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  1. I wonder if everyone who tested about the bug (and got a drop) got a 2 week trade ban too. I used it like twice in the last 2 of 17/18 runs after I was told about it and both times there was a "friend" door near the latter half of the map, so we ended up having to kill everything in the way regardless. The second time the wolf dropped a blueprint, which I was looking for. I also saw the "exploit" taking place in like 3-5 runs prior to it, one of which I remember the entire path was free of doors and enemies, so I guess there's a lot of people getting trade bans? If the trade ban was put in place to prevent people from selling these... "illegally acquired items", then I would rather have it removed from my account.
  2. A few comments I thought needed more attention + some of my own. Sitting on 200+ lazulite toroids and no shocking step, only freezing step, and about 15 full hildryns. I would like to be able to exchange at least 10 lazulite toroids for either ephemera at the quills or a new vendor, like Nakak but for fortuna. A friend had Sharpshooter drop for him and it wasn't given at the end, he plays solo. In case it isn't clear, I haven't fought him once despite doing all the challenges every week from the start, including the farming of 2000+ ducats in fissures. My friends each fought it once so far, and 2 of the 3 didn't get a reward, while one got the handle. At that speed, the only way to complete the sledge is for people to buy it for plat, which is a very bad way to distribute rewards. I hope the spawnrate increases quite a lot, because in my own experience, back on the Earth Relay event, I didn't fight the G3 ONCE through the whole thing despite playing the entire time too, not one spawn, and only managed to complete it because a friend had beacons stored up. Don't put rewards behind infinite random grind, it's not fun to know someone gets the entire hammer in 3 hours because they have deep pockets, while the rest of the fanbase is left with 1 or no piece for 4 weeks out of 10. Extraction really is a pain in the ass when the host decides to leave early and you are half the map away, there's literally no way to get there before the timer runs out. The fight really only ask for a tanky frame (quad inaros inbound) and a good secondary, that's literally it. It's a competiton of throwing rocks, but you throw thermia instead, for about 15 minutes. At some point through it you shoot at some vents, then some spiders, and then a "weakspot" and that's not really fun the 150th time you play it really. Consider the following rework: 1) Make the entrance a cinematic that can be skipped and make the icing on the vents being destroyed by a single thermia throw so that once the vents are destroyed, you have to keep throwing thermia to her to make her go outside (like filling the first heat gauge). Reduce the damage from her autoturret so that a TANKY FRAME is not a NECESITY, but a CHOICE. 2) Remove the ability invulnerability from the orbs that makes absolutely no sense other than to prevent mass anihilation by abilities, which would make the fight faster, or change th way the second phase is played completely: a) The heat gauge never goes away, and you never get into a samey animation for it. Instead, the impervious shielding of the Exploiter Orb has some sort of heat insulation, so once her heat gauge is filled in the first phase (note, it takes the same amount of canisters as the second part EVERY TIME, that is, not extremely fast, nor overly slow) she goes up and takes down the shielding to cool off and this causes her to STOP BUILDING UP HEAT, it DOESN'T REDUCE the heat she already has, instead, she now begins to use all of her cooling abilities together: she calls up a ton of coolant raknoids, the flame wall, the flamethrower for the enemies inside and the big cannon for the enemies outside (with a higher firerate by the way because not it's too slow, but probably take out the knockdown effect from it so it isn't cancerous). Before her gauge reaches 30%, she uses the release of heat from the top of her head that now DEALS DAMAGE to everyone in a cone above her, taking down archwing users that are, as far as the event went, pretty much invulnerable during second phase (this is because, with the target now being the entire orb, there's no need to fire from the ground, nor cinematic that pulls you to it, once the shields are down players will think of bombarding from the air). This fixes the problem of having to WAIT for her to open thermia fractures from the start in order to progress, because once she reaches 30%, she will start pummeling the ground and creating thermia fractures to release the remaining 30% allowing players to fill canisters from the coolant raknoids called during the cooling phase. NOTE: She won't call MORE of them until she needs to cool off again. This ensures players focus on throwing thermia and evading attacks, makes the fight more consistent and faster for consecutive coolings if the damage output of the squad isn't high enough (thinking about all those Solo hosts and low rank players fam, it's important when designing content). b) Once her heat gauge is at 0%, she will lift up the shielding, get back her autoturret that deals massive damage and gain a few abilities from the profit taker: the missile