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  1. Saryn's Molt animations are still bugged for certain skins, as detailed below:
  2. Saryn's Molt animations are bugged for certain skins, as detailed below:
  3. Please be sure to provide dates for how long all this new content will last, just saying "for a limited time" will frustrate many people again when they realize they won't be able to unlock all the rewards when a concrete end date is suddenly announced.
  4. Having the Profit Taker (or similar 'raid' missions) as a weekly Nightwave objective is pretty annoying because, even at MR18, I don't have access to it yet. Why? The grind to leveling the open-world syndicates is just so tedious that I honestly can't be bothered to do it. Go to Fortuna/Cetus, run the hardest bounty for max standing points, stand around defending objectives or flying from point-to-point, now do the same objectives over and over until you hit the daily standing cap. At 19k daily standing cap, I'd have to do about 6 bounties per-day for like 2 weeks just to get through the last few tiers of Fortuna/Cetus ranks. I cannot be Ruk'ing arsed to do it. If you really want to keep 'raid' missions in Nightwave, then at least make the system semi-dynamic per-player. Don't offer objectives that are literally impossible for a player to complete because they don't meet the syndicate rank or standing or mastery requirements.
  5. Would like to see a reduction of Nora's voice lines when completing Night Wave objectives in-mission. She just talks for so long whenever her dialogue plays, it's a bit annoying (especially when listening to something like a podcast in the background).
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