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  1. I know a happy horse somewhere in Canada 😄
  2. Now that Fortuna part 2 is out and the most urgent fires are put off, how about give the APIs some much needed love ? You got amazing devs in the community, time to emporwer them even more ! It is a wise investissement of ressources DE, it will come back tenfold in love and awareness !
  3. Tenarsha

    TennoBaum WishList repository

    Thanks to @Arachnid-Scorpiones for the slots !
  4. Tenarsha

    TennoBaum WishList repository

    Happy tennobaum to all ! If you want to be extra generous (and awesome), I wish for the Sacrifice Collection or Loki deluxe pack. If you want to be regular generous (but still awesome) some decorations for the orbiter (you can check my ingame whishlist) would be great (so I can look at them and think of you <3) May Rngesus smile on you all !
  5. I approve of this thread. Please DE, once Fortuna is out, give the API some love ❤️
  6. Tenarsha

    Where is update 23.10.0?!

    that's the sane move now you guys get some good sleep
  7. Enabled it, everything is working fine
  8. Tenarsha

    Warframe Prime Time #201: Tonight at 7pm ET!!

    I hope I can see you girls in my dojo :)
  9. @[DE]Connor or any other mods : could you edit the post to turn off the auto plays ? it kills my CPU / GPU (like 90% usage) until I turn the videos off. Would be great, thanks !
  10. Tenarsha

    Tennobaum gifting center

    Thanks a lot @Aeruhat ! <3
  11. Tenarsha

    Tennobaum gifting center

    Dear Tenno, If you're feeling extra generous, a skin bundle (like loki or nova) or a xiphos ship would be super awesome, otherwise some ship décorations or noggles (you can check my wish list) would make a great tennobaum gift ! Thank you <3
  12. Tenarsha

    State of the TennoNet 2017

    Excellent article, thanks !
  13. Kudos for a year well done !
  14. Tenarsha

    Steam Workshop Warframe Tennogen Tool

    Hey, would this feature request be possible ? : Since TennoGen is close to the actual rendering in-game, I think adding a module to test / preview Clan and Alliance Emblems would be really appreciated by a lot of people. If it's not possible or you want to keep things separated, please consider releasing a dedicated tool for that. Thanks :)