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  1. I think most of the complains have already been said, and I sadly don't have the time to read more than a page, but for a personal take on these issues I guess I could give it a try now that the mode is "fresh": 1) Availability: As said above having to hope for a good mission type is bad. Everyone and their mothers are aware that obviously some of those modes are NOT going to be played a lot. Surprise! making them "harder" won't make them more appealing, nobody wants to babysit a mentally challenged reject from a test tube as it makes it's long way to the exit (defection), protect a rambo-like "soldier" who neer takes cover and actively asks to be put down for good (defense), or protecting some console made out of porcelain. Just accept that these modes are not popular and stop pushing them to the unwilling spotlight. Either have one of every game mode at the same time, or just stop giving anything that isn't survival. 2) Modifiers: One life, again as said above, only brings forth with incredible boldness the problem of instant death out of left field. It is mildly frustrating on a normal mission, but here it is outright maddening. The level of the enemies doesn't help a lot with that particular subject either, but it can usually be bypassed by the simple and single fact that you can be revived. That's no longer an option. On top of this you subject NPCs to the same rules, give damage and ability nullification to enemies, random useless bonusses to frames nobody wants to play, and wouldn't even use with a 3000% strength modifier, and then on top of that choose maps that are not even fine tuned in pathfinding and spawning. The difficulties for the game modes in particular are all over the place, one is good (x2 interception), but some are effy (like 3' excavation defense, 75% on survival, defense NPC) and some are atrocious (50% console health and instant death on defection). You can make shield gating a thing or let people be DOWNED but not REVIVE (after dying while downed). This should go for the NPCs too. The bonuses should either be specially tailored to each warframe or weapon (ex: critical chance, critical damage, damage, multishot, status chance, range, reach, duration, strength, efficiency, shields, health, armor, casting speed, speed, firerate, projectile speed, or a combination of them with reduced effects) or give an additional reward for each cycle to players who play with these handicaps (because that's what they are, let's be completely honest here). If the defense NPC doesn't die instead of going down, I can take it as fair. The console health is a problem though, it's placements were never the brightest (talking about the misshaped map), but they were not the worst either, so I think that to make it a more popular mode I would increase the rate of eximus spawns in it. In defection, I would instead add 2 more teams of kavor, probably further from B and C respectively, so that everyone has a group to protect. I am not a fan of extending a mission's length so I'm not sure about the excavation bit, but I could see the drill giving buffs to enemies around it, let's say, in a radius of 15-30m, perhaps a "second life" similar to the corruption effect in fissures. The drones I think should be changed, probably to a bonus like that of ancients that happens to also grant ability immunity. I could take them being invulnerable or CC inmune, but noth both at the same time. Finally, pick a selection of maps and REFINE THEM for the pathfinding/spawning issues, don't just "patch" them momentarily before they break again in a unsuspecting way a week later, take one of them, look at it really hard, address the issues with it, work consistently to FIX THEM, and THEN add a gamemode that focuses on tile variation. This was already an issue back when ESO rolled out, and I remember multiple bitter losses at disgusting spawnrates and spawn placement, pathfinding making enemies basically stand still around a corner and stuff like that. 3) Rewards: Just, why did you put those useless modes in there as "rare rewards"? Because yes, obviously, they are not "useless" by it's literal definition, and you NEED an incentive for players to GRIND the new mode, apparently, since the endo rewards are even inferior to that which can be farmed outside of this game mode, but they are useless in the bigger picture, even more so than the reduced endo rewards. Nobody will ever use most of the mods for any other reason than to mess around on earth, which will happen problably only once in their entire warframe experience, and while Endo is at an ever increasing cost with all the Primed mod releases (Looking at you, Umbra Quest and Baro Anniversary), it's just not EFFICIENT to do it this way, and as everyone knows, that which isn't efficient won't be used. And that's without addressing the fact that it takes twice as long to even get a reward to begin with! If your desire for this mode is to just be "the place to farm endo" then make endo drop in bigger quantities (TWICE), or FASTER. Put the mods on the relay store, they are not needed in the drop tables, and are not wanted there either. I personally would drop full ayatans instead of empty ayatans in the reward, so that people don't have to go scavenge hunt for stars after playing a few arbitrations for the rest of their lives. That's about all I have to say about this mode. All in all, I'll probably play it until I get the rewards and never touch it again until it has something else to offer.
  2. "For example, on Day 1 I get 1 x Tellurium, but on Day 1000 I get 6 x Tellurium!" You know, when they said "it will be more rewarding" I actually believed that. What a mixed bag of chips, y'all just can't do it all the way good, you have to mess up half way through, giving something as infinitely useless as "6xTellurium!" to people who have logged 1000+ days is like spitting in people's faces dammit.

