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  1. Vor's Prize is the starter tutorial.
  2. Usually relogging fixes this issue on quests not showing complete.
  3. DE added Two Factor Authentication, so yeah get support to change your email.
  4. It's probably full and just putting you in the next one or a new one.
  5. No, converted Liches can only be traded once. So if you receive one, might as well vanquish it.
  6. Your friend is correct, you cannot receive (buy) a Kuva Lich from someone while you have an active Lich. You also must do this trade in the Dojo Crimson Branch room. The regular tradepost in the Dojo or Maroo's will not work. Upon receiving a Lich via trade, it becomes right then and there your active Lich (might have to go back to orbiter to see it tho). Additionally, the Crimson Branch room of the dojo won't even allow it to complete if the buyer has an active lich.
  7. Remember also, you can only earn so much rep with them per day. It's your MR x 1000 + 1000. So at MR 7, it's 8000 rep per day. Resets when daily tribute resets.
  8. You have to kill grineer to get it to spawn. When the screen flashes, then you've got a few more minutes to kill more grineer. You spawn it like the juggernaut only with grineer instead of infested. So, on Cassini, I race to capture guy, capture then start killing, so the mission doesn't fail while getting your larveling. Adaro is a bit harder, you gotta kill like 40ish mobs then get the flashing screen and then kill more fast (tho sometimes there just doesn't seem to be enough spawns). Both of these won't work if Corpus is occupying the node from an invasion. And getting attacked by stalker, g3 or syndicate can screw this up as well.
  9. Actually, you need to be in the mission a bit. Doing a fast mission might not give enough time.
  10. Two things I've consistantly had after hacking, getting stuck unable to move unless I jump and the other is quite odd. If my secondary is equipped then I hack, my primary is equipped when the hacking is done. Only noticed this recently. Should add that my weapons are Kuva Nukor and Fulmin.
  11. Being that if you traded and the new lich becomes your active, you need to pursue it just as you did acquiring one via the larveling. You still get both options to Convert or Vanquish, however, if you choose Convert (and really why would you) you will not be able to trade it. Converted Liches can only be traded once.
  12. I just got this one, was gonna kill for the weapon but seriously, I gotta keep it now. "ONIRY MOMM"
  13. If you're seeing Corpus mobs on Cassini then there was probably a Corpus Invasion. Should be back to normal 24 hours from the end of the invasion. Same thing can happen on Adaro or really any other nodes. Uranus isn't a good choice as any mission with Submersible in the node name probably won't work. Because those have underwater areas. This is also why I detest Uranus as my Lich influence start planet (you only get 4 nodes with Lich missions).
  14. you can try https://hub.warframestat.us/#/
  15. I hear that, only time one of my converted liches show up is after i die (usually from being stupid). So, just don't die I guess. I too would prefer them not to show up while I'm on Loki.
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