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  1. I don’t disagree that Io is the better option per unit time. But there are other, less absolutely efficient options if OP feels like killing multiple birds with one stone.
  2. Another option to consider is the open world low level bounties. They often give 200 oxium per bounty phase.
  3. I prefer the BPs to the bought bait, personally. It feels like a bit of a hassle to go see Business so often to get the Fortuna baits and pheromones. But I could also see how bought bait might be preferable for some players. Anyways, isn’t it a bit of a moot point now that we can tranq as many condrocs and kuaka as we want without any upkeep cost at all now?
  4. Brilliant! Thanks for the advice. edit: looks like you can still get stuck behind friendship doors that only become interactable upon clearing out enemies
  5. So kind of like a public test realm? I think it’s a worthy idea, but adding exclusive cosmetics or mods might be inviting complainers and naysayers who would want the content to be completable by everyone. In fact, if I wasn’t able to get my rewards because the content was broken, I’d be a little peeved. Rewards for something like this should be limited to stuff like glyphs, sigils, and a profile badge at most in my opinion. I’d definitely still play the content because the reward would be the actual gameplay. I think sometimes players forget making ‘challenging’ content is messy and takes time. I’m sure other changes to arbitrations were floated. It’d be interesting to play them in a PTR type of setting before they get pushed to the rest of the game (and have to be stuck with it until they push their next iteration). One thing to consider, however, is how the game is coded. It might be difficult to push patches that only affect the tryhard system and not the rest of the game. And of course, likely none of this would have a chance in Hek of happening on console.
  6. I like this better than placing a health/eHP penalty on the person who died. If you penalize someone with health, they’re just going to die again faster and annoy their teammates. But if you make it so that they miss out on loot, they might pay more attention or come better prepared next time. However, I think you take away the rotation reward, the person might just ragequit, potentially forcing everyone into host migration. How about removing the vitus essence for the rotation they die in? It’s not a big penalty, but penalty enough that you might want to avoid dying more.
  7. As long as the game continues to remain profitable, we probably don’t need to worry too much. In the meantime, it’s probably prudent to remember that we do not own the game; we only own access to the game for as long as they let us. All of our items are only digital. The service may be changed or shut down at any time. This is the reality of live service gaming in 2019. So... don’t get too attached, lol.
  8. How do you propose they do this? Do they have the capital necessary to do a share buyback at this point? Even if they did try something like that, it would probably elicit a hostile response. It seems like the ship has sailed. They could split and create a new IP, but that’s obviously problematic for both us and them as all our digital assets would not migrate.
  9. This is what I’ve been doing as well. The damage is just so high that it doesn’t matter.
  10. For me, the build time and the hassle of changing load out to update the specter are the main turn offs. On the off chance I feel like bringing a specter, I probably don’t already have one ready to go and don’t care enough to get one ready for next time. I feel like I would use specters much more if DE made the UI for the frame specter into just a quick selection from available frames and cut the build time down to an hour.
  11. Seems to be a lot of negativity in reaction to this suggestion, but I’m not sure why. I don’t think changing simulacrum access would have any appreciable effect on player retention, but I agree it is a good idea to have it open from Simaris’ quest onwards. The simulacrum is a practice mode. Unlocking a practice mode for new players is not “instant gratification.” It’s a basic utility that can be found in games going back decades now (most notably in fighting games but also in RTS, city builders, etc.)...
  12. I think they’re referring to when some challenges were not working as intended, and DE swapped them out with previous challenges on the fly. It’s impossible to know if they swapped all of the harder challenges out for easier ones these past weeks or if they planned for it to get easier all along. edit: probably a little of both lol
  13. Is this a neologism/backronym? “Meta-“ comes from Greek and means something along the lines of ‘beyond’ or ‘after.’ So meta-gaming is “gaming the game;” meta analysis is “analyzing the analyses.”
  14. As someone did whale pretty hard in Puzzles & Dragons, I completely agree. There are so many important differences between rolling rivens and pulling gacha (as have been pointed out multiple times by multiple people), but it also just feels very similar... The visual effect, the audio effect, the big reveal, the feeling when you get that big score that feels like it changes everything...
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