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  1. If someone dies in the extraction zone, he should be immediately extracted, not sit there screwing over his remaining team with the resurgence tokens and effectively being unrevivible in some cases. Seems a lot of people don't know that if they die and quit the game they keep all their stuff.
  2. Seems like just diluting the drop table with mediocre mods/arcanes.
  3. Mind=Blown ...such innovative and impressive feature.
  4. What, saying the objective truth that consoles are more limited and restrictive than PCs is now "PC Master Race BS. " ? You do realize that the supposed fix for this issue was ready yesterday, however, due to the console's need for a certification process by the manufacturer for every patch it has yet to be deployed....totally not more restrictive and limiting.
  5. Yea, please tells us how it is "easier to keep track if everything is uniform and released at once." when one very limited and restrictive platform is holding everyone else back due to being limited and restrictive. Nice straw man you got there.
  6. You can not have cross-progression without all platform being updated at the same time effectively making it the same as having cross-play and you can not have that without holding back PC due to consoles having such a slow update process. P.S. Nice of you to ignore everything else I said.
  7. So you already know how things stand. So you have already made your choice of platform and know its limitations. That does nothing for the fact you can still use currency acquired through playing the game to buy Tennogen stuff. I do not want cross-play as it will just end up holding back PC as it is doing right now. Case in point - pretty much every multi-platform game, However, what I want and what you want does not matter, what matters is the fact that there currently is no cross-play in any sense of the word, thus no sense in one platform holding everyone else as hostages.
  8. Ohh really, did you start playing yesterday ? Consoles and PC have always had different update and event times, mostly due to the console's slower and more restrictive update process. You chose that platform and you should live with its limitations . I would love to be able to use plat for Tennogen but you cant on PC - do you see me wanting that option removed from all consoles ? No, I have chosen PC and I accept what you can or cant do there. Why should everyone else have to suffer due to an issue not affecting them in any way as there is no cross-play ?
  9. You mean there is no guarantee that the event could run at different times for each platform... you understand that has been the case every single time up till now ? Calling PC players entitled for being angry that an event that has been announced a month ago gets delayed on the day of release because of an issue on another platform despite there being no cross-play of any kind between the two is pure delusion and projection.
  10. So everyone else should be delayed till XBone's issues are solved despite there being no such thing as cross-play and thus no reason for the event to start at the same time for all platforms...talk about being entitled.
  11. Relic UI is definitely improved - now it just need to get rid of the rarity bar and add color coding for rarity to the names. The Rewards are also a bit off centered leaving too much blank space on the lower half of the screen.
  12. Relic UI still needs more work. Names of prime parts should also be color coded for rarity and number of owned parts should be visible without hovering.
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