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  1. Exilus tend to be added buffs natural talent is the main mod its Exilus buff is speed drift, intensity main mod & power drift is the buff. Not sure DE will move natural talent for this reason. But your not wrong about polarization being limiting, many player had hopes that DE would bring out a universal forma for exilus slots but instead DE seems to have avoided it in favor of a universal stance Forma!!! And the more popular/useful aura forma. Personally i hope a universal exilus forma will come or better still DE will change exilus adaptors of all kinds to be universal polarizat
  2. You can only get to George and harry by capturing terry without the capture reward radiant shard you cannot spawn the others, killing doesn't reward the radiantshards for spawn.
  3. ^On clan run all 3 of us had active targets at the same time my clan mates were getting nw results form my target and there scan of each of thiers
  4. Nice one i think you We're thying to say they deserve there own riven types and with the amount of rng getting what you want for the weapons in the game your not wrong and before someone says trade opening a riven for yourself is free! We have zaw, kitgun, shotgun, rifle, melee, secondary, companion (sentinel), arch gun. So why not add BOW and SNIPER classes as well as braking down melee some more eg. HEAVY class for two handed which could be hammers polearms heavy blades. LIGHT for daggers, glaives, sythes. MEDIUM swords sword/shield staffs it would reduce the rng for rifles and melee.
  5. Thank you for braton Vandal stock, at long last i have the thing thats a lot of sanctuary runs, the rng is terrible on parts dropping any chance your doing the pistol soon just need 1 part for that as well. Rng luck is not on my side was missing 3 items for currently available on ps4 maximum, braton Vandal stock, lato barrel and axi z1 relics that zakti bp and relics seem super rare.
  6. My wish list, 3d veiwing for dojo room placement, it would have been so useful when placing large rooms eg dry dock, and great halls but also room under the obstacle course. End rooms or blanks for those doors you cannot build behind because theres a room side there. A maximum room counter when building ie 230 out of 260 230/260 not actually sure what current maximum is. I have dojo energy from reactors to spare. As a clan leader a better way to see members joining dates, donation dates to vault not just total amounts, decoration completed (so the work done can be rewarde
  7. Funny did it last week was doing chatch up nw tasks, worked fine and for me and my clan mates who were with me. Are you sure you we're within the 50m affinty range because if you were not it dose not count. I got my first from a random relic group not my target but i did grab a scan, next 4 we're mine as i went and got a target. On scan number 2 my clan mates joined and we did the remaining 2 of mine and 2 of one of one clan mates and 1 of the others. 3 different targets and they got all 5 scans but you have to be in affinity range for it to count.
  8. Well it would have been good if a console (build currently update 29.2.1 October (parts of 29.3 November)) could have at least been done to level us up to pc's build so console could have added valid and accurate feedback on the diemos acarna update. So now we get nothing from begin of November until sometime in January? Is arcana that bad you cannot ship it? Or is it your saying consoles don't get a say in fixing? Because thats kind of how it feels, left in the dark of late! Enjoy your holiday break.
  9. What would your suggestion mean, all players would require 1 of each mod only. That then means probably 30% of rewards would be redundant because you don't need all that endo, DE's sales in forma would not be required because any build would fit. And worst mods could become super rare if drops were reduced because extras were not needed Yes sounds good but reality is you have 1 to possibly 4 sets of a mod various size ranked in even numbers because that fits forma'd slots for maximum benefits. This gives us a reason to grind mod, endo, ayatan treasures, and DE a way to make money from for
  10. Enjoy the game go at your own pace, but like forma build 1 new weapon a day, there's no need to do xp farming on hydron or sanctuary. Level 1 item in normal play its a game not a job have fun. Mastery helps as it makes thing easier but its not a rush. Foundry space is unlimited, your time is not so enjoy the journey.
  11. Forgive my not having update yet but are not kit guns from fortuna? And most of fathers equipment was heat and impact not toxin!
  12. 9k away from mr30 i would love to know how much mastery the mechs worth console has no mechs xp yet so glad its been added
  13. Giving orders? There are times is appropriate. Eg. Asking someone to stay in a group, or slow down killing, especially in survival or relic fissures and murmur farms. These shouldn't be reported it not the askers that a wrong in these situations. Nobody likes wasted time because everyone goes off exploring in different directions and spawns slow or reactant cannot drop because everything is dead to quick because of spawn chasing or bad case of speed nuke. Some players take offense even at this. Just trying to say here asking / giving orders doesn't make them necessarily in the wrong. Another e
  14. Not sure if you remember or played it before but you have to charge the lantern with kills to extend its range and also its duration saying this because i have seen players just pick it up and run without killing and it goes out very fast.
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