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  1. don't believe so, as i only changed on setting with the advent of my new mic. i enabled voicechat but i'll check. what in the nine hells... i must have misclicked it on when i opened up my menu to activate voice chat... dude you're awesome.
  2. also at the same time as experiencing this bug a really messed up visual bug happened
  3. it registers on my PC, the little blue highlight moves around when i select an ability to use. but nothing happens. at first i thought it was a stupid game decision for steel path, but turns out i was wrong and i've encountered a bug. the last time one of my ability buttons worked it was in my orbiter. i had just pressed 5 then kneeled down, looking out the window in my personal room in my orbiter. after then i was unable to to press 5 again, but that happens sometimes, usually a trip to my dojo fixes it. but i've been unable to use *any* abilities since. persistent across dying in game, aborting missions, completing missions, restarting the game and rebooting my PC. i am verifying Game Data right now
  4. even after restarting the game i still can't use abilities in steel path missions. and to set aside confirmation bias i've just tested them in origin and nightmare missions, no abilities there either, even after restarting the game... whatever this bug is it's brutal...
  5. i aborted and completed missions without abilities but i never got my abilitiues on the next mission. but bugs a bug IG, perhaps i was harsh then, lemme reopen the game and see if i have powers.
  6. needless to say it killed any motivation i have for the game. steel path is basically just destiny. if i wanted to play destiny i'd go play destiny, but destiny is ****, the fun thing about warframe is the tactical decision making that comes with having abilities beyond shooting someone's head off.
  7. woke up this morning, excited to get started on steel path, my interest in the game renewed beyond just finishing building the dojo, ever since unlocking steel path. i loaded into my first mission as Rhino, who's always the frame i pick when i'm a little scared of what is to come. and i pressed 2. nothing happened. i pressed 5, preparing to get more energy. nothing happened. what is the point in having a cast and crew of about 40 warframes, if by endgame literally all it comes down to is health, shields and armour? wanna know the absolute funniest bit? whilst this was going on i was getting an advert on youtube for protea. "wooo look at our fancy new warframe and all her abilities that make her stand out as unique which you literally won't be able to use in endggame, because it's only worth using inaros or another tank!"
  8. that's exacly WHY i thought of digging into the config files before checking the launcher. because almost every game reverts after x seconds if you don't confirm. and if that doesn't work you use the config. but the config file doesn't do anything. if you edit the config file, it'll just "fix" itself to how it was before you edited it, which is incredibly stupid. even with you saying "at least they provide a solution" they provide a solution for two problems they either created or didn't resolve in a more intuitive way. it's a 2v1 disadvantage, and i'm assuming you can identify the poor decisions when the problems outweigh the solutions twofold? and that didn't even answer the question. is there some kind of technical reason warframe doesn't do what EVERY OTHER GAME does and reverts to previous settings after X seconds if you don't confirm graphical changes?
  9. so after a desperation search through the launcher settings i found i can turn it off there. so they DID think of people in my situation and... made the most unintuitive "solution" for it?
  10. so i put warframe into fullscreen mode and apparently i selected the wrong resolution because the screen went blue. "not a problem i'll just wait 30 seconds, the settings will revert like any other game" i thought to myself. "the settings did not revert" said morgan freeman and even after editing the config file in appdata to turn fullscreen mode off, the game is still in fullscreen mode..? i've heard of and and experienced some heavy bugframes but never have i literally been locked out of an entire game because of a failsafe that is commonly used being ignored and the config file not actually doing anything...
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