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  1. I'd like swapping between the drills because ANC has faster speeds. Either that or remove the PoE cutters and make the speeds on the Sunpoint Drill adjustable since it's apparently the best
  2. You can swap out spears, bait, lures, but for some reason you can't swap out drills/cutters, or even have multiple ones equipped. It wouldn't be so bad if one drill was the best at everything, but the Advanced Nosam Cutter isn't very effective at mining rare gems in Fortuna, and the Sunpoint Plasma drill isn't very effective in Plains of Eidolon. Being able to swap them out like you can with spears would be great since it would save time rather than unequipping when you visit a different map. Plus including quick swapping would be consistent with all the other tools since it's the odd one out. Thanks!
  3. Firstly, just want to say I thoroughly enjoyed the new update, excellent work. However I have a couple of problems, one would be that takes up half the screen and it's really distracting. Quite a few people I got teamed up with agreed, too. Secondly, in Disruptions the chatter ends up making it difficult to hear where the Demolyst is coming from. Given how important it is to stop it, it's really annoying to have to wait for someone to stop talking just so you can hunt it. It can become especially problematic at later levels
  4. Yeah, heaven forbid someone wouldn't want to treat the game like it's a full-time job and take breaks... 😒
  5. There are better ways to revive the Void tileset. This method of reviving it is akin to putting strings on a corpse, moving it like a marionette and saying "well at least it's nice to see it moving"
  6. Running one location 20 times in a row isn't my idea of fun, and I'm sure many people share that sentiment. Like I said, I ran Hepit (the capture mission) 20 times in a row and didn't get a single one. The ease and/or speed of the mission isn't the problem, it's the tedium of it. Adding the relics to the bounty drops along with the nodes would at least make it so people have multiple methods of farming. Making things a rare drop in the game is absolutely fine and it can feel rewarding (got the Wolf Sledge the other day, that was cool), but this is relics we're talking about, not the Prime parts themselves. Having maxed out standing in Fortuna and in PoE, I'm not exactly thrilled to do bounties again, but personally I'd prefer them over visiting the Void and repeating the same missions types in similar tilesets
  7. Can we please have more locations other than just the Void for farming Volt and Loki Prime relics? There are so many different relics in the Void drop tables that farming them is a huge pain. I ran Hepit solo (no joke) twenty times in a row and didn't get a single Lith O2 relic, it would be quicker to farm the platinum at this rate. I don't mind grinding but when the odds of finding the relic are so low, then the odds of getting a part from it is low, it just becomes miserable. Even adding it to Fortuna/Plains of Eidolon bounties would be nice so we can at least have some variety while farming
  8. When using Blade Storm on Hydron and combining it with teleport, as soon as the animation ended it prevented me from using the skill again. The ability icon was greyed out and when trying to use it, it would say 'Ability in use'. It also locked me in a floating animation where I was still vulnerable and could only get out of it by switching to operator mode. Once back in my frame I still couldn't use Blade Storm and falling into a pit also didn't fix it. Along with this I could no longer aim down sight with my weapon, archgun and codex scanner, but I could with my operator amp. I've been able to recreate this bug on two occasions and the conditions were identical (combining blade storm and teleport and triggering the special animation).
  9. Do you have any plans for reworking Archwing missions? As much as I love flying around on one, combat has never really felt that great and doing the missions are a bit of a slog. Also, is there any way you could make toroids more farmable than the current system?
  10. I also didn't get the Ducats. Watched from beginning to end, too
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