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  1. WHY. I'm agreeing with everyone else bringing this up. Change it back to "perfect capture" if you directly hit the animal with a sleep warframe ability. These are the stupid changes NONE OF US CONSERVATION FANS WANT. The traq gun IS GARBAGE , its loud, you can catch only one popper unless you use any ability and kurbros LITERALLY SMELL YOU WITHIN 2 SECONDS NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE. Downwind? alerted. Cloaked? alerted. ON A MUSHROOM, alerted. did anyone ever want these changes? I don't think so. ON STREAM, "we want constructive feedback so we can make things better" WHERE DID ANYONE WANT THIS CHANGE TO CONSERVATION. STILL upset about my beautiful 8 formaed staticor that now I've shelved because 2 m radius without charging completely RUINS them. STILL no fixes to visits to orbiter visits, Doors do not open to players only host, we still cannot see the snow in other peoples ships, operator chair is still Invisible and operator just floats there. ALSO having to REEQUIP MY ARCHGUN to every single warframe, it seems like someone in DE department brain farted on this or something. WHY do i have to reEQUIP my ARCHUN individually to warframes? who thought THAT was a good idea, mistakes are mistakes, i can understand, but do you guys not test things out before release? To many things to even cover at this point but seriously. We the community give you SO much feedback but it seems like DE just wants to do everything THEIR way no matter the response.
  2. seems like the moment the community finds something effective to use its gets nerfed into the ground. nerfing auras? really? against something that literally tamples everyone unless they have a 6 formaed archgun with every element on it and an inaros with 6 forma on it. you guys went for "non meta" but ended up making something that makes players FIGHT each other on whos going to do damage by resistance type. having the orb cycle though 4 diffent elements before I can even reload my weapon makes this boss fight unplayable for me personally. STILL NO FIX TO THE ARCHWING DEPLOYMENT ANIMATION. It would be wonderful to get that reduced OR atleast have movment to deploy. having to stand there, take 4 rockets a trencher and 8 corpus shooting at you while a jackal also rips you apart is beyond ridiculous. Basically you have to fly away from the fight, deploy, and then come back and hope everyone isnt dead. the only good things i've seen updates on are ivara and hunting. thank you for this. ALSO sawgaws ARE BROKEN. when traqed they wiull fall through the top of the mushroom and disappear. then respawn ontop of another mushroom and always be a "bad cap" this need to be fixed as well. skip to about 22 seconds in. i didnt bother to edit. if you pause at 1:13 you can see the saw gaw INSIDE the mushroom tranqed.
  3. so has the bug for the profit taker orb bounty 1 stage 1 been fixed?! the servofish always glitches out and then leaving the party suddly you get the missing piece? ALSO CHANGE THE STATICOR BACK. NO ONE LIKES 2 METER AOE AT ALL. GIVE US OUR FAVORITE WEAPON BACK. its by far the BEST weapon to use in arbis! it has A LOW riven dispo meaning you cant OVER POWER THEM ANYWAYS
  4. MY POOR STATICOR. why would you hurt their wonderful aoe. why self damage now. this makes me sad
  5. please make an update for limbo so that moblie defense doesnt get halted by a limbo that won't drop their 4 making it impossible to but the data mass into the console
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