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  1. I did 5 runs, got all pieces, just one repeated.
  2. Prism-> Updating the game now, it is one that is like Ignis, there are two, the one that cost less energy. I gilded one on Little Ducky, people said it was bugged, then builded and gilded on Onkko the next one, still bugged. The problem with it is that it doesn't, never, crit on 2nd and 3rd eidolon before their knee are out of the water. After I gilded it, it is already lvl 30 again just for doing Eidolon, so yeah, I did test it a lot, in lots of patches. SImple talking, x27 never worked for me.
  3. Probably not shoting from the right place. x23 is a projectile with punch through and a explosion in the end. The projectile do more damage if you hit more hitboxes of the Eidolons, people shot from underneath eidolons feet, which seems to pass through more Eidolon's hitboxes. Hit more Hitboxes = do more dmg. My x27 do no dmg too when 2nd and 3rd eidolons are spawning in the water, so I still use my old 323. Maybe shraksun amps' builded after some patches ago are bugged in someway, Try with Propa.
  4. Link Armor, Link Shield, Link Health. All maxed, Shield recharge mods also can be good because of Trinity dmg reduction buff. Remove Fetch/Vacuum from companions Always happens, every run, get used to it. Use survivabilities mods (Rage, Hunter Adrenaline, Adaptation, Quick thinking). Wisp spawn between eidolons legs, if they are still in the riven, they will spawn where the "between the legs" will be after it emerge, walk and stop. Wispers roll in cliffs.
  5. Use specters (Chroma, Mesa, Volt specters are good, there are others, but I forgot). Air support with Xiphos bring a turret, put them on some place high so mobs won't attack them.. Anyway, Use summons and make them hold position. Then Huge AoE Frames, Nova or Saryn, some sprint mobs can be good too, like Rush on exilus slot.
  6. PL. farm from relics, eidolons, w/e. Gonna save a huge amount of time.
  7. Gram definitely getting a nerf on Riven after Melee changes.
  8. Have you heard of Adaptation???? If you want to globe, play limbo, if you want to avalanche, play Saryn/Nova, solved. I was looking for a Warframe for excavation on Arbitration, then remembered of Frost that I didn't play, did this build for globe: got a 1200%+ bonus, put globe with enemies near, globe still got one-shot, leave the match, then gave up on him.
  9. OK build to start, but 1- Aura -> corrosive, You can try to farm that Aura forma from Arbitration if you want to run also deady eye. Later when you get more arcanes, put one guardian and energize. More survivability mods, like Hunter Adrenaline and Quick Thinking. Duration you are kind hunting with Fleeting, but your build is OK now with efficiency, Continuity and Narrow minded all you need, if you remove fleeting. Don't listen to these people, 30s is not enough for pre-shields on 2nd and 3rd eidolon. TL,DR: Aura -> Corrosive, rest -> Duration, survivability, energy efficiency (flow, streamline) and casting speedy.
  10. Actually, I forgot about not critting on Eidolons. if you don't crit, it has some dmg reduction, with a 2.0 crit dmg, if you have 4K, if you crit, it would be 8K dmg, but on eidolon is like 16K for some reason. Well, this is for amps, didn't test on Weapons yet.
  11. I melt him pretty fast with Excalibur, like 9 seconds.
  12. With this: Only 4K dmg per shot (12K with 2 multishot, if 2 multishot). It was charged btw. Seems like when I tested Ogris, maybe eidolons have resistence to AoE dmg weapons.
  13. No reason for you. there is for me and other people that want the mod with different ranks for builds. Plus, Baro only bring S#&$ most of the time anyway.
  14. ????????? @Psykhe27 Didn't knew semlar died, ins't there any alternative?
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