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  1. I'm on the side that you should learn to do them and stop being that lazy instead of using such a big cheese.
  2. You guys should know by now that DE don't care about the Eidolon community and that this change is there to stay. - Projectile weapons got bugged, was it fixed? Nope - Amps with self stagger that nobody, NOBODY want, did they change it? Nope - Voms Spawn was always a little bug, but it got pretty worst after later patches, anything done about it? Nope - Scarlet Spear event, remember that??? - People losing control of Warframe in such a way that they can't even type in chat, jump or use abilities, was it fixed? Nope, they prefer to fix light intensity in Jupter tileset Lmao.
  3. The only thing @(XB1)YoungGunn82is getting with 3 umbral Mods and energize is 11+ Ability, he would be gaining far more effective health with a guardian instead of energize and fleetining in place of Umbral Fiber for better efficiency. Viral? Not sure about that, depends on the mission,
  4. End game? Have you found Warframe End game? Tell me where it is.
  5. "Supprt for my team mates". Talking like Warframe has coop modes, kkkkkkkkkkkkkk.
  6. You were not with faction. As far as I know, only status get the bonus damage of faction again, so 2x, not 3x. Holstering speed has exilus and normal mods too.
  7. 1- No efficiency seems bad for me, how efficient is that for without Stream/Fleeting. 2- Gratz for not using Hornet on Mesa, don't scale pretty well with her, but why Viral and why 2 60/60??? 3- Holstering speed is kind necessary after some time.
  8. What makes anything trivial is being so easy. Survive for 5 mins Yay, defende that thing, Yawn! Kill all those enemies before they can move, Horray. All you gonna acomplish with those is make the game a big boring slog, which is what I think DE is trying to do, but can't accomplish, cause I still can kill everything pretty fast, HAHAHAHAHA. Congratulations.
  9. it is one of these 2 things: - Recycled star chart mission, again, just ... like ... again, with a new "skin" - Recycled open world with the same recycled missions (find 3 caches, capture, scort, etc). What you can't get any expectation for: - An actual new content - Raids - Anything Coop related
  10. The because Warframe is buggy. Removing stuff is easy, how about making things less buggy. Profit taker still has bugs since ever.
  11. When we get third orb boss fight, which is never.
  12. Unless you show me something doing Interception, Mobile defense, Survival and defense on the new tile set of Corpus soloing it with easy. It is just fake
  13. New Content? New game modes? Where?
  14. No. Recicled star chart missions all over again. Not even worth to brag about clearing star chart mission again, Plz. Stop recycling star chart missions, they are boring and will never be difficult, just more boring.
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