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  1. Great progress has been made in the bug thread: Also the support ticket has been marked as 'solved' and locked, so hopefully this is fully resolved in the next patch. Head on over to the bug-thread above for more details. > This is the last time I post in this thread. Please refer to the above thread for any future updates. <
  2. Sorry for the delay... My support ticket is now marked as solved, and I cannot reply to it / comment on it any longer. I did a test run to confirm @CaitSidhe's theory : Had 6,079,533 cred before the mission. Picked up 659 cred from killing enemies. Completed the first round, all conduits: 30,000 cred. Pressed 'P' just before I exited the level to see my inventory - correctly listed 30,659 cred. Exited - Mission Success:"64,059" cred. New account balance: 6,113,366 cred. Reported gain: 64,059 = 30k + 30k + 659 + 3,400 Expected gain: 3
  3. It was a bit confusing to follow, but essentially you are saying: You picked up 701 credits You should get 3400 credits from the mission You should get 30,000 credits from the caches That totals 34,101 credits, and that's what the game gave you - but the reward screen reports all kinds of numbers wrong. Great work looking into it, I will pay more attention and do some more test-runs of my own, maybe tonight. 🤠
  4. Yeah did a few runs yesterday because Index is very boring (just waiting for enemies to spawn 70% of the time). Putting in multiple keys simultaneously you get a lot of fun action, and since the rewards don't work there is no down-side to just go ham with the keys, but yeah.... I've lost track of how many millions of cred the game has failed to pay out at this point. Keep in mind that you only need to defend one conduit per round! The reward for a better defense is more Credit Caches... oh wait. Put in every key you see, making sure you kill at least one demo unit per round to not fa
  5. NVM, found the culprit, it was the Optimized Flip Model setting. Turned it off and everything runs fine. Kind of funny since it's specifically supposed to improve window-mode. Well I dunno... keep the thread so others can see it if they have the same problem, or delete it?
  6. I have this weird bug that I can't play WF in window-mode. I have a very capable computer, and it runs perfect in fullscreen. Funny thing is that window-mode runs perfect too; that is as long as I'm tabbed so another window has focus. Then it's butter smooth. But as soon as I tab in it becomes a stuttery slide-show... Anyone had a similar issue and know of a fix?
  7. It's not fixed yet. Like a week ago they closed the ticket. Apparently tickets auto-close unless the OP makes a new reply to the ticket. As soon as I made a new post on the ticket it automatically was set back to open. .... It seems a little counter intuitive though considering the support staff is telling me to sit tight, wait, and read the release notes for upcoming patches - but unless I bump the ticket every month it closes automatically. 🙃
  8. I didn't know that. I tried to replicate what I did the first time to see if my hypothesis was correct, but this time I used Mars as my deploy-planet instead; deploy on Mars while loading a capture in the void. This time the extractor did not end up in The Void, or on Mars for that matter.... Instead I got this very interesting result: It really makes me wonder if there is some consistent offset. That being said, I don't think I'll make any more attempts, I don't want to take the risk of playing around with bugs. EDIT: For the record I was able to retrieve it just fine. So
  9. Dammit! Got Control Module 😅 Interestingly, pressing the CLAIM NOW button in the void didn't work, but zooming out and claiming all did.
  10. Well title really says everything... I was searching for my third extractor because I thought I only had 2 deployed, and my cap is 3. Looked around but couldn't find it, so logged into the mobile app... Why hello there... yepp... I mean I don't particularly mind farming Argon crystal with extractor, but unless I missed something in the patch notes... I'm pretty sure this isn't normal. I have a pretty good idea about how it happened. Story time... I had forgotten to put out extractors after retrieving them, and was trying to last-second deploy an extra
  11. Actually got a new reply pretty fast this time! 😀 (I mentioned that others have started to complain about the same issue now, so not just me anymore)
  12. Received a reply to my support ticket today: I'll keep posting if I get any more updates.
  13. Please also post in the bug thread to bump it (this is a discussion thread I opened before I was sure that it was a bug). Bug thread here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1233250-end-of-mission-reward-bug-credit-caches-are-not-being-granted As for myself, this is the screenshots from my latest run (did a few before that with my clan, this is my own solo-run a few hours later). Also I heard from my clan members that they had done a few runs without me earlier during the day, and all of them experienced the same bug.