    Shrine of the Eidolon: Update 22.14.0

    I have been keeping up with patch notes and devstreams and yet I didn't see it in neither of those, othewise I would've gotten it right away. Was the information in any of those? And if it was, I would love for you to tell me in which, so at least I feel worse about myself instead of angry at them for just whispering it in a single thread on the forums.

    Shrine of the Eidolon: Update 22.14.0

    I was literally thinking of getting the Jordas trial done today. Damn. Guess I'll never get it huh? Gone without a warning. Thanks DE for making me feel even worse with every update.
  5. We need the AI to use cover more effectively. Also, please, give Eximus enemies some decent colors, those "randomized" looks and weird face textures are out of this world.

    Hotfix 18.13.1

    "not necessary" when every enemy in a raid can one-hit kill you, one can kill the entire squad in one shot, and they have aim-bot installed so as to shot you right after entering a room, as if they knew you were there for hours. What saves you then? it's not one, or two of these, they are like 500, and you even have an objective other than survive. You can't let the enemy fire a single bullet, or else you fail the mission. If you want to make it simple: Warframe stats care in the early phase of the game, survivality through mods. Weapons shine in the mid game, killing before they can kill us. And spam is what is important in end game, one HP run if you want to call it that, powers that reduce the freedom from the enemy side. There's no other way to see it, you can't out-DPS them, you can't out-tank them, they are 100 times better at those than you. They even have more accuracy, more friends, and over all that, better communication. It isn't funny to die to a stray bullet, it isn't funny to die as soon as the door opens. Leaving that aside, this game is part solo, with multiplayer encouragement. If you want content from raids you can always buy them in the trade chat. The game is not solo friendly, when friends can revive you in multiplayer for example. One way to make the content "soloable" is to reduce the enemy level and or number depending on how many players are playing, really, is not that hard pal, just a little fix, and that's all. The second raid phase could only ask to press, instead of holding the buttons, the first one could replace the buttons with shooting pads (like in void) and reduce the energy drain from the bomb, and the thrid one could change the buttons with pads like the first one. It would still be extremely challenging, but is not impossible to make everything "soloable". On the other hand, I only play with groups to have fun, honestly, playing solo is more to appreciate the game. I enjoy to chat with the people in the party while spamming our war-machine powers to decimate the enemy. You could say it's boring, easy, broken or OP but it requires a certain amount of knowledge to mod and skill to execute. I don't condone living in draco as it makes players burnout like a drug but I do encourage players to seek teams in order to efficiently beat the challenges the game presents (even tho the only challenge in draco is not being killed by those scorches like god damn they make no sound).

