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  1. Strange, the only time I've experienced this stutter is when switching to the Sunpoint Plasma Drill, not with any other weapons, equipment, or abilities. Never would've expected it to be her alt helmet.
  2. With only a slight alternation, this now summarizes Warframe as a whole.
  3. Apologies if any of this has been repeated elsewhere, but I was so unexpectedly pleased with U25 that I decided to write up a post and share my thoughts. Of course, nothing is perfect and I still have a few critiques (mostly related to the boss fight), but overall this has been a great update so far, even with just a few hours of play. Thanks for all your hard work, DE. Wisp + Fulmin + new Sentient weapons: Ropalolyst + mission: Disruption: Amalgam enemies: New mods + mod packs:
  4. The wording is a bit weird, but it looks like they're weapon-specific mods that also affect other weapons. For example, this one is a Javlok mod that provides extra mag capacity, but it also enhances a sword & shield weapon's parry.
  5. Both the duration and strength of Teeming Virulance's buff are affected by Warframe mods, meaning the negative duration on your Nidus is bringing you down to 10 seconds.
  6. Set your controls back to E for melee and M1 for primary fire, then turn this option on, M1 will now also work as your melee attack button. You have to hit E to bring out melee, then M1 (or E) to attack.
  7. Quite frankly, if you don't care about the parkour mechanics of the game and refuse to put in the practice to improve, then you're just doing yourself a disservice and don't have much room to complain. There are tons of secret areas hidden throughout the game, shortcuts to bypass enemies (ex: in spy/rescue missions), and performing parkour maneuvers in general just makes you harder to hit. We're space ninjas, not mindless Grineer grunts. The Mastery Trials exist as a test to make sure you understand the basic mechanics of the game and if they were made optional, it wouldn't fix your problem. What if the next update has rooms that require you to use parkour to scale walls or jump across moving platforms while dodging lasers? Are you going to say that they need to get rid of those rooms just because you think they're too hard? Having a mindset like that means you'll just keep making excuses for why you've failed and that's not a healthy way to approach anything. As NovusNova said, you can practice trials in the Simulacrum as many times as you want, so do yourself a favor and practice the mechanics that give you trouble. Parkour will become second nature to you, eventually.
  8. Warframe abilities only worked on the Wolf during last weekend's tactical alert, but they don't work on him in normal Wolf encounters. Hopefully that changes in the future, but don't hold your breath.
  9. The only way I could somewhat replicate what you see is by turning on Motion Blur and enabling Dynamic Resolution and setting the slider as low as possible. So, disable both settings and it should look fine. Motion Blur adds a weird out-of-focus effect even in a stationary scene and Dynamic Resolution automatically lowers the render resolution of the game to improve performance (ex: if you're running at 1080p, it might render down to 720p and stretch it to 1080p to avoid bad framerates). This only affects game objects, so elements like the UI are unaffected, hence why your text looks clear and crisp. If you experience low framerates by turning off Dynamic Resolution, then you should turn down other settings until it runs better. Textures, shadows, anti-aliasing, Runtime Tessellation, Volumetric Lighting, High Shader Quality, Geometry Detail, and particle effects quality will have the biggest effects on performance.
  10. This bug (and many others) has literally been around since the Closed Beta days and, at this point, I don't know if it'll ever get fixed. In the meantime, if you need to record footage without any goofiness, there is a workaround. You can equip a codex scanner before approaching the extraction point and you'll extract 'as intended' with nothing in your hands. Just be sure not to attack in any way while the scanner is out, just select it with your gear wheel/hotkey and extract (you don't have to aim it). If you uncheck "visible while holstered" for all of your weapons with this method, then it should just be your frame climbing into the escape hatch.
  11. Can't tell if bug or intentionally appropriate
  12. Having the Profit Taker (or similar 'raid' missions) as a weekly Nightwave objective is pretty annoying because, even at MR18, I don't have access to it yet. Why? The grind to leveling the open-world syndicates is just so tedious that I honestly can't be bothered to do it. Go to Fortuna/Cetus, run the hardest bounty for max standing points, stand around defending objectives or flying from point-to-point, now do the same objectives over and over until you hit the daily standing cap. At 19k daily standing cap, I'd have to do about 6 bounties per-day for like 2 weeks just to get through the last few tiers of Fortuna/Cetus ranks. I cannot be Ruk'ing arsed to do it. If you really want to keep 'raid' missions in Nightwave, then at least make the system semi-dynamic per-player. Don't offer objectives that are literally impossible for a player to complete because they don't meet the syndicate rank or standing or mastery requirements.
  13. Nice to know I'm not crazy and that random insta-deaths in Abritrations are a thing for others as well, even on console. Sometimes insta-deaths can be attributed to a Toxic Ancient's invisible scream attack (which I'm pretty sure instantly kills you regardless of enemy level and is utter BS), but I've failed a number of Arbitrations because I've fallen over dead from seemingly nothing at full health/shields with Adaptation active, etc. It puts me off the mission type entirely knowing that I'm likely just going to walk away with a cheap death and 3-4 bundles of Endo.
  14. I was running one of the Gift of the Lotus missions today and had a few Shield Lancers comically fly off to neverland, so I hopped into the Simulacrum to figure out the cause, which is apparently all slam attacks (tested with several melee weapons, just didn't show them in the recording).
  15. First off, this was an intended change listed in the Remaster patch notes (bullet points below). Second, if you have the blueprints, you should still be able to use fish parts to craft them if you really want. And lastly, 500 standing for bait is maybe a little expensive, but I personally think getting several baits for the cost of one hard bounty (about 4k standing) is a much better deal than farming fish for hours on-end only to make other fish-related items/components. As the notes say no more "craft-ception". Replaced Bait Blueprints with Baits in Fisher Hai-Luk’s Offerings. This means Baits are no longer craft-ception with other fish parts and can now just be bought outright for Standing. Reusable Fish Bait Blueprints can now be sold for 100,000 Credits. Relics of a different time for some, easy Credits for others. Original patch notes:
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