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  1. I'm guessing the modularity of the railjacks would be function rather than cosmetic. However, I don't see any reason why they would not have a variety of designs (at launch or soonTM after). They already have the grineer warships which in theory, can be used. Just look at the liset. It basically did not have any functions, but they decided to give players options that barely made any difference (non that a lot of players use), aside from cosmetic ones. I'm sure that it is their plan to make more than just one design. Maybe even let tennogen skins or what not.
  2. The 24hr wait is there for the same reason why there is an MR trade limit and minimum requirement. It prevents or slows down certain exploits. Bannable Exploit here for example:DO NOT DO THIS These things aren't here to annoy the regular players. It's for the protection of the players and the game.
  3. Pluto Heirarcon (Excavation) Arbitration There are a few more, but I'm not sure about them. I think the Arena mode in Sedna and tier 5 bounties might be good too.
  4. I think that they said that both the Nekros and the Ephemera would be released in a staggered manner because of the amount of people watching. I would contact support still, but I'm sure they would eventually get to it. Maybe we'll get an update in a prime time if we get one today.
  5. yeah, they definitely don't look ready for battle and more cosmetic options is always good.
  6. You apologized for using a translator, which you didn't. There is an option in the menu that allows you to use the left mouse button for melee attacks. 번역기를 사용한 것에 대해 사과하셨지만, 그러지 않으셨습니다. 메뉴에는 마우스 왼쪽 버튼을 사용하여 근접 공격을 할 수 있는 옵션이 있다.
  7. Well, we do have nightmare missions, invasions and rifts. I'm not quite sure what else you want. 😜
  8. If you are having trouble fighting the thumpers, then you don't have the right equipment. Use Nova or Night Equinox to slow them(other CC warframes are available) and use Fulmin or Opticor so that it is almost impossible for you to run out of ammo. If you don't have the best gear and you don't think you can win, don't fight them and just run away. They are not meant to be easy.
  9. Out of all the 300 weapons and 40 warframes.. Do you have to build all the ones that require the Nitain first? Prioritize what you want to use first, then do the others later.
  10. Did not know that. Well then, with that in mind, maybe we should just adjust the other mods like Physique to affect pets too.
  11. I like, but I would prefer if they have different effects on robotic and organic. Example : bonus health for kavats and kubrows and shields for robotics. I would also like an alternative that gives health regen/shield recharge to them. So we can have two new aura mods for pets.
  12. But... But... what about the people who don't live in America. : |
  13. What I would like is to take the idea from Khora. For example, Tesla would shock all units in Bastille or have Mine Layer change the effect of Bastille (Bounce would hopefully take the form of the current augment instead of making a massive bouncy castle). Then they could give Vortex a higher range but instead of instantly pulling to the center, have it more like Mag's Magnetize and you only get sucked in at a certain range. And if you really want that turret, take a cue from borderlands and let Vauban attach legs on to his weapons. 🤣
  14. This is probs not yet official and may come when NW season 2 comes. That focuses on the infested
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