    Hotfix 18.13.1

    "the devs are looking into enemy scaling" isn't "the enemy scaling 3.0 is coming with U19" nor does it mean the changes are going to come soon, AT ALL, in the mean time, we are left with garbage to play endgame, which is a critical part of grinding, you know, the thing THIS GAME IS BUILT ON. But, you know, no biggie right? We will all play as if sorties and raids didn't existed in the first place, the content released there? just a myth, since no one can get it, because everything is garbage (or will be, if we don't give DE all the signs that that strategy isn't working at all). As up there, we can't wait with useless content for eternity (exaggerated not as what it is, but as what it feels like). In the mean time what? do we just stop playing the hard gamemodes DE gave us? where the enemy farts and all the squad members suffocate to death from 3 rooms away? I love the game, and I know developing content is hard, but showing changes to the community doesn't mean communication, the later means THEY ACTUALLY LISTEN TO US because, you know, who the "testers" are, right? we. We say "this content is S#&$" they have to make it better. We say "this content is too much" they have to make it worse. Will we say "this contents is too much"? Not anytime soon, as for how the endgame works, we need perma invulnerability and instanuke in all the hard modes and all the farming cycles with broken drop tables that ask the player "Hey, if you want to get this thing, come 500 times, or stay 500 rounds" in T4D where, believe it or not, the amount of keys and time we have is limited. Top 1) "Nukeframe" is the resource we NEED in endgame content. Is not "unrelated" to the enemy scaling, you can't fix it "on it's own", you can't make a rework work if what you have in mind for it is a game environment THAT IS YET TO COME, IN A LONG, LONG TIME (referring to the enemy scaling changes). Top 2) "Known problem" doesn't mean "we are going to fix this", it means "we know we #*($%%@ up but it's too late to change now", and that's how it feels as they keep building on top of it like it's the safest foundation, ignoring it is rotting and will end up with the whole structure collapsing into an unplayable game. Top 3) The plans don't mean anything if they are going to be in the workshop for 2 years, but the nerfs are already here crippling our chances to beat the content they created. Top 4) "are not getting it because the most negatively inclined players are being a distractions" Yeah sure, blame it on the guys who can't keep the thing cool. Sure. I mean, if it seriously did, they are not fit to be developers. Negative players are everywhere, and if they can't work with it, then they can't work at all. Or do you expect to see something like "U19 delayed until everyone in the community stops complaining". Yeah sure, I can wait until 2035. Bot 1) The most sincere players are here, trying to tell DE this has to stop. The policy they have on nerfing everything useful because it's regarded as OP in the early content or not fun (which is subjective btw I have a lot of fun spamming and voice chatting with people). They made a fatal mistake, they built on it, now we have to deal with it, but they keep making it painful, and impossible to do so, and in response, the players are united in the feeling that going further with whatever they have planned is a bad idea. The focus of DE should be to fix the important problems first, then the little ones, not the other way around. Mag didn't make the game impossible to play, but so do the bugs. Fixing bugs is fine, nerfing warframes was (and is) not. It makes the content impossible on the long run, and you can't tell me "just don't go that far". They made the game, they made infinite scaling, the made endless modes, of course players are going to try and go far, it's not only efficient in time but also more exciting... except when it's impossible. Bot 2) "enemy scaling is only slightly broken" yeah sure, tell me that when the bombard hits the wall 10m far from us and we all go down like dolls. It's not "slightly broken" if the enemy can one-hit kill you just by staring at you, that's pretty much heavily broken, buy a player that doesn't go as far wouldn't know. "the average player" is what? MR12? Sure they can say they don't see a problem with enemy scaling, some people thing this kind of infinite enemy buff VS our limited evolution is fine, but you know what? some people know it's not, and that people is trying to make a change for the better. Bot 3) I don't mind being "in the dark" about the development of things. Hell, they could tell me 1 day before that they are going to do something and as long as it is not bad, I wouldn't mind. Now, when they decide to nerf the tools we use to play, yeah, they tell us, and we say "don't do it!", and they don't listen. I didn't know Mag's polarize was going to have a fixated damage, that's the whole problem really. Because that was the whole point on using mag. Because mag is useless in the content we play. Because that's where the good things drop. Bot 4) I personally gave my whole review of what I think is good, what is fine and what is trash, and I did so explaining why it is trash, and how to make it less trash. Will they read it? probably not. It doesn't mean I will give up. Regarding the scaling problem, it is (I would say) about 100 times more important to fix that, than releasing new content weekly. No nerfs, no buffs, no overall changes, just stick with bug fixes and work into enemy scaling until you sort that out then we can go back to new content. One year, no problem, I can live without anything new for one year. Just rework the enemy scaling, then rework the frames, and THEN, start releasing new content. How often I don't mind, but I would like to have an interesting weapon instead of the slightly stronger version of the soma. Really, the power creep is strong on this one.

