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  1. i never got my braton vandal receiver i got the drop yesterday am i gonna still get todays drop?
  2. after a prime warframe, weapon, sentinels, is released or unvaulted how to figure out how much it will be worth month to month?
  3. what are the best arch guns for nectamechs?
  4. is this an omega helmith charger https://images.guru/i/Qpg0p
  5. i just just got the secura penta the other day. because i switched syndicate a while back and finally maxed out in perrin sequence. so i noticed i got alot of stand by 15 waves. btw i did have a sigil that gives +13% standing which contributed. anyway does the syndicate weapon affect add bonus standing?
  6. what are the best ways to level necromechs?
  7. will the resource drop chance booster work on the mech parts?
  8. i got 1 for a login reward. for the cambion drift resources what should i use it for?
  9. yes i do hot enough son tokens. still dud work. & my infested cat is maxed to 30
  10. i maxed out my oanzer vulpaphyla & now it says i cant guild it ithttps://images.guru/i/QM1cWhttps://images.guru/i/QMKhg has anyone had this problem? is it fixable?
  11. where is the best places to find velecipods?
  12. to build the new pets it requires fass residue. i have arround 60-70 of them. but it says i have 0. has anyone else had this problem? How to i fix it?
  13. i had got a buzlock riven is it a g roll & how much is it worth?https://images.guru/i/Qw2gZ
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