barrace and the magnetic slam. The autoturret will take care of enemies in mid range, the missile barrage will replace the fire bomb cannon thingy, being more reliable when dealing with tenno, and the magnetic slam is to manage players taking her attention: while slamming down she won't fire autoturret to other players making their life easier. The missile barrage (weaker, hopefully) and autoturret changes are mostly so that she isn't spewing fire constantly, since she is now technically cooled off. Changes this makes: 1) By being able to skip the cutscene, player who didn't watch it can, and those who did can save time, by not moving weirdly around and not taking 2/3 thermia to destroy each vent, players don't need to wait around for thermia to regenerate constantly during the start, and by having to fill her gauge on the first phase, you DON'T need to continue filling it up at the start of the second, meaning no waiting around to each grab a canister nor having to wait for her to use the fracture maker if someone didn't, while still finding a use for the thermia canister generators in the boss arena: no resources wasted. This also makes the first phase as important as the second, and more tense, since now you're in a confined space trying to heat her up. 2) Not being invulnerable makes the orbs easier to take down, which means you can actually spawn more of them, and this increases preasure on players without making the fight unfun by having ability/invulnerable enemies, incentivizing creative ways to deal with them similar to the gara wall everyone is complaining you took out. a) Since the heat gauge is already at max, once the players get out of the cave they can start dealing damage to her inmediately. She will appear already calling the coolant raknoids, making the first cooling down faster than the rest. Since the damage the Orb takes before rising her shield depends on her ability usage, this means that a fully coordinated group can take her down BEFORE having to heat her up twice, thrice or even more. By depending on damage output, players will be more inclined to certain weapons and frames. Reducing the damage output a little from the autoturret would also help in not cornering players into a set of defined choices. b) Consecutive shieldings ill have a longer gap in the time you can deal damage to her, making the fight slightly faster, but in the time she IS cooled off, the fight will get HARDER too, so it's a good match of not wasting the player's time while respecting their choices of playing solo, or with one friend. The fight I described would be FASTER, which means it could be farmed more efficiently by coordinated squadrons (which honestly should be your goal at this point in the game), and it would also be REWARDING for speedrunners (saving time), LESS BORING for solo players so they are not 5 hours throwing thermia, and most important of all: INTERESTING. I made sure to keep most of the animations, effects and attacks of the orb so that "work isn't lost", except on those phase one animations, because, and with all the due respect, #*!% those. Seem legit, although I haven't tested them myself. No way to speed up the mission other than restarting at the cave is bad farming design. If you didn't intend for the fight to be farmed, then you shouldn't have made it's rewards so grindy. Instead of making a cool "cinematic" by having the orb slowly descend from the top after making some noise, you better make that a full cutscene that can be skipped. This is only one of the MANY bugs I found playing Profit Taker, here is the rundown: 1) Being unable to deploy the arch-gun once I die with it equipped, forcing me to die to get it back or play in a party (lets face it, nobody was even trying this except for the nightwave challenge). 2) Loosing functionality of the secondary, primary and melee after repeated revives from downed state, culminating on not being able to use the operator nor the arch-gun deployer. I could still use abilities and the archwing deployer. 3) Upon entering the mission, my build was swapped for another. I joined the game as a bless trinity with 28s duration and 75% damage reduction, and all the bless I used during the first half of the mission were 9s long with 50% reduction. After some time, I eventually became unable to fire my tigris or swap weapons, and upon entering/exiting operator mode (during this time, because I did it repeatedly bfore and it did nothing) restored my build and weapon usage. 4) The Profit Taker bugs itself inside the stone arch near the exploiter fight. It climbed all the way there and proceeded to stick it's legs inside the stone. 4 minutes and 40 seconds of painful maneuvers managed to beat it somehow, but for reference, that isn't a good fight. Either change the pathing of the orb, or remove that are from the possible places the fight can take place. This would be awesome indeed.
  3. "For example, on Day 1 I get 1 x Tellurium, but on Day 1000 I get 6 x Tellurium!" You know, when they said "it will be more rewarding" I actually believed that. What a mixed bag of chips, y'all just can't do it all the way good, you have to mess up half way through, giving something as infinitely useless as "6xTellurium!" to people who have logged 1000+ days is like spitting in people's faces dammit.
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