    Hotfix 18.13.1

    Level 40 if you are modded perfectly is around the place where you start seeing mag die. At around level 60 to 80 you can't do anything, even to corpus enemies, which were like the whole reason mag was useful in the first place. "using the skills together" doesn't make her a better warframe, it just helps to make the other skills less boring and thus more used by the community. Does this mean the rework is good? Not at all -< using it in high level content (and I mean, as you may have guessed, HIGH, from 80 to 120) is not reliable, under any circumstance, because the armor reduction doesn't scale with any other power, so there's no way to speed that up, and we don't need a Vauban/Nova hybrid. You honestly don't seem to understand the game at all. If the enemy, whatever the faction, just the enemy, even the common soldier of those, can kill you with one hit, from 50m far, with aimbot just after crossing a door to the room you are in, then the win-buttons are what we need. In short, your lack of knowledge about the endgame doesn't mean you're bad, but complaining "oh you want a win button" when WHAT THE GAME NEEDS IS A WIN BUTTON OR AN ENEMY SCALING CHANGE then you don't know the game you're playing. Sure, go play with level 20 enemies, testing there is always the focus right? who even plays any more? if now you can't even survive in the slightest unless you're disabling the enemy in 3 different ways at the same time or you are invulnerable. Now, if you ask WHY do people go that far, is easy: a prime piece with less than 4% drop chance that is only out every 20 rounds in a limited resource (T4key) means, to maximize the efficiency, you need to run long runs. HOW IN THE LORD'S NAME YOU DO THAT WITH ALL THESE NERFS AND ONE-HIT-SQUAD-KILL ENEMIES (bombards)?

    Hotfix 18.13.1

    Mag now kills itself, and the damage from her polarize is nowhere near the one it had in the past, they made it better for early -mid and worst for late game, which was specially the focus of that ability given the % damage multiplier. Tell me again how is a useless doll better than a cheap nuke. I found this out and not, no one said it, I'm not sure because I didn't test it all that much but my 85% duration build doesn't explode so this must be spot on. You can also bug vauban's grenades to never visually disappear, the grenade and the FX is still there even tho the grenade doesn't activate anymore, such is the case with Vortex, Bastille and all of the Tesla and grenades. As a side note to this, if you have the mod "Tesla Link" when this bug happens, the link will also never disappear, and it will continue to deal damage forever (since it's effect is passive -enemy walking through- instead of active -sapping enemies near-). Fount this to be quite fun, made a giant tentacle monster out of like 40 vortexes that never disappeared and also a whole lot of pentagrams with the tesla link. Kudos to DE.
  10. GDSK-NXS

