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  1. dumb argument. K-drive say Hi, Railjack too. That guittar thing, forgot the name, Hello. -------------------------------------- Necramech has no purpose, the purpose and the tools for it have to come in the same patch, or close nearby, and not years after. Years after it is probably just random added because it was in the game.
  2. Why anything in this game need to be balanced, by that, I mean nerfed, around Star Chart missions when this content in so simple and easy, and makes no sense tunning things down around them. Only DE and a few delusional people think they matter yet, because most people don't. By nerfing stuff around star chart missions, all you get is people not caring for new stuff, since, why bother grind for good stuff if it is going to be nerfed anyways. It DE was at least good at balancing stuff, and by that, I mean, not making things unusable and making everybody feels like they just waste
  3. Now you gonna still be getting a trash ammount as always, but now you gonna be happy with it because everybody else is too, got it. Tell me how people playing efficient in Steel Essence farm is affecting your daily gameplay in Warframe in anyway.
  4. This change has the only purpose to nerf Steel Essence No matter how beautiful you try to put with words, no matter what DE said it is the purpose of those charges, it is just a simple nerf. This forum community, it is really a shame that is full of dilusional people that can't stop defending DE no matter what they do. They let their imagination work and come with beautiful excuse on why DE do things instead of simple seeing how things are. People were already doing parties to farm Steel Path, there are a lot of missions that people don't play, but this is not just on Steel Path, it
  5. Why she need to be nerfed? Tell me what Content that what she does matter?
  6. There is no content in this game that has the relevance so that there is need to balance our power. People here have the illusion that the "no content" or "no endgame" is because of power. Dilusionals. If some day, if they do some form of balance, we still will never have endgame nor good content. What are they going to balance for? Extermination, Survival, defense? Those trash, simple missions. Content in Warframe is so simple to have any need for balance.
  7. What's wrong? Everything you typed. So don't type, don't pass miss information, there are already tons of "Nezha Main" here that don't even know how the abilities work. Blazing Chakran debuff doesn't reduce resistances of enemies (nor armor, nor elemental/ips on health)
  8. Nope, I'm not, This type of damage vulnerability (against elements and IPS) don't go beyond -100% and +100%. And what math is that If you have -50% for gas damage, an additive of 100% would be 50% more damage for gas (-50 +100 = +50). Jesus. This test is so easily done with gas. On a Heavy Gunner. if you get 3x damage with no mods Nezha debuff, it is as you say. If you get just 2x damage, it is as I'm saying. You can also do with Radiation on Bombard, If it is 2x the damage, it is as I'm saying. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  9. Not scoffed, said the truth. Nezha's Warding Halo is not infinite damage reduction scaling, it is a constant 90% dr, bigger Halos won't save you later on. And don't try some mental gym to work around, like "I was talking about the invulnerable phase when casting Or when it goes away". The augment doesn't double it effectiviness, since it is a constant 90% damage reduction and doesn't affect you at all. As for casting on allies, if you don't have the augment, you can't. You can't = 0 shields on allies, double of 0 it is still 0. Sorry, can't see where that double effectiviness come
  10. Pointless to clarify anything for someone that can't even understand abilities' description. "Above mistake", LOL.
  11. For a Nezha "main", you talk so many no sense about what his abilities do, rofl.
  12. 1 cleanse status from allies 2 Debuff the enemies (good for everybody in the group), too bad all the game modes are just about killing hordes of enemies. Drop Energy and health orb, good for everybody in the group too (unless it is just for Nezha the drop, which I can't confirm). 3 Good for Allies (with augment, which is a shame and not necessary) Just because there is no "ally/allies" in the ability description, doesn't mean they don't affect them at all. That's easily a support kit there, if you know, understand the abilities instead of Ctrl+F for "Allies OR Ally" on t
  13. He seems to be a support character, but can't properly without the augment. Meanwhile, Trinity no aim required, 50m range, full heal/shields + damage reduction. Seems fair to me.
  14. Make it standard without the augment, simple as that.
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