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  1. Drekar Butcher, 50 Grineer i'll your life with positivity, any trouble that may you. Baby don't be so give me a chance to give you a that will your life! I also like to respect others personal space, i don't want to be in any way! I like to pass my days with a of fun and positivity, even the bad days, you know, when you feel like the world is you. I'm always looking forward, sometimes i get with expectations and with good ideas to make things better. My qualities can others but i'm not perfect, I am brave enough to adimit my flaws and one of them is that i get easily, it can't be helped, when i go outside without a scarf don't take too much for me to sneeze here and there. Anyway that's me! I'm a lover and don't let important things go to the ! Babe, let me your heart ~ ♥
  2. here in brazil i have to pay 39.99 for a f'ing syandanna and a S#&$ty extractor
  3. remove cooldown for the arch weapon for the love of god
  4. Rhino rosa está aqui para abençoar esse post ❤️ eu que dei a ideia de sacrificar os oberons pra invocar o red text uahsioahs ps: tinha uma trinity de plantão caso alguém se machucasse, então foi um sucesso sem muitas vítimas
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