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  1. TL;DR You know what I realized? For all the internet memes of selling dehydrated water, sea salt is LITERALLY dehydrated sea water and no one makes fun of stores selling sea salt. Also, The vast majority of warframe players don't say anything in chat at all.
  2. Other than dropping Hammershot (seriously that mod is almost always a DPS loss) for another elemental, the build looks pretty good and should work well. Maxing out those mods might actually make up the difference since those numbers on the site look about right.
  3. Summary of pub groups: Build RJ to be as tanky as possible. Fly to within weapon falloff range of enemy. See crewship. Ask if anyone is on sling, sees a "Yes". Advance RJ forwards and hold steady so slingshot aiming is easier. Slinger does nothing for 40+ seconds while crewship hammers away 70% of my 6k well-armoured + damage reduction RJ. Say "F it" and jump into archwing to kill crewship (because sling is still occupied). Kill crewship, return to find someone else in pilot seat who refuses to get off. New pilot proceeds to fly RJ straight into enemy fire in erratic patterns, making the gunner's job impossible. Spend rest of mission trying to keep RJ alive, kill crewships / fighters, do objectives. Oh, and the sling is still occupied. 10/10. Would farm for 4% drop +30 avionics capacity Mk. III Vidar reactor again.
  4. At the moment yes RJ feels very unfinished. But to be fair, it may not have been 100% DE's choice, considering they are part of some bigger conglomerate company. I recall in one of the recent devstreams Steve had to ask Rebecca if she got management sign-off to preview the sentient tileset.
  5. It's not that CP is mandatory for everything, but I think it's a bit extreme to blanket dismiss CP or judge people negatively just for using it. Some cases having the armor strip is nice, for example if you're trying to nuke ESO with a Volt or Equinox instead of Saryn (yes, yes why not just bring Saryn, I get it). While I generally consider myself to be an average / below average player, I do think my Volt is sensibly modded and there is a noticeable difference in map nuking on ESO Wave 7 / 8 with no CP vs 3 CP / CD, or after 50 minutes of Kuva survival.
  6. In the meantime, I would suggest getting to tactical intrinsic level 4 as fast as possible, if you haven't already. It unlocks the ability to warp back to your railjack using your omni tool, which is very useful for working around many of the bugs and travel time.
  7. Sorry, I should have made my position clearer. I was more referring to the Cryophon mounted on my nose turret being able to reliably one-shot fighters in the veil, or at least have enough burst DPS to quickly overcome their healing rate. With the polar coil I have installed the nose turret can fire 5 shots without the turret overheating if I spam it as fast as possible, 6 - 7 if I temper it a bit, which significantly blunts any attack run and by then the fighters would have zoomed past me. Of course, this is largely due to the luxury of me being the pilot / host so I know exactly how my ship is going to move. So maybe my bias for Zekti weapons spilled over to the side turrets..
  8. Thanks for the suggestions everyone. It seems the Carccinox seems to be the popular choice due to combination of range, overheat issues, and host-client lag. Reason I personally have Zekti everything is because that's literally the only thing that will drop for me, and with a polar coil the heat is somewhat manageable so it overalls seems to outperforms the sigma series stuff even with its higher heat values.
  9. I'm asking since I normally either fly the railjack when hosting or do some combination of engineering / boarding when not hosting, so I probably haven't played the gunner as much as some people here. Though I personally prefer the Cryophon on the nose turret, I would like to install a weapon that is both effective and fun for the gunner(s) to use. Currently running the Mk. 3 Zekti Carccinox (however that is spelled) on the wing turrets. Any opinions or suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  10. Why not use multishot? Leaving out heavy cal sure, but multishot is very good.
  11. Not necsssarily kill the drop ships, but you can kill the enemies before they jump off. The reason I find Staticor so effective is because not only does the alt fire have an 8m blast radius, the normal fire also has a 2m blast radius. You shoot that thing very fast with vile acceleration and carpet bomb a large area very efficiently.
  12. My go to for this is: Slowva + Staticor (install Vile Acceleration and mod for corrosive) + some kind of enemy radar either on your Warframe or companion. AOE blast everything to death even at the highest level bounty,
  13. Double mk. 3 Zekti Cryophon + an Amesha casting 3 will pretty much wreck every fighter swarm. With the combination of the bulkhead, hull weave, and the damage resistance avionics, the railjack becomes ridiculously tanky and you can charge headfirst into anything without much risk. Throw on hyperstrike and have someone in the slingshot to destroy crew ships and the veil becomes a cakewalk.
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