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  1. no, just to make a shortcut to the launcher with this as target : "YOUR_INSTALL_FOLDER\Warframe\Tools\Launcher.exe" -cluster:public -registry:Discord
  2. Awesome work Thanks a lot ! A little bit of feedback : got a weird DL behavior here in France, lot of fluctation in speed : keeps fluctating between the 30ko to 6mo range then speed really improved around 40% Was near constant 6 -7mo after 40-42% until end. Tested on 2 different clients here (not at the same time) and got a friend in another part of the country on another ISP who reported the same behavior. Maybe it got something to do the way the files are streamed ? Logs generated by launcher were checked but no issue were found. If someone got the same behavior can you quote this ? Hope it helps if it's not just a freak occurance !
  3. I know a happy horse somewhere in Canada 😄
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