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  1. TYPE: In game DESCRIPTION: Clients but not hosts for Isolation vaults hit a respawn barrier when trying to enter the vault. Clients sometimes are teleported back to a previous vault while shifting to operator to try and pass the respawn barrier. REPRODUCTION: Be a client running an Isolation vault bounty on Deimos EXPECTED RESULT: When the vault door opens, clients expect to be able to pass through the doorway. OBSERVED RESULT: Just behind where the door used to be, the clients that try to get through are respawned just before the vault door like they fell off the map,
  2. its not showing for even those that are playing with me. my friend is reporting she is still only sitting at 1 intrinsic i checked a third time, and i do seem to gain intrinsic, but im not sure for my friend
  3. i played a couple rounds of railjack to try and gain some intrinsics, but i noticed that i wasnt gaining any intrinsic affinity at all
  4. here is an elite onslaught with just the nukor
  5. Here is my kuva nukor build i was using
  6. i can give you my build if you truely want that, but as for proof, i will need a bit
  7. i just ran elite sanctuary onslaught and was killing 'higher' level enemies faster than deimos enemies with the same build
  8. no one wants to go visit the new open world to discover those level 30's are hitting like level 100's and just as durable too, on top of spawning en masse of a horde, (the horde part wouldnt be a problem if it wasnt for the previous two issues)
  9. im not just talking about status procs, im also referring to viral damage
  10. this isnt supposed to be end game content, the same equipment i used for the high level bounties on orb and plains doesnt hit like it does here
  11. Ive been playing deimos for a few hours now and I have noticed that the health of infested targets seems rediculously durable and large even comparing to orb vallis. not just that, some enemies appear to be immune outright to viral damage and procs. did health get massively increased for the enemies here? it feels like it is 5 times the normal health bars and armor
  12. my wife cried tears of joy when she saw there is now a color blind mode for warframe thank you for adding this so she can enjoy the game instead of flailing at the random colors
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