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  1. Join Danielle and Megan as they check out the latest changes to Arbitrations and act like they are listening to the community.
  2. Here's what I'd suggest to make arbitration's good: 1. Reduce the length of rotations to be the same as regular missions (5 minutes for defence/survival). 2. To counter the increased amount of endo/essence this will give, half the amount of endo you get per rotation and double the cost of all items in the vitus essence store. 3. Remove the drones, seriously nobody likes them. 4. Increase enemy spawn rate and their starting levels, i'd suggest at least level 80 for rotation A. 5. Make it more obvious that arbitration's exist as there's no mention of them anywhere in the game until you unlock the star chart. A lot of people I've spoken to didn't even know about arbitration's and had no intention of completing the star chart because of crappy defection/archwing missions. Adding a warframe to the vitus essence store would help a lot as people would look up where to farm it. 6. Consider adding rewards that will make people want to come back once they no longer need endo. perhaps add fully built forma or relics to the store as those items are always going to be useful.
  3. What's wrong with arbitration's: 1. Rotations are far too long, especially defence and survival. It's just boring. 2. Most people I have spoken to don't even know that arbitration's exist. Add a warframe to the vitus essence store or something to advertise it more. What's good about arbitration's that separates it from other game modes: 1. Permanent death.....
  4. The last dev stream was basically just an equinox prime announcement amd now this week's has been cancelled....
  5. Still no fix for the "Vallis Spelunker" achievement that's been broken for months now.
  6. Has it been confirmed that it's not coming today?
  7. Alerts were what hooked me back when I was a new player. I had no idea what the rewards were used for but I figured I would need everything at some point so I just kept doing them. The random time-limited nature was what kept my attention, it was the fear of missing out. Even now I find myself checking the phone app constantly to see if there's anything worth doing like a potato alert. The game was pretty confusing to me at first. Things like invasions and syndicates required some reading on the wiki while alerts were something I could just jump right into. They make the game feel alive as there's always some new mission appearing. It sounds like the new system is going to be another NPC hidden in some relay somewhere that you probably won't even know about unless you read the wiki and yet another boring rep grind. I hope you guys know what you're doing.
  8. Alert workshop? You said that was coming this week as well...
  9. When are we getting the info about the new alerts? The roadmap thread said that was coming this week as well.
  10. Things are so quiet right now I'm beginning to lose interest in the game. Ive never known it to be this dead. When are we getting the info about melee 3.0 and the new alert system that was meant to be this week? What about the mainline update? Can we get any update about anything please?
  11. Why can't you just make the lockers have red lights when they are locked like every other locker in the game?
  12. Why can't you just make it so that if everyone in the party has seen the cut scene then it doesn't play? This shouldn't be difficult...
  13. To the people complaining about the drops from the orb mothers, did you notice the 15 new arcanes, new warframe, and 3 new weapons, all of which you cannot craft without parts that only drop from the orb mothers?
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