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  1. I appreciate what you’re saying. Conclave definitely needs to be looked at, but none of your changes will matter if players can’t reliably get a match within a reasonable amount of time. Unfortunately, heavier focus on ranking will actually only exacerbate the problem. They need to figure out some way for people to earn the reputation asynchronously.
  2. People who completely ignore Conclave as a game mode might start thinking about it more. It’s like when you get a coupon for some new restaurant you normally wouldn’t have tried. From what I’ve heard, Conclave is actually quite fun when you get a match with people at a similar skill level. I don’t think anyone who is already regularly playing Conclave is going to stop playing and grind medallions instead, so even if it adds only a few more players to the Conclave player base, it should be considered a positive, yeah?
  3. I’m glad you can reliably get Conclave matches, but we really aren’t making the whole “no available method of farming” thing up. There’s a lot that determines why you’re getting matches and others are not: region, platform, time, and other factors that are more opaque. I’m terrible at PvP. I would happily farm the rep by getting my butt handed to me over and over again until I ‘got gud,’ but I need to be able to queue into a match in a reasonable amount of time (and preferably against players of my own skill level). Please don’t think of entitled whiners when considering this universal medallion change, instead, think of the unfortunate bastard in some far flung corner of the globe who can never get a match no matter how hard they try. It’s not an insult, and it’s not gamebreaking. If you can get Conclave matches quickly, there is absolutely no comparison in terms of which method of farming rep is faster or less aggravating. I really wish DE hadn’t made this reversal. It might have actually eventually added to the Conclave player base in the long run.
  4. I really like the idea in concept, but as others have pointed out, it creates too big of gameplay difference for people playing with gore on verses those playing with it off. The system you propose is very heavy on detailed visual feedback, which I think is a great design mechanic. However, there will inevitably be players with gore turned off because of personal preference or because their region doesn’t allow it. Using the same system without the visual feedback takes away the immersion and feels incomplete/unfair. I’m all about that masochist idea as a new special enemy type though! As it loses health, it gets more dangerous. I’d love to fight a high level masochist manic eximus or two, lol.
  5. Hm, interesting! Thanks for the clarification. I definitely love the ragdolling in this game (and others). It’s one of those things that can put a smile on your face and uplift your spirits while you’re in the middle of a long grind. I see what you mean though. It might need a tweak to increase consistency in the way the game’s rules are applied.
  6. I honestly thought Loki’s ability was working as intended. I don’t play Loki much specifically, but whenever I either accidentally or intentionally knock an enemy into a pit in regular play, (it appears to me like) they die almost every time. There’s lots of bugs in this game, so I thought the unreliability of enemies teleporting back or dying was just another Warframe quirk. Plus, the majority of games treat falling into a pit as death for player and mob alike. When I saw the Loki teleport trick for disruption, I figured it was just one of those neat, little insider strats like nekros+hydroid (rip), djinn+gazal machete, equipping extra gladiator mods to sentinels, etc. Will using Loki or Nova to teleport the drone in Plague Star now be considered an exploit?
  7. In case no updates are forthcoming on this thread, here’s another one to watch:
  8. Thanks for the update, [DE]Drew. Is there any word on the Day Trader challenge Etzu mentioned? Is it currently working as intended? It’d be nice to get a heads up if at all possible before we all try to complete that one.
  9. Just give us Primed Charged Chamber with equivalent stats. It’s a win-win. ...And change the -ve mag capacity on Vectis rivens so we can actually use it. 😉
  10. Not every item in a market works that way at all. Ever heard of a collector’s item? People invest in things like antiques because they will appreciate in value over time. Useful and powerful rivens would be able to keep their value pretty well over time if DE didn’t implement these unnecessary nerfs. I’m not sure if you know, but riven rolls also have ranges the stats can be. Your Critaata might be stronger than mine if it has the max stats in the range for that roll. That’s one of the reasons why people want negatives on their rivens because it allows the good stats to go higher. So no, you didn’t just work for the roll itself regardless of how high or low the stats are.
  11. I’m sure there are plenty of people who don’t like video games who think that any money spent on them is a waste. If everyone followed the same rules as you do regarding free-to-play games, then Warframe wouldn’t be nearly as polished as it is in 2018. in any event, the thing I’m actually the most upset about is the sudden removal of the sentinel rivens. I love underused and niche weapons just as much as the big meta blasters, and sentinel weapon rivens are about as niche as it gets. Lots of good suggestions in this thread on how to bring them back into the game... give it a look, DE!
  12. Disregarding Fortuna, what new things to do in the game do you have now compared to pre-riven nerf? I think we all can agree that a well modded ‘meta’ weapon will steamroll 99% of the content in this game with or without a riven. That one guy will now have to maybe two-shot the eidolon instead of one-shotting it. You still don’t get the challenge you want and the lanka guy doesn’t get the pleasure of one-shotting with his favorite gun.
  13. What exactly are you so satisfied with? Does it really hurt your enjoyment of the game to know someone someplace is using a ‘meta’ weapon with a riven that apparently has 20% too good of stats? i think those delighting in other people’s disappointment should remember that this is a free to play game that relies upon people making platinum purchases with real world currency. If the people who buy stuff like rivens are less inclined to inject money into the game, all players will suffer from longer content droughts and less money for development.
  14. You do a good job at countering some of the arguments brought up here by my fellow posters, but I still don’t see how these changes have a positive effect on the game. Why not just buff the weapons that need buffing (or rework them to make them more appealing)?
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