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  1. Using Mesa means your Sister is gonna be Magnetic. Which, the last I've checked, suck, save for some fringe cases like CO stacking with whatever the lastest and best in CO stacking is. Just stick with the Xoris. Pop 1 or 2 Solaris rescue and you will have plenty enough time. They even tip you a small amount of solaris credits too.
  2. I 100% agree that exalted weapons need to be buffed, but I disagree with the focus on raw stats and simple cookie cutter modding. That's incredibly boring. Like you said, Baruuk's Exalted is the notable exception, being very powerful despite not being able to equip acolyte mods. Why? Because he fire off giant room wiping shockwaves on every hit, enhanced by the excellent Reactive Storm augment. DE don't need a revisit to simply enable acolyte mods on Exalted weapons. If they are doing a Revisit, then they should do much more than that. Double down on the special characteristics of Exalted melee. Make them unique. Make them different than just being another set of melee weapon that cost energy to use. For example: Excalibur Exalted Blade - Greatly increase projectile speed. Wider projectiles. Improve the speed and damage of Slash Dash while using Exalted Blade. Heavy Attacks fire off Judgement Cut as a ranged attack. Heavy Attack at 12x combo meter create Judgement Cut End. In the same way, find something unique for Valkyr's Talons and Wukong's Iron Staff to do.
  3. Ah nice. Make sense why they make the Phage and Kuva Nukor, damage went up so much but barely does anything for the Bubonico and Kuva Brakk. Beam and hitscans weapons should be fine, just protectile weapons are bugged correct? Bump, hopefully DE can see this and fix it as soon as possible. Edit: wait nvm the brakk is hitscan im an idiot. Gotta tweak up my build a bit later.
  4. Because, it's what you said you wanted: Baby steps. Gradual nerfs instead of a drastic one that could cripple melee. Or would you have preferred actual meaningful changes? Like a big enough nerf that would actually make melee equal to ranged weapons? On the flipside, It's obvious that DE are afraid of buffing guns too much. Then the community will cling on to it and refuse any nerf, like it always had. So, again, they are doing it by baby steps. Can't buff guns too much in the off chance that guns becomes even more broken than current melee, and necessitate another nerf. Buffs and nerfs are 2 sides of the same coin of game balancing. Can't have one without the other. In fact, we are in such a bad spot in term of balancing because DE have refused to dole out meaningful nerfs for years. Instead of nerfing Mesa and Saryn down to appropriate levels, DE have only done half-measures and buffed every thing else to match their power, like everyone wished. And now Mesa and Saryn are considered average, congrats, but the entire game is broken in a dozen places. So, base on the OP's power scale, right now DE is nerfing melee from a 10 to a 9, and buffing guns from a 4 to a 5. But that's only one step. Nothing to say they can't do more in the future, perhaps buffing guns to a 6 and nerfing melee to a 7. Then we would be much closer.
  5. My answer to this is the same as always: Ash is perfectly fine, especially after the buffs to his 4 (making them instant 3 marks for the price of 1). Mesa, Saryn and Khora being absolutely broken is the problem. Khora especially have no right doing that much AoE damage to late game mobs. Ash's 4 marking mechanic is an intuitive and engaging mechanic. Does a lot of damage, but comes with some restriction. Playing around it is what makes it fun. I would hate to see old Ash's 4 back because it just turn him to another "press 2 button to nuke the map with 0 thought" like the above Warframes. I like to have some small degree of engagement when playing the game. That's why I chose to play an action game, and not Cookie Clicker. One change I would like to see to Ash is simply including his augments into his abilities. Just put Seeking Shuriken and Fatal Teleport into Ash as baseline, so that he don't have to waste 2 slots into augments for basic functionality. Bladestorm augment can stay as it's actually pretty powerful and open up a new playstyle. It make sense for that to take a mod slot
  6. Agreed. Iso Vaults are the poster child of everything wrong with the modern Warframe design: very easy but also very annoying. You can easily solo it with Octavia while half afk. But completion is gated behind timers, hide-and-seek objectives and esoteric conditions like Kill X enemy after you cover them in goo. It might be faster with a team that know how to do several things at once. But then its hard to find 3 other people on the same page with so many decisions to make, so its probably still faster if you do it by yourself. Which is why Im glad there's nothing worth farming in it. Just shell out the plat for the Aurum Spinosa and broken Weapon parts, then never bother with them again.
  7. Bubonico and Cedo: "Are we a joke to you?" Yeah I know it's easy to forget that they are technically still status shotguns, as everyone use them mostly for their explosive 2ndary fire modes. But that's just the thing: Sancti and Prime Tigris are relics of the past. Even if you return the old 100% status / pellet deal, they will still be bad compared to the modern options. I don't know if you guys remember, but while you can still do 100% status per pellet, Kuva Brakk was king. Why? Because as a 2ndary weapon, Kuva Brakk actually get good crit stats, amazing crit mods, on top of the status.And of course, I don't need to tell people how good the Redeemer Prime is. It's hilarious that the #1 (Redeemer Prime) and # 2 (Kuva Brakk) pellet shotguns aren't even in the shotguns category. It just show how bad the base stats and mod selections are for the shotguns. Those can actually crit, and shotguns cannot. We need better crit stats for the majority of shotguns. It's that simple. OP was being too conservative. I want to see 60% base crit chance on the Tigris Prime, and 70% base crit chance on the Sancti Tigris. And please give us