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  1. OK, waked up. Didn't sleep much though. 1- Just to show how bad this math is, if you had 50% str, you would be doing less dmg if you buff yourself/allies. because it would be right (doing just 50% dmg)0.5 x 4416.7 x 9.3 And that's not actually going to happen, even with 50% str, you do more dmg with the buff, not less. 2- Just to show how wrong it is. You are multiplying even the elemental part, which you don't do, since these type of mods are additive with elemental and not like Saryn 3 ability that also scale its damage with elemental mods on the weapon. Your base dmg is 990.9 + 185.6 + 61.9 = 1238.4, that's times 3 is 3715.2 rad damage, all together: 1238.4(base damage) + 3715.2(rad from smite) + 3181.2(elemental that your rubico already had) = 8134.8, and this times the critical damage. 8134.8 x 9.3 = 75653.64, and not 123,225.93 3- Like taiiat said there 2.6666x, not 3x, but he is ignoring base damage, which is ok since most of your damage come from the elemental comp if you have the right element for that enemy instead of physical damage types, but in eidolon with corrosive projection, your physical damage types are still doing decent damage. without ignoring base damage, a weapon with 100base damage + 180% rad damage would have 280 total damage, with that 300% str Oberon would be 100base damage + 480rad = 580 total damage. 580/280 = 2.071428571428571. So, your actual multiplier will be between (inclusive)2.071428571428571x and (exclusive)2.6666x, but never 3x in a Weapon with 180% rad already with a 300% str Oberon, unless the guy don't put elemental damage at all. Lower multiplier if people have more elemental damage mods. Funny part is you been upvoted by all that crap, lol. Remimd me when DeMonkey got all math wrong for not know #*!%ing DAMAGE 2.0, and still got upvoted. Only hahaha emotes matters in this forum.
  2. You are right ther, and I'm wrong, forget the "1 +" (crit - 1) x tier, Almost 3:00 AM here. But don't change the fact that the whole math is still wrong, KKKKKKKKKKKKKK. That -> "3 x" 4416.7 x 9.3 = 123,225.93 Damage. And you were using elemental mods yet, kkkkkkkkkkkkk.
  3. Btw, I was asleep and just read briefly you math because I knew it was wrong from the start. But I decided to read it now. First mistake: "Orange Crits are bound by the equation (Crit Damage x 2) - 1 = Orange Crit Damage " It is actually (Crit Damage - 1) x Tier (2 for orange crit) Second mistake: Using a 3x multiplier with a 300% str oberon, which you will realistic not gonna have (because Elemental Mods exist). Let's get Lanka for example with 180% rad (heat + elec) because it is easier to do the math since all its base will also become rad. LankaDamage (1 + 1.8) with no Oberon buff. LankaDamage (1 + 4.8) with Oberon Buff. Actual Multiplier you have 5.8/2.8 = 2.071428571428571. So yeah, That's 3x on Rubico damage, it is not realistic, plus that's probably a trash Oberon build anyways too. And this is for Chroma. People also uses Volt now a day as DPS (Shock Troper with 300% str and only one 90% heat mod). For volt LankaDamage (1 + 3.90) with no Oberon buff. LankaDamage (1 + 6.90) with Oberon Buff. Actual Multiplier you have 7.9/4.9 = 1.612244897959184. So yeah, That's 3x on Rubico damage, it is not realistic, plus that's probably a trash Oberon build anyways too, 300%, pff, plz, hell no. So yeah, you are not realistic multiplying your damage by 3 with a 300% str Oberon in a real world. Third Mistake: That Oberon build Fourth mistake: Your whole math, because you simple ignore the fact that the damage of the weapon with elemental damage applied is actually Its Damage(with all the multiplier) + DamageXelement, and not just DamageXElement Fifth Mistake: Arguing with me when you have 0 eidolon Exp.
  4. So much time wasted on something so wrong because lacks experience. A 300% str Oberon build for eidolon that's doing Harrow job, how bad is that I can't even #*!% imagine, #*!% efficiency, #*!% duration, #*!% Survivability, #*!% range, glass Cannon Oberon and you are already using one mod slot for Infusion. Ignoring a 180% Rad that the weapon will probably have also not good. And it is not about which one can do the highest dmg in a shot, it is about consistently ONESHOTTING the synovia, which Harrow Buff > Oberon because guaranteed crit + good chance of orange crit, bigger with Vigilant set and maybe, a Riven with CC. Harrow buff (offensive and defensive part) > Oberon in Eidolon hunt any day. Trinity squad/lures survivability > Oberon in Eidolon hunt any day. Oberon is just this thing that you listen beautiful stuff, "he gives dmg to the squad", "you use rage for energy", "he can do everything", but reallity cames after you build him and have exp in Eidolon Hunt, he is not that, because mod capacity. And you need to increase more than 2 stats (about efficient, str, duration and range) with mods on him for eidolon hunt (which usually is bad)
  5. tip, shut up. Adrenaline faster than pizza??????
