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  1. i actually have a stealth build for octavia i called silent death (cause i made the beat hit all notes and put its base sound to zero) plus i was thinking of doing just that as well for focus farming
  2. wow i was thinking "roar could be a buff good on a tanky frame like inaros or rhino..." after a few seconds i noticed the brain fart
  3. all tenno have abandonement issues as well as mommy issues after all first they were orphaned in the ten-zero accident then as they were treated as some form of monster by their people the one who cared for them as their new mother got executed then a sentient robot took her place... and later turned her back to us
  4. althoug i have received the athodai i have yet to receive puddle prime might there have gone something wrong when you modified the drop script?
  5. i have gotten the athodai hand cannon almost 12 hours ago i do not have puddle prime yet nor do i have the skin and decorations (althoug i am not sure about me getting those as i was not in the relay for long) i watched the entire twitch stream PS: love the game and am looking forward to both the heart of deimos and the warframe chimera we are going to make with the update
  6. to be honest it takes a long time for me as well (i think lichess have eiter a huge base armor, have some resistance to the mod (not full immunity thoug) or have the mod act different to them) when i use it on a grineer heavy gunner (of any level) it strips them of armor fast (if they are still alive at that point) when i use it on a lich it takes about a minute of hitting (not sure about time) to strip all his armor but during that timeframe my damage does slowly go up to be honest if i use my strongest weapon without that mod i cannot even deal enough damage to get him
  7. to be honest i myself when hunting the lich use my revenant and a meelee weapon with that mod which strips armor with impact damage (forgot its name) thanks to revenant i am damage proof (including the damage from the grab, which only takes away 1 stack (but deals massive damage if it is inactive) ) and most of the time the lich is asleep (the only times he is not asleep he is holding me in his grab animation) and with the meelee mod after a little while all his armor is gone
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