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  1. Well, that's true, I've been speaking mostly in terms of a random pug leveling group on Hydron, you don't always get that dream Saryn that'll get you through 25 waves in 28 minutes. At least Vauban can now deal some pretty solid damage lol. And honestly you can just bring Vazarin protective dash if you really need that safety net. Cc is now mostly useless and more often harms the pace of the game. At least fellas who don't use it properly do.
  2. I'm now curious WHAT cc frame did you use that you got such a reaction. If it's Limbo or Vauban, long duration short range is better on maps like Hydron to just wrap the pod in a safe cocoon and not slow down the killing pace. If it's Nova or any other mass slow frame, yeah, that also hurts the pace (nova can speed up enemies with negative str). Early waves on Hydron(or any defense for that matter) you rarely need crowd control unless you have no good damage dealer. Hydron is used for fast and efficient leveling, thus the faster the better and slow downs are not very appreciated.
  3. The slashes aren't a bad thing on the Tonkor, shrapnels can do that sort of thing after all. I think they'll get nasty once I fully build the thing up. The bonuses now apply correctly so it's basically all working fine now, with minimal deviations at most. Thank you for finally fixing it, I'm enjoying my 58% Heat Kuva Tonkor a lot. ❤️
  4. Hi, I learned from a friend (credit to Leyzar for first showing the bug with his Kuva Ogris) that the Kuva weapon damage calculations compared to linkable baselines are screwed up and cut potentially a lot of damage (in some cases). This issue mostly affects weapons with elemental damage, in a decent amount Kuva Seer but most affected are weapons with mostly elemental damage like Kuva Tonkor. I probably wouldn't notice the issue with pure IPS weapons if not for a friendly fellow from one of the Discord communities I participate in. Image under spoiler: Let's take a closer look. Weapons with pure IPS are noticeably less affected, like my Drakgoon and Twin Stubba. The Drakgoon should have a total of 460 damage before the progenitor elemental bonus. However, it goes only to 453. The elemental damage bonus of my Drakgoon is 39% Cold, coming up to 176 cold damage, however it should've been 179.4 from the proper total damage. The difference isn't that bad, it's only 1.5% less base damage and 1.4% less elemental damage bonus. The Twin Stubbas have baseline 27 damage with the actual value becoming 26.2 damage when the element is applied. The element difference isn't much (26% Heat in my Dubba Stubba), so it amounts to 0.2 points of damage difference, which is for both total damage and elemental bonus a 3% difference. It gets worse, though. The Seer doesn't get too bad yet, but the difference is somewhat noticeable. Total baseline damage of the Kuva Seer is 200, of which you got a nice 69 Corrosive. When you get it as weapon proper though... it's 50.3 damage. Total damage drops to 180.8 damage. It's a 9.6% difference. The IPS doesn't suffer nearly as much, nearly 19 points of the damage difference is from Corrosive. The heat bonus of my Kuva seer is 37% which with the glitched value comes to 67,2 damage, when it should be 74 Heat damage. It's a difference of 9,2% of what should be. The most hurt weapons are certainly the weapons with huge majority of elemental damage. Like my poor poor Kuva Tonkor which got the best damage bonus of what I got so far. Baseline Kuva Tonkor has 733 total damage, 674 of it being Blast. The Kuva Tonkor I received... had a total damage sum (before the progenitor bonus) of 485.6! The Blast dropped by nearly 200 to 426.7. That's 33.8% less base damage! The Heat bonus I received was 58% and amounts to 281.5 damage. But if it wasn't glitched? It'd be 425.1 damage. The difference is also 33.8% damage. An otherwise enjoyable weapon is gutted with a third of its damage being cut off. DE, please take a closer look and do all you can to fix what should be a simple mathematical calculation of baseline damage with added percentage bonus. Please make sure it applies retroactively. Fellow Tenno, please share your weapon here to showcase differences, especially the most affected ones - those with baseline elemental damage. Cheers, Ryla
  5. I'll give my two cents on Ember rework. Thank you, as someone who played her both before and after rework. I've been thoroughly enjoying it, it's not without downsides but it's a pleasure lich hunting with a durable, armor stripping frame that can deal a solid amount of damage even at high levels (speaking above sortie level, 130s). I'll just say what I feel could be changed: 1)Energy costs/drain - the ramp up of Immolate's energy drain is waaay too big. The tooltip doesn't even inform you the drain ramps up. Either slow down the ramp up or remove it altogether. And the cost of her 3, which is a pretty vital ability, should be reduced. Ember could use a base energy increase as well. 2) The angle at which her 4th ability hits seems inconsistent. I'd be pretty happy if the angle at which it hits was listed in the tooltip and perhaps it should be increased by range. Or make it hit all around altogether, even if you were to remove a little bit of the base range. But I personally don't mind the LoS too much, I feel it's a good balancing point. 3) Her 3 is bit too affected by terrain being uneven or obstacles occuring all around. It's a solid ability aside from that. I think obstacles are fine (after all, a wave's force would be dispersed by an obstacle) but slopes should not affect the ability.
  6. Melee damage got buffed because now the ceiling is lower and you don't get bonus damage with combo. And I dunno if we're playing the same game but nearly all polearms have higher range (either 2.9 or 3.0m) than sword and shield weapons, of which all appear to have 2.5m range. I think I still know maths well enough to know what's higher. And Ember is at most a L2P issue, played her both before and after rework and she was bloody trash outside borderline afk farming low level missions. Now she has tankiness, an instant armor strip that can be a full armor strip, an actually good passive and a good damage punch that doesn't shorten in range. And even her 1 is now occassionally useful. And oh em gee i gotta press keys now whatever shall I dooooo is how you sound.
  7. The throw isn't a heavy attack, the heavy attack is the explosion. ^^
  8. The new DR from Thorns is only 25%. That's... Pitiful. Aviator gives more. : / I think the buffs should scale with strength because I don't feel there's a point in casting them because of it.
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