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  1. The water didn't seem to be harmful, as Gek watched his companions enter, so he follows afterwards, stepping in after the last of them. He watches with interest as Tyr tries and fails to open a door, before the hulking Frost abomination somehow uses his brain to do the revolutionary idea of actually opening a door properly. Almost immediately, however, the Grineer decides that this miracle was a curse in disguise because of course it was, a cloud of blood escaping and oh nice it's in my mouth lovely. Like some deranged flash mob, some fish people come out of the remaining houses BECAUSE OF COURSE THEY DO, screaming bloody murder as they circle the group. "No," Gek says, "Not us, the guy fish thing was dead before we got here...probably."
  2. DELTA ...Ah. That went well, judging from how Cyrus was now floating in space. The cold was like nothing he had ever felt, its absoluteness reaching his very being. Rak too had been caught up in the powerful suction, at least he had that comfort. Alpha team was out here somewhere, hopefully. Maybe he could put himself into Stasis...no, then they wouldn't be able to retrieve him. Sending a signal to his Archwing, Cyrus waits, praying it - or they - would reach him in time.
  3. Never in Gek Ar'sak's 20-odd years of devoted service to the Queens had the Grineer soldier ever been in such agony. This long, god-forsaken tedious long exhausting pointless horrible terrible no good very bad path was hell, and even that word did not do it justice. There was no sun, no way to tell how long this purgatory had gone on for, as he trudges along with the most irritating, spoilt, privileged, screaming group of people he ever had the misfortune of meeting. The grass, quietly dancing in the breeze that never was looked so very close, and his partners in 'oh god why the hell are we here' oh so pushable... He couldn't, of course. He'd probably be thrown in straight after, and much as he despised being here, he did like living. ...Well. Maybe he'd get away with killing off the smiling monstrosity. To entertain him, Gek drew his attention to internal thoughts about how at least he didn't have to deal with the Queens (hail to them, blah blah blah), and that these younguns who were probably older than him would clearly be far too stupid to be able to operate good old-fashioned Grineer tech. That was cathartic, at least. His thoughts were rudely interrupted by the annoying Tenno's (take your pick, am I right haha) shouting of something. "Oh, what is it no- oh." Gek interrupts himself as he realises exactly what he's standing in front of. Well, at least it wasn't a field of grass. Tentatively, the Grineer follows after the silly looking Specter, going to plunge a hand in before remembering that everything in this fever dream of a reality could kill him, his mind cast back to the poor scientist and his gristly end. Instead, he waits a few moments for Zibu to be swallowed whole by a fish, or dissolve into nothing, finally taking the plunge when satisfied.
  4. DELTA Oblivious to the threat on his life, Cyrus continues to work towards opening the airlock, working through the second explosion and oh god what was that clunking sound he's coming for me isn't he. Luckily for the Tenno, his hack was completely shortly afterwards, twisting round to see the unblocked passage to space - and Ski'talla plunging his hand into the floor. Panic starting to set in that a cold empty abyss could be what awaited him, the Limbo sprints towards the navigation room, those doors where their adversary had came from. Sure, there could be a platoon of Grineer guards hungry for Void-touched blood, but that was infinitely better than the dilemma of surviving in space. Besides, they might be bitter, decaying, xenophobic clones, but surely they'd come help their commander if they heard him struggling. The real problem was praying he could make it...
  5. Gek stands in stunned silence as the Ivara ascends to a higher plane of existence. What awe-inspiring emotions the spectacle would have wrought upon him were completely and utterly destroyed by one of the Tenno 'helpfully' providing sound effects. Rolling his eyes and murmuring "Tenno..." under his breath, he is quickly cut off by the charming sound of projectile vomit. The Grineer gives a raspy snort somehow conveying contempt, distaste and amusement in one pseudo-syllable. In fairness, that thing was horrific...not that he'd ever share that opinion. At least it didn't leave a rotting corpse, instead choosing to conveniently disappear in a beam of light. Holstering his Atterax, Gek begins the awkward and slow movement of manually rotating the whip holder thingy as his weapon slowly trails towards him, audibly grumbling all the while about 'darn Tenno' and how 'if they hadn't cut off my arm'...
  6. DELTA There, the interface he was looking for. Rak was conveniently immobilised, and seemingly preoccupied with everyone else, giving Cyrus a fine opportunity to get over to his destination. Trying to keep as quiet as he can despite the chaos erupting in the room, he begins to make his way, until a blast blows out the hull, threatening to send the Limbo flying. Stranger still was the lack of horrible death via being flung into space through a hole. Alpha team was out there...right? Had something bad happened, or was this impact an unintended occurrence from battle? No time to dwell on that, that can come later. Resuming his march, Cyrus makes his way to the terminal, before trying to cybernetically crack into it.
  7. Whipping his weapon as hard as he could, the cord finally came free, flopping onto the ground. An expression of satisfaction on his face, Gek watches with muted horror as this monstrosity is whacked from both sides, convulsing in unnatural ways as she- it tries to get back onto its feet. Begrudgingly, he silently appreciated the damage the Tenno - well, Tenno and girl - had managed to inflict to this thing. [Rolled 13, 7] Flicking his arm into the air, Gek sends his Atterax's head cracking down on the 'Ivara', managing to get a clean hit. Trying to capitalise, he swings his arm around, though the whip goes wide, missing his target completely.
