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  1. Took a while to figure out, but I did. Turns out it was the app not logging me out that was causing this issue. So if you have login issues make sure you log out of the app. Can't be logged into both at the same time. This really needs to be fixed.
  2. So, for the last month now, I have had to input my password twice in order to login. The first time I enter it I get the red network not responding text, then login failed. I tried inputting a wrong password for the first try to see what happens, and instantly got a login failed without the network not responding. On the second try of inputting the correct password it connects me. Any ideas?
  3. 2 things I can see right away from the op is that you need to check the 64bit box, and the dx11 box. Nvidia stopped support for dx10 back in 2016 (2 years ago). And running a game in 32bit mode on a 64bit machine may cause problems if you don't tell windows itself to run it in 32bit compatibility mode. Try these, see what happens, and let us know.
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