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  1. Still no fix for the persisting Fulmin reload glitch: And still no fix for Saryn's glitched Molt animations:
  2. Still no fix for the persisting Fulmin reload glitch: And still no fix for Saryn's glitched Molt animations:
  3. Same here. These are all very welcome changes, but unless they start adding some very unique/powerful items as rewards, it's still not worth the grind.
  4. From a gameplay standpoint, I'd say the current version is objectively more 'efficient' because of the precision it allows over the old style of flight. However, aside from the issues of controlling your momentum (ie: it was done poorly), I still prefer the old style because you could roll and flip around in any way you desired. I think there's some middle ground that could be found there, should DE ever choose to revise the mechanics again. One example would be the auto-orientation feature that's present in Railjacks or just offering a toggle to choose your flight style (ex: Basic or Advanced).
  5. This also works for Arson Eximus fire auras and probably most forms of crowd control. If you time a roll correctly, the animation will override the knockdown/knockback effect. If you tap your melee key to do a quick attack and bring out your melee weapon that way, then simply face an enemy while not attacking or aiming (right click) and you will auto-block incoming damage from that direction. Check the "block angle" stat on your melee weapon in the arsenal to see how large area is (ex: 65 blocking angle = a 65 degree cone in front of you). If you hold your swap weapon key to bring out your melee weapon, then you have to hold right click and manually block (or right click once, if you use toggle aim instead).
  6. This is a thread I made back in December about how the Fulmin reload glitch still occurs when rapidly switching between shooting and melee (as of today, Jan 30, 2020). My thread provides steps on how to reproduce the glitch and the bugged reload can take upwards of 3-5 seconds and is quite detrimental to gameplay when it occurs: Going even further back (to June of last year), I made a thread about Saryn's glitched Molt stance and provided in-depth details and video example of when it does/doesn't copy Saryn's animations at the time of cast (seems to be tied to specific skins). This doesn't affect gameplay, but it would be nice to see it fixed: Finally, are there any plans to address the current state of stealth mechanics? At the moment, we can no longer stealth kill enemies while they are simply unalerted. Instead, we must use a backstab prompt or put the target to sleep in order to receive a stealth bonus. This makes leveling primary/secondary weapons via stealth almost impossible unless you use specific frames and it's still difficult for melee weapons due to the general heightened enemy awareness.
  7. Click "begin incubation", I think, it should take you to a secondary menu where you choose the "drain" cyst option to create the Helminth Charger.
  8. Just tried the test and you really don't even need to bullet jump or aim glide all that much, to be perfectly honest. You can stand on each platform for about 8 seconds before it disappears (7 seconds, to be on the cautious side), so just stand and shoot until the one you're standing on is rapidly flashing. Bullet jump as high as you can when the platform disappears, try to take out a few more enemies before you land and simply repeat. Don't jump onto multiple platforms in a short time or else each one you touched will start to disappear. I was able to do the test with Zephyr + Braton Prime with only 3 platforms disappearing by standing on them almost the entire time (even while reloading like an idiot after firing just a few bullets), I only jumped when one was about to go. The main point of this test really seems to be finding enemies and defeating them quickly, so just try to pay attention to where the bullets are coming from, shoot fast, and remember to hop to another platform every 6-7 seconds. Edit: Did the test again by only standing on the platforms and doing a small jump to a new one each time (no bullet jumps), it only required 4 platforms.
  9. The whole stealing resource mechanic is honestly BS enough that I refuse to have another Lich. If it was tied to Lich-specific missions or something, like I fail to kill the Lich so it takes my resources from that mission, it would be fine. But, if I'm running around doing completely unrelated things and just losing my rewards for no damn reason, then it's pointlessly frustrating. If there was a mission type that allowed you to sneak into your Lich's main base of operations and steal your rewards back at any time, then I would have far less issue with the general theft mechanic. At the very least, Gifts of the Lotus should definitely be exempt from the whole system since they're intended as rewards for the community. That would be like doing an entire event to get a Vandal weapon only to realize your Lich has tucked it in its pocket, people would lose their minds over that.
  10. An autocannon weapon class available as a primary (not an archgun). Big gun, big shoot. Something that booms, kicks, and clangs with a thunderous roar, then obliterates whatever you aim it at. The idea comes from wishing Critical Delay was actually a useful mod. Like, imagine reducing your fire rate on an auto-rifle to gain a large damage boost per-shot (instead of trading fire rate for sub-optimal crit chance). Since that'll never happen, why not just make a weapon that does it? I know we have strong snipers and lasers and all that sorta stuff, but none of it really feels powerful when you shoot it.
  11. Higher tier Railjack components require thousands of pustrels, mining them all would be impossible. Railjack missions sometimes give large pustrel bundles, I just need to figure out the best place/way to get them.
  12. My goal lately has been to slowly chip away at content that's been locked behind an extreme grind wall/time sink for me for quite a while now. Luckily, I realized how useful Equinox's Duality can be, which has been a huge help in going through it all solo. I was rank 2 or 3 with Cetus and Fortuna syndicates for I don't know how long because I just could not be bothered to run the same bounties over and over and over. I've just been doing odd missions here and there though and just this week I finally maxed them both out. It's taken so long that I actually forget some of the rewards I was trying to access by doing it, but now I finally have access to Profit Taker which will eventually net me the Archgun atmosphere thing. It's incredibly annoying that you need that in order to use the Gravimag, since we got a Gravimag for free a while back. I guess the end goal there is to finally get gyromag systems to start ranking up with Little Duck and get better amp parts. Also did far too many Index runs trying to farm credits for a Railjack, but I finally did that as well. If Duality wasn't a thing, I honestly probably still wouldn't have a Railjack because the Index is just awful. First couple missions were extremely rough since you basically don't get any resources to, y'know, prevent your ship from exploding, but after the first few runs, resources became much less of an issue. Been researching upgrade parts, though I'm starved for pustrels. Probably need to start attempting harder missions for better yields, but Railjack is hardly what I'd call a fun solo experience. Definitely looking forward to the release of that "Command" intrinsic that will supposedly add an AI crew(?). Also put the time into researching the Amesha since it's a highly-defensive archwing, hopefully it'll drastically improve my survivability in Railjack missions, but I've yet to test it out. Other than that, I'll sometimes spend an hour or two just testing builds in the Simulacrum. So much of the game is focused on the grind these days that it's nice to just experiment with the combat and see what works.
  13. Arcane helms still work, but you won't see your stats update until you back out of the helmet menu.
  14. Until we get a toggle option for heavy attacks on the melee key, try to keep in mind that you can roll out of heavy attacks during the windup animation to avoid losing your combo.
  15. It's more or less the difference between single target (fire rate) or multi target (punch through) DPS. Sure, enemies don't always bunch up, but there are a lot of times where they do and it's practically doubling the efficiency of your weapon/ammo. Would an Ignis be more effective if it didn't have any innate Punch Through, but had a faster base fire rate? Against single targets, maybe, but not against a hallway/room full of enemies. A Corrupted Healer is standing behind a Heavy Gunner? You could just shoot through the Gunner with Punch Through, instead of maneuvering around it or running into melee range. As you said, I think if all weapons suddenly had access to Punch Through, it would help general usability quite a bit. I don't think fire rate would be as universally effective across all weapons.
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