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  1. Of course people care. BUT... The final numbers aren't even out yet, and the patch appears to be scheduled for Monday. It is also the weekend and I don't think DE employees are at work. So all the traction in the world isn't going to make a difference. If anything, it'll just desensitize people to start dismissing threads, which is counterproductive if the patch launches and there actually ARE major issues. Either way new melee system = only Saryn is endgame is...quite the logical leap.
  2. While the idea may seem good on paper, pretty much no one will play it due to this.
  3. Don't use the sacrificial mods, primed pressure point out performs sacrificial pressure even with full set bonus. EB pretty much demands chromatic blade and CO. The energy wave attacks don't add to combo counter anyway last I checked, so blood rush wouldn't be as useful as you'd think. You can sort of get blood rush's effect if you run helios + deconstructor as a stat stick. If you install gladiator mods the set bonus applies to your exalted melee as well, even if helios dies.
  4. And then, a wild Vay Hek appeared!
  5. 1) Why? The amount of void traces you get is randomly determined as far as I know. 2) Easier to just run missions. Find something fast like captures or exterminate. 3) Sure that would be nice. But still easier to just run missions. 4) Sure. Or just open them and sell prime junk for plat.
  6. Drop Hammershot. That mod almost ALWAYS is a dps loss compared to simply slotting in another damage mod. Drop H-Cal. Can't do damage if you can't hit. Replace it with something like (primed) shred, bladed rounds, or vigilante armaments. Argon scope is an option if you have it, but it's pretty rare/expensive and I find bladed rounds to be slightly more effective. Now you have some options. If you want to keep the corrosive crit hybrid, put in more electric or toxin damage so corrosive procs more reliably. You can also go for a viral munitions build by switching high voltage out for rime rounds and slotting in Hunter Munitions.
  7. Single button / simple function automation is allowed as far as I know. You just can't use macros to play the game for you while you go afk.
  8. Is there a level limit? If not, just do the grineer defense mission on earth with a high range maim equinox with maybe around 120ish power strength. You'll pretty much kill everything before they can even get in range to shoot.
  9. T4 void sabotage (Marduk I think) is pretty fast too, and has a 50% of dropping an axi relic.
  10. This of course will depend in your play style and preferences, so feel free to disagree with my opinions. Fang / Fang Prime, Ethel reaper, tetra, stug, karak, and convextric tend to underperform. Bronco, cestra, skana, grakata, vasto, and the anku have a dual version so you can safely get rid of those if you simply want more burst damage. That being said, furis is more useful than afuris due to the winds of purity augment. As for suggestions, what kind of weapons do you tend to like? What's your MR?
  11. Nah don't sweat it. Mirage has always been a polarizing frame from the start and people either love her or hate her. Well, that or people just forget she exists.
  12. OP thinks Nyx is a fun frame. Thread is about fun frames, not meta frames. /argument
  13. Mirage is one of the best nukes in the game. Fite me.
  14. Well, I was only joking. You could try Volt though. Don't let the fact that he's a starter frame fool you. He is easily one of the most versatile frames in the game. Can nuke and CC (4th ability). Can melt face and "tank" (his electric shields are invincible and also boost damage) Can speed run (2nd ability). Starchart? Easy. ESO? No problem. Eidolons? A good volt is worth his weight in gold.
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