    Hotfix 18.13.1

    I would like to start my review of this update and the overall state of the game. As some in this post already said with sharp yet precise words, the main problem is enemy scaling. When you make content impossible without 1-2-3-4 skills and then make those skills less and less useful to the point they are useless, people is going to get mad. If you take a frame with only ONE. REAL. REASON to use, and drag it to the ground for balancing purposes on content you made, people are going to get mad. Because you make the game impossible, and when a glimmer of hope shines in the face of the player, you nerf it mercilessly. If you need a more poetic approach, the end game is the sun and we are the Icarus, unable to reach it. When we get a little closer, you get 10 times hotter and melt our wings away. With that aside, the passives are... something. They are supposed to be useful, but most of them just aren't at all. As an example, Volt's electric charge is useless unless you run a marathon around the enemy before shooting one (1) bullet. The changes... Volt's shield carrying energy drain is insane, it basically tells you "you can pick this up but forget about energy" and we all know this game is ALL about having energy to spam, so the shield carrying is quite a negative effect (given the fact you already need to use energy casting it). The ultimate is good, it has A+ cheesing skills at stunning enemies (DMG is still too low to be considered anything other than a slight scratch into mid level enemies). Mirage's and Trinity's nerf... ok, I have no problem with those changes... as long as you decease the one-shot % in any high level mission filled with grunts. The changes make sense. They are terribly bad for the game, specially for people plying raid, but make sense. Excalibro's nerf is different, see, if you wanted to nerf him you could've just get rid of the punch through, that's a thing almost nobody uses... at max range, which is pretty low, dealing 10% of your damage on the first enemy, to be getting low numbers on a fully modded warframe who is supposedly melee focused yet it's ultimate got nerfed 2 times in different directions: first you get rid of the 360 jedi block that kept him alive, and now you expect that fragile thing to go melee level 100 enemies who one-shot you through any kind of melee block... it's insane. The cost on mini-radial blind is... ok?. Valkyr change makes sense too, except for one little detail: If you're going to make valkyr more suceptible to die if you stay a long time in "rage mode", you may as well give her a damage buff over the period of time, because having 20m range despite the fact we have negative range and the energy drain being stacked with eximus parasites is almost a joke. My recommendation: a damage buff, not too big, but not useless. Same with Mesa. She hit's hard yes we all know that. She's a stationary turret with no mean protection, so high level missions = insta-death unless you have a team of cheesers. And still, the drain is quite frankly the worst I have seen in a game (maybe just below the new bolt carrying one and the Inaros sandstorm). These insane drains need to stop. If the player want's to mod for less soul sucking they end up doing nothing to the enemy they are supposed to kill in the first place. Mag is just... there. The one skill that made her useful is gone and we all got back something that isn't bad at everything but is also not good at anything. My recommendation would be to make the Polarize dmg be half and half -> fixed dmg + % dmg, so the skill scalates in order to avoid being useless while taking advantage of the enemy level. The new skills are just as good as they were before (haven't run into the self kill thing yet but that should be changed I suppose). Still, Mag is now in the middle of a build settup, since the 1st and 4th skill use range, and the 2nd and 3rd use duration. If the ultimate benefits from the 2nd, and they have different builds, they can't be used effectively. If that's enough of the patches, I highly agree that more content can be put on hold for the main issues to be addressed. DE, for the love of everything good, if you keep building on top of bad foundation, it will end up crumbling, and we as players who play and love the game enough to (for example) write messages like these, would be sad to see the game die for something everything knew was coming. If you need to stop releasing new content for a year to fix the leveling problem, then so be it, I would gladly wait a year for it. Just make a game build with less or the same amount of bugs as the last one and we will survive. Also you should be looking closer to that power creep thing going on, if you can't come up with interesting weapon mechanics then don't just release 100 weapons with the same mechanic but slighly higher damage, plz, it hurts so bad to have your best weapon NOT EVEN NERFED, but just outclassed by everything else because it's old. M8 if you're not even close to your teammate when he pulls a legendary stunt you learn nothing from it...
  11. I went with Mag and since none of them reached even near the pod I guess we won pretty easily. Just bursas, hyenas and some oxium ospreys to take care of.
  12. GDSK-NXS

    Operation: Shadow Debt

    People ask for Stalker's helmet, they add the helmet to a new enemy. Why DE, why must you hurt me this way, just let me have it. just slide it into my in-game mailbox.
  13. Do they give out Stratos Emblems?
  14. It's almost 11AM EST so I think we could hope for the update to pop up like... in one to three hours... if we are lucky.
  15. Do you really believe we will be able to reach our goal before the update rises? I can't be that optimistic.