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  1. You only see the icon in navigation if you are set to public.
  2. when in free roam, go to navigation and select dry dock from the star chart, its where your dojo usually is. second, see if you can board your railjack from your orbiter, there's a new panel near your personal quarters. Other than that, i dunno.
  3. Once you have the k-drive launcher, you can do the races to earn rep with vent kids as well as just random grinding.
  4. Use Frost, bubble one point, capture and move on. Once you get through the initial spawn, the mobs usually spawn in smaller groups. Just bubble, capture and move on to another. If you can get the Icy Avalanche augment for frost, that will help clear some mobs and give you a small rhino like iron skin.
  5. When using any of those mods, they show on the map as 3 overlaping blue circles.
  6. These are the side rooms Maroo uses on her treasure hunt. Which tileset/room you get is rng. But they also show up in missions. To bad there's no ayatan at the end, but sometimes there's nice mods and I've even found a syndicate medallion in one.
  7. There's more quests for you, you should check the codex and start "The War Within".
  8. Remember you have to crack all 3 vaults to get a chance at a drop.
  9. Once you reach Rank 2 with a syndicate, they will offer you 3 daily missions to earn more. As an aside, Cephalon Suda and Red Veil do not like each other, so raising with one, lowers with the other. It's going to be quite a balancing act to raise up both at the same time.
  10. My point was just that I don't think you can get a larvling to spawn on a node with "submersible" in the title.
  11. The problem with Uranus is the word "Submersible" in the node titles. I had a lich with starting planet Uranus and it only controlled 4 nodes on the entire planet. Now if this has changed since the additional Kuva Fortress Requeim Fissures were introduced, I don't know. I've not had another Lich start on Uranus
  12. For whatever reason, resetting keybinds to default, has helped a number of people. Even if you've never changed any of the key binds.
  13. you need to get the reuseable blueprints for the keys to the other missions, once made and claims they will open up blueprints in the market
  14. Fix or remove Uranus as a start takeover planet. Out of 14 nodes, only 4 are controlled by my lich. The 4 that don't have submercifle in the node name.
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