  6. I'm so right, but you suck at it, so you can't see the facts I'm telling, and suck at building too. You are doing 3 trios per night max yet???? HAHAHAHAHA.
  7. Get rid of that mod from your build, really. Unless you already have enough Str, Duration and Efficiency, but you don't nor should depend on this mod for Eidolon Hunt. Before even leaving the altar where you put shards, you already get your energy maxxed out if it is not already, use the ground skill, bless skills, get your lures and teamates already buffed and jump for eidolon (with operator dash and not archwing). In efficient eidolon hunt, you hardly, hardly stay inside your Warframe, you are always stacking madurai. And even if you take dmg on Warframe if they have any type of toggle ability even if you are in operator mod, it is not enough, and if your ability is toggled, you are wasting energy anyway (so kind don't make senses to use Rage if you are using Oberon instead of Harrow). because you are wasting energy to maybe gain energy. As Trinity, Rage is more efficient because you want your ability toggled on, but still, not good enough in EFFICIENT EIDOLON HUNT, not on that xit pubs that most of you guys do.
  8. Yep, my almost 2K hydro capture exp is so dihonesty.
  9. KKKKKKKKKKKKKK. For lanka to oneshot it actually has to hit, and that is where the problem lies, but I'm not gonna tell what it is. And this bug didn't exist since even, it started with PoE visual rework. Your math sucks by the way, doen't even try it, just a tip. Plus reading skills are lacking too, the problem is not with build or damage of that the weapon (lanka or any other projectile weapon, like Daikyu meme) have, the problem is the bug that these weapons have that stop them from doing any damage to Eidolon at certain times but you are not at that level to discover that. Nobody cries about he bug because DE kind tried to make it intentional, and nobody wants this, so nobody cry about so that Hit-scan weapon might get the same problem if DE extend that for them.
  10. Dude, if you guys don't know the problem and bug with projectile weapons just show how low experience you guys are, because if you are doing at least 4 trio per night, better if you are at least at the level of doing 5 trios per night, you gonna discover that eventually and drop that xit Lanka for a Rubico, just by not knowing show how bad you guys are at Eidolon, you guys probably don't know that virtuos shadow is the best arcane for amp to do eidolon hunt either
  11. Rage, Rage, Rage, lolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll.
  12. Someone with a brain. Guys, don't ask about Eidolon on this forum, only idiots, noobs that think they have any Exp to even talk about it.
  13. KKKKK, right, "Plenty". If nobody know something so simple, why you guys even replying to me.
  14. Not knowing what's the problem with projectile weapon on eidolon show how little experience you guys have in Eidolon.
  15. That's why all your argument is invalid, Used Oberon too, he is inferior version of harrow and Trinity, simple as that.
  16. You must not be familiar with how consistency harrow bring to Sniper rifles to oneshot synovias, making every weapon +100% with critical chance, even rubico with 95% crit chance still have around 15% chance that one of the shots won't crit in a 3 shots with Multishot if I remember correct. Plus, it gives a good chance that at least one shot will be an orange crit. Plus having invulnerability is also great and important, as Volt and DPS, because DPSers have to spawns wisps during Eidolon procs and sometimes volts have to place shields during that too because of invisible knock backs attacks. I don't think YOU are familiar with Smite Infusion, it rad scales with strength, so it would be more than 100%, but even though, even if you bring for 200%, it is not better than Harrow buff consistency to oneshotting synovias. With Oberon, oneshotting limbs? Not check, Lure immune? U dumb, U dumb??? No matter how much strength you put on that xit, he won't be better than Trinity, same for Squad, he is not better than trinity. Rage/Hunter in eidolon? OK, you are a noob. You saw this thing about Rage on Eido in some big youtuber channel, let me tell you, they are noob, but noob community just accept those things.
  17. Also Harrow > Oberon for eidolon hunt., Trinity > Oberon for eidolon hunt. Any common eidolon DPS >= Oberon.
  18. Rarely that happens, but Onkko trolls you sometimes, you can't trust Onkko. I was recording one time when that happened, I could verify we had just 2 lures charged and never 3 when he said taht.
  19. Trash mod, same utility as ammo drum, couldn't care less if everybody has or just 100.
  20. Truly sad. That's why you should check builds of people that actually know how to use Chroma on eidolon hunt, because for 6x3 actually require a lot of practice and it is the most professional you can get and not videos with S#&$ builds from big youtubers that use arcane avenger or use k-drive to ignore eidolons magnetic procs, you can even go for the 6x3+1 (6 Hydrolyst capture + 1 tera in one night) videos, plus you gonna learn some actual gameplay. I'm pretty sure you don't know how people use Chroma lol, you were going with armor mods on chroma, ice color, but if you know how to play, you can go with any S#&$ you want actually even if it is not optimal. Well, we can check that, is there a Serration on that Rubico?
  21. By crapping, I'm helping, lol. that's positive for me.
  22. Why, there is so many on youtube, every 6x3 Chroma pov people show their Chroma build, and the build is almost the same in every video.
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