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  1. Great you have managed to reduce the size twice in a year. Hopefully thats because you have fixed alot of broken things that we're them band aided to work. Looking forward to meta changes on status hopefully they will be as nice as the melee were in the end. However need to play new update to see. Can we please have details soon on the event pricing and rewards for arcanes?.
  2. Would it be possible to add a blank focus lens to a trader (NOT A MISSION REWARD). For those of us finished with focus farming, having maxed out all our schools. Please give out when the cert date is going to be for consoles our builds over 40days more like 60 since last cert update old.
  3. sound idea until the host/railrack owner leaves. Most squads return to hanger to bank and adjust ship then go out again. having a console non railjack owners can get to easy is essential not buried in option profile intrinsic as it is now, (an option that still needs to be there as well). the arsenal is baffling enough for new players without adding skills there. ATM most of my clans squads form in the hanger before entering the railjack so another reason for dockside access. KEEP it simple to much is getting buried in UI layers
  4. having played a little while with railjack, currently ranked 5575 overall running in 2,3,4 tenno squads I have a few ideas of changes for intrinsic's archwing have it own intrinsic buffs skill tree. you have a good set of skills just in wrong skill tree additions GUNNERY mark target or object, seeing elite units and crew ships from side guns and swapping to main dome you sometimes loose the target your asking the pilot to line up on. this also applys to loot objects if rare parts drop that fellow archwing crew maybe not seeing, because there to far away or on a different vector. using gunfire or rockets to make targets atm ENGINEER reduce forge cool down 50% TACTICAL after mission loot radar 10k metre range this would help resource farming and loot detecting. 10k may seem execceifive but I've been checking my range from railjack when farming loot after mission in achwing PILOT after mission (cosmic crush vacuum fetch) ability NON offencenvie ARCHWING an ability to synergies with other skill tree IE. the above loot radar. LOOT atm you have to nearly stand on it to pick it up 10m range using amesha as its the only one that can help defend railjack in smaller squads 9or get near crewships
  5. suggestion move or make intrinsic upgrade available for none rail jack owners at the middle console in the hanger, the one where you interact with cepholon cy during rising tide.
  6. overall rail jack system is good but archwing should have its own intrinsic and not be added into other fields. having great fun playing rail jack, but it feels like I keep loosing the odd half of an intrinsic from one mission to the next, ie. at the end of a mission I had 3.5 intrinsic rewarded but next mission start from zero again.
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