  8. Annoyed that the strange Tenno - even by their standards - had interrupted him, the feeling quickly dissipates when some...THING drops onto the grass, a horrible skeletal Warframe. "What the..." Gek mutters to himself, as this nightmarish abomination steadily marches onward, muttering...something about a wall? With the uncomfortably large Tenno cowering in fear - to which he turns and gives an expression halfway between bitter contempt and self-serving glee - and the other members of their group getting into action, the Grineer takes his Atterax in hand and tries to do his part... [Rolled 5, 12] Only for the cord to stay completely ravelled, the mechanism for its release refusing to work. Snarling, Gek takes a step back and awkwardly tries to figure out how to get the thing free.
  9. DELTA The spasms the electric pulses were causing were aggravatingly short, and apparently were doing no long-term damage; if they were, it was too slow, wouldn't be quick enough to get on with their task. And if they took too long, who knows where they could end up? The airlock stood, a window to the great nothing - not the greatest way to die, slowly floating in a void devoid of all, but one that didn't need the team to slowly shut down his electronics, or chip through his inordinately thick plating. The problem was, it was locked. With Rak mostly occupied, Cyrus uses the opportunity to scan the battlefield for something monitor-like, that might help open the airlock. Blasting it open was a possibility, but a horrible one that would wipe out half the Children's volunteers in a heartbeat. "Rak is uh...he's tough," Cyrus radios in, trying to keep his voice from being heard by the Grineer tank. "We might need a more...outside the ship solution...?"
  10. Gek draws a wheezy breath as he arrives in this strange land, starting a coughing fit but suppressing it as well as he good, bringing his left arm up to...wait, his left arm wasn't working. His decaying face curls into an unpleasant scowl, annoyed more than ever at the Tenno and the way they had to go and cut off his arm. If only he'd known he'd end up in a parallel world where technology was useless... Irritation at the lack of working limb subsiding, the Grineer takes in his surroundings, taking more than small satisfaction at the Doctor snivelling on the ground, and less satisfaction from the vomit. Everything was...off. The warmth of the sun, the swaying of grass in the breeze, but no obvious causes. As Gek looks around this seemingly peaceful surrounding, one of the Tenno decides to commit horrible science murder by booting the doctor into the grass...which decidedly was not grass, or did it usually have a taste for flesh? "Can't go through there, then. Unless..." He trails off, eyeing up the red Osprey, deactivated for who knows how long. Grasping it with one hand, he tries to hoist the dead machine up to throw it into the murder grass, preferably without falling in and dying horribly himself.
  11. Delta Cyrus staggers back after being half flung, trying to prise his blade out of the Grineer's grasp with the momentum. Clearly a melee approach wasn't the most efficient use of his time, no matter how useful the data on Mire might be. If he is successful in retrieving his sword, Cyrus moves away from the melee fray and joins his Specter in throwing Castanas at the commander. Otherwise, he continues trying to free his weapon from Rak's grip.
  12. Cyrus grins internally as the pulses of electricity stop the imposing commander in his tracks. Just in time too, as Beta Squad enter the scene in time to capitalise on the opening. As the groups unleash another round of attack on the Grineer soldier, Cyrus swings Mire once more, a horizontal motion aimed towards Ski'talla's side. Just in case the Specter only listened to its creator - he should really learn how these things work, huh - he calls out "Uh, again!"
  13. The rag-tag group accompanying Gek weren't exactly what he would choose - far too many Tenno, and the ones that were picked were annoyingly freakishly big. He takes a longer look at...whatever the muscle-bound jester was, the corner of his lip turning in distaste. He decides against making a remark about the authenticity of Jack's muscles, with any luck he wouldn't hae to deal with them long. Gek wastes no time in stepping after the scientist, trying to fall before the other's in the group because he is clearly braver than these darn youths. As nonchalantly as he could make it look, the Grineer steps off the platform, a lot quieter in comparison to the scientist's screams of terror.
  14. DELTA '...Wait what if this is-' Dawning realisation of how maybe the Tenno shouldn't have held the beeping orb he had activated was cut off quickly as Cyrus did blow apart into semi-organic chunks of Limbo parts. Instead, a near-duplicate of his Warframe springs into existence, blankly staring at the goliath of metal that had punched Ag'ni quite a distance. Maybe it needed instruction? "Uh, attack! Throw your Castanas at Rak?" How specific did these things need instructions? Did they think like the original? Whatever the answer to those questions were, hopefully the Specter wouldn't blow a hole in the ship, especially in such close proximity to the airlocks... Happy that his twin would hopefully do what was needed, Cyrus draws Mire, stepping into melee as he swings the contaminated blade towards Ski'talla's chest, tension coiling inside him in response to both a test of the weapon, and being in such proximity to an elite Grineer soldier.
  15. DELTA Great, wonderful, this was a perfect situation to be in, this crazed orb beeping like a crying child, but more vaguely threatening and possibly bomb-like. Brilliant. Deciding it was better than nothing, Cyrus pushes down on the circle, hoping it did something at least. Airlocks locked, no way to escape there, maybe he could run down the way that the platoon of guards did- oh boy Ag'ni has a flamethrower. Ag'ni was kind of a fiery name- no time for that. Cyrus' hand hovers over the hilt of Mire, preparing to unsheathe if any stragglers emerged from the deadly blaze of glory. It wasn't exactly...stealthy, but it also wasn't a painfully loud gunshot echoing throughout the halls. What were they doing behind those doors, though?
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