  14. Wanted the whole run showing to prove that it was a normal run with nothing fishy was going on. However the link goes to a timestamp in the video where you see the Mission Success / End, but maybe the timestamp didn't work for you? There's otherwise no reason to watch the whole thing, sorry. Both the before and after credits can be seen in the mission end screen, since it takes a while for the game to communicate with the server, it shows your old credit balance for several seconds before showing your new balance.
  15. Just in case I tried reinstalling the game today. That didn't help either. (7/7 attempts borked) (Shameless plug: Since I keep checking my support ticket every day, their white support page was becoming an eyesore, so I fixed it. I also have a dark theme for the Warframe wiki.)
  16. Tested again today at approx 04:45am to 05:35am (a 50min Disruption solo run on Neptune, Laomedeia). I'm still not getting any money from Credit Caches. The end screen says I've earned Credit Caches, but they give 0 credits. (This time it's 360k cred, bringing the total up to 750k credits missing.) The real problem here is that it's 100% consistent so far across 4 attempts, different warframes, different days. I'm still in the midgame, so I still need a lot of credits, and I'm getting a little worried something is wrong with my account :( Image shows state after mission,
  17. Tested again today. Credit Caches are still not being payed out. (Had just slightly over 100k prior to this mission.) Was payed the 268k, and the 104k, But not the 360k from caches. Did two more shorter runs after the above one - same problem. 😢
  18. Well thanks for doing more testing 😅 It's good that it's an isolated issue. (Well, not so good for me maybe if it persists, buuut..... hopefully DE will solve it somehow).
  19. That would be cool, more data is always nice. For me this is something that started just today. I solo'ed the exact same run on Wednesday, and everything worked fine, the credit caches were definitively paid out that day.
  20. Here is a screenshot from the video I posted above: It's not a matter of text missing, it's a matter of the payout not happening. Fastforward a few more seconds into the video, and you can see my credits in the upper right corner tick up by 36k, i.e. the Credit Cashes in the summary shown above are not actually rewarded. The endscreen says they are, but they are not: It's supposed to go from 280k up to 346k, but it doesn't, it's 30k short; exactly the amount the caches are supposed to give.
  21. Ah, yes, I did already make a ticket, sorry I forgot to mention that. Will edit it into the first post.
  22. I did that, it's just not in the screenshot. It did show exactly what I told you; on the third line: "10,000 Credit Cache x25". (First and second line is Mission Complete and Mission Reward, the exact amounts of which I don't remember). You can see that my total balance in the top right is much less than the reward for this one mission. You can see the click/hover in the video too. I dont even care that much for this one time of loosing a quarter of million - the real problem is that it keeps happening now - and it doesn't just affect me, but everyone else on the team pla
  23. It's in the video; Looking at the breakdown, all the credits from the Credit Cache is missing. The problem isn't that I don't understand where credits come from. Basically the endscreen says "66k cred", breakdown says "30k credit cache + 36 cred from other sources". But I only get the 36k cred part, not the full 66k. You know Disruption on Neptune, it gives 50k cred for every C-rotation, paid out as 5x 10k Credit Cache - well those are never paid out. In the video I only did the B-rotation for 30k cred, but in my 30min run before that I had 25x Credit Caches - and none
  24. Found a bug thread about it (had no replies tho). https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1233250-end-of-mission-reward-bug-credit-caches-are-not-being-granted Edit: Tried a third time today, failed again. That's 3/3 attempts that have failed to pay out credit caches.
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