Slots are kinda inexpensive, and there are many ways you can make plats. The easier ones are probably junk prime parts. but you may not have those. It's fine to just get rid of the non-prime variants if you need to. Just keep the ones that you like, and junk the rest. You would eventually get prime variants anyways.
  4. Wait! I want Zephyr to fly. I just don't like the fact that you are using Hildryn for context.
  5. What's a strawman? but anyway : I understand. She can, but that doesn't mean she is required to. She doesn't need to fly, because that's not the focus of her abilities. Flight is not necessary for her. Her flight surfaces could've developed to allow her more control over the wind. Since warframes were humans before, her abilities could have started as control over wind and her form change to amplify and streamline that control. She just didn't developed the ability to fly because maybe she did not see the need to. Maybe she just preferred the burst of speed that she gets rather than sustained flight. Speculations of course, but it is just there to emphasize that Zephyr was not designed around being able to fly. Planes were designed to fly, chickens weren't. Not all vehicles can fly, and most bird can. Zephyr, may not have been designed to fly.
  6. Well, in that case, let's also change Oberon because he don't look like any paladin I've seen. Mag doesn't specifically look like a magnet, and Excalibur is not a sword. Her Aesthetics support her theme. She doesn't have to look like a fan or a gust of wind to have these abilities. I mean Revenant is supposed to be a vampire, looks like a sentient. And sand daddy Inaros is suppose to be a mummy, controls sand. Ever seen a bird fly with 10 feathers?
  7. Don't see no wings on Zephyr. Aerodynamic Surfaces. Cars have em to keep them on the ground and Zephyr has them to help her stay afloat for longer. Saying that birbs control wind to fly is like saying that fish control water to swim or we control land to walk. Wind, water, and land are the platforms in which their movement are based on. They do not have control over it.
  8. That is a better argument. But then again, if they update that video.. and her abilities stay the same. 1st ability = warframe jumps in a the direction that your facing at great speeds and deals damage to enemies. Secondary : Allows her to hover. 2nd ability = creates a burst of wind in front of her that damages enemies. 3rd ability = creates a wind shield that deflects bullets 4th ability = creates tornadoes. None of these indicate that she should be able to fly.
  9. You missed these : Additionally : Zephyr "Wind Themed Skills" "Birb Themed Aesthetics" "Aviation Skill Names" None of her ability mechanics, mention anything about being a bird or aviation themed. Lost Zephyr Concept Art : If you remove Hyldrin or Titania from this argument and just focus on the main complaint : Why doesn't Zephyr fly? Answer : Her abilities are wind based. Controlling wind. Birbs and Planes, don't control wind to fly. They use their wings. Zephyr doesn't have wings, she has a design that makes her lighter than other frames.
  10. Your Logic : Her Ability names are Aviation Themed = She must be based on Aviation. My suggestion : Don't use the names of the Abilities. Look what each ability does and decide on the theme on that. 1st ability = warframe jumps in a the direction that your facing at great speeds and deals damage to enemies. Secondary : Allows warframe to hover. 2nd ability = creates a burst of wind in front of you that damages enemies. 3rd ability = creates a wind shield that deflects bullets 4th ability = creates tornadoes. So, based on these descriptions. What do you think is the theme?
  11. As I mentioned, the aviation names were given after the abilities were set. If your basis of her being an Aviation Frame is the names, then Let me rename each ability to make it wind themed : Air jump, Air bust, Wind shield, Tornadoes. There you go, now you can complain how unimaginative those names are, but they will no longer be "Aviation Themed"
  12. It is useable, I can go on a tileset and slam my face all over the place if I wanted to. Long corridors are specially quick to go through or these rooms : Emphasis on Terms. These names came after creating the abilities, same as most warframes. Oberon "Paladin Themed Skills" "Druid Themed Aesthetics" Revenant "Vampire Themed Skills" "Sentient Themed Aesthetics" Wind related things that don't fly : Fans Windmills Tornadoes/Huricanes Sails
  13. Titania is the justification. If they didn't give zephyr flight in her remake, which came after Titania, it is unlikely that Hyldrin would change that. Zephyr's artthetic theme may be "birb", but that's not what her moveset dictates. Her them is wind. Wind control and wind pressure. How many first are truly useful in all situations? Tailwind primary action can still be useful when it comes to traversal, even if it is much harder to control and may usually cause you to crash into walls. Compare that to Ember's fireblast which is really just useful in early game, what about tesla? spectral scream? Zephyr is still thematic, and although there may be some changes needed to improve her, but flight is not a requirement for her. An alternative suggestion would be for her passive to make her hover on aim rather than aim glide and just remove the secondary function of tailwind. This would make it easier to use and it would benefit from parkour mods.
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