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  1. A shared soul - 5 Drakgoons out of the first 10 liches.
  2. This is getting ridiculous - 7 liches , 4 drakgoons ( 2 of which completely identical) and 2 quartacks. P.S. Just checked, the latest drakgoon is completely identical to the other one....so 2 identical pairs of drakgoons....
  3. Unless you've been doing lich missions only solo this is going to drastically increase the grind time of murmur.
  4. Horrible change - just add more annoying murmur grind. So what is the point of doing lich hunts in groups anymore in this coop game ?
  5. If someone dies in the extraction zone, he should be immediately extracted, not sit there screwing over his remaining team with the resurgence tokens and effectively being unrevivible in some cases. Seems a lot of people don't know that if they die and quit the game they keep all their stuff.
  6. Seems like just diluting the drop table with mediocre mods/arcanes.
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