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  1. Oh no you did, you summoned... him... Just like I did couple weeks ago... Ok, now onto the rework. It's a bit difficult to judge the rework without numbers. I like most of the changes for Enthrall, but touch mechanic might be tricky: if it's more like you run into them and enthrall you might end up Enthralling wrong enemy and if it's Enthrall upon taking damage it is like current 2+1 synergy, but again, you might Enthrall wrong enemy. The other 3 abilities for Enthrall are kinda nice, one provides healing and extra armor (what is similar to Vomvalysts), second might not be
  2. ^ literally, probably his weakest abbility, except in lvl 30 missions and lower
  3. Well technically Tridolons have shields with DR to everything except Void damage. Charges are there to have some way for enemies to decrease it and it provides a bit of CC, better than just simply 100% or 90% DR imo. Yes, the OG Reave wasn't like Vomvalyst's smoke form, but it was changed to match Vomvalyst. And last time I checked Vomvalysts are also Eidolons. And there's the reason why people often disagree with you, you want to completly change his kit and playstyle while majority of people consider that buffs, tweaks and working synergy is all he needs
  4. Does Revenant need a complete rework and abbility changes, like Wukong for example? No. Does he need a change for his kit? Yes, his passive and abbility synergy to be more precise. His abbilities could also use some sort of buff to make them a bit more useful.
  5. There are acctualy 3 abbilities: Mesmer Skin based on Eidolon shields or Sentient damage immunity/adapting (or possibly both), but it isn't perfect so I guess we can consider it 0.5 Eidolon themed, Reave is a clear copy of Vomvalyst's cloud phase and Macabre is a very obvious copy of Sentient lasers. Only Enthrall is not-Eidolon abbility. But I see your point, our ideas for the rework are completly different, except passive, so sharing advices might lead to nowhere. Maybe I'll make a second version when I get a better ideas and with Sevagoth on the way I'll probably ignore whole vamp them
  6. I used to theorise about what kind of warframe Rev was before he got corrupted and the idea that he probably used to be the vampire frame somehow seemed most logical to me and it'd kind of explain why his kit is 50/50 vamp/Eidolon. I unfortunatly like that theory too much so a theory that he wasn't the vamp frame seems unnatural to me, basically that's probably the reason why I kept a bit of vamp theme. Still I went with an idea of rework where the enemy themself can increase Rev's power (Thralls, giving him extra damage) and can use that along rest of kit abbilities (damage adaption, som
  7. I didn't think about that, but they do sound like a good ideas. I'll include it 100% if I make updated version.
  8. So I love Revenant. I began to play WF around the period he was added, but I am f2p so I didn't buy him from market and acctualy got him a lot later. At first I didn't like him, but I kept him because of his Eidolon theme. After experimenting with him he became my new main, but here's a well known fact that bothers me and probably other Rev players: his kit is a bloody mess. Passive's shield explosion is useless as long as Mesmer Skin is activated, Enthrall is Nyx's 1 rip-off, Mesmer Skin is imo the best abbility he has, Reave... exists, I gues... and Dense Macabre is a failed nuke attemp
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