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  1. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: playing the mission normally. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: IDK, it's happen most of the times. EXPECTED RESULT: Priority targets must keep disabled after being destroyed. A new crewship must spawn if the objective isn't completed. OBSERVED RESULT: Priority targets are still actives. Some crewships just explode / disappear by itself. REPRODUCTION RATE: Very often, like 75% of times the priority targets remains active. Except the "crewship not spawning" bug, that happens like 50% or less times.
  2. Mission rewards are broken now. Looting the derelict (Abandoned Derelict Caches) give the "Extra" reward instead. Tested in "Seven Sirens" and "Calabash" Also, correct the amount of endos that give scrapping MKIII parts, thanks for fixes.
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