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  1. Yep, let's optimize for the noobs, makes sense.
  2. The problem with archwing is that archwing missions are pointless, Amesha is like the Frost/Limbo for Archwing defense type missions, Elytron is like Ember pre-rework, only kill squishies, should be a Saryn in Archwing, Itzal is kind of Volt, but with teleport instead, let's nerf Volt and Give a Mov Speedy for every Warframe, I'd really like that too. If Archwings missions were worth, maybe you would use one at it type of them.
  3. You guys are coming with this Missiles stuff from your asses or they really talked about this on the stream? Even my melee on Archwing has formas and I really don't remember when and how I died in an archwing mission, because was so long time ago. Penumbra Activating Penumbra will also break homing locks for seeking projectiles, such as the missiles fired by Hellion Dargyns, causing them to veer wildly off-course. Put some mods on your archwing, arcanes and you probably don't get oneshot. "Oh, I'm dying on my highly undergeared Archwing, what's the problem". Warframe passives work with archwing, try Wukong too, never tried, maybe you are undying for 3 times.
  4. All they did was #*!% up so bad Eidolon hunt, lol. - Fast charge will be horrible, it will be about praying the eidolon is spawning near now. The not holding 3 buttons to move fast was bad, sometimes you can force voms spawn by walking slowly, the removal of teleport with the CC of itzal was bad, you really need that AoE CC of Itzal because of some grinners special abilites when fast charging, like that big AoE Ring of FIrre. Plus getting a lure with 2 voms charges in 16-18 sec with a party with less then 4 players loaded will be kind impossible. Fast charge is so ruined.
  5. Did you guys even played Amesha???? If you want something safe, that's the one, not Itzal. Redirect projectile and imune to status. Odonata has shield and flares for projectiles and missiles.
  6. RIP the only thing fun to do in this game, Eidolons.
  7. You need at most 19 attempt, something is wrong there.
  8. with which warframe you generate this Lich with Teleport?
  9. MR fodder, Profit and Archwing missions. I actually like Fluctus, I have a Dmg, Ms, Cc, no neg Riven on it with gas, It performs pretty well on Arbitration. "Infinite" punch through.
  10. In the end, this is all bit.ching because of a death with some arguments trying to disguise it, when in Warframe you actually die because of a mistake, it is usually because of some B.S. You have the effective HP or not to withstand that damage. Jumped inside a nullifier, lost buffs, falled in a whole, lost DR buffs and got oneshot, forgot Warframe in Pillar of Light on second eidolon with a buff on it and died while in Operator, hardly my deaths are because of things like this. A meanless death for a 6 revive player. If there is no mistake, there is no reason to feel nothing about it. You should feel bad about doing a mistake even if it doesn't imply in death. Can't withstand seeing his favorite, 6 hours wasted on fashion frame it, warframe get slammed. So blind because of it that can't see it is griefing nor admit, and it is gonna do it anyway.
  11. It is mandatory because it is Pug, lol. You are blocking 3 players liches, 3 players. If it was solo or friend, then that's another history.
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