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  1. im trying to farm pyr captains but i don't know which missions to find him in> Anyone know what mission in railjack does he spawn in?
  2. is the mirage oneiro skin only on pc right now? Also does anyone know when it will arrive on consoles if not already?
  3. i was thinking about trying to putting terrify on sevagoth for more slow. between reap and sow what ability should i replace. gloom and exalted shadow are important. so it would have to be reap or sow.
  4. i really like sevagoth but i don't know how to build him. can anyone know what to mod him for?
  5. does anyone know how much affinity sevagoth gives. with his shadow and his claws plus sevagoth him self how much affinity is he worth all together?
  6. what are some of the best subsumed ability to add to nekros prime? to make him more tanky , CC or both?
  7. what the best places to farm intrinsics right now where u can get intrisinsics & wreckage parts?
  8. where is the best place to farm the plating and the new guns?Talyn for example. Also are the new guns farmable?
  9. does the plexus give affinity for MR?
  10. is the blackout pulse avionic good/useful? i know what it does, but does it effect the crew ships, or only the fighters?
  11. anyone got some good saryn prime build i usually don't play saryn so i dont really know mod her?
  12. I haven't finish consuming all warframes for helminth yet, and i just finished consuming khora's ensnare. anyone know the best warframes that would benefit from ensnare. also some kuva nukor & glaive combos that would go good with that ability?
  13. anyone got some good secura penta builds?
  14. does anyone know all the buffs u get from void fissures and what they are?
  15. i missed a little of the dev stream does anyone know when they said about the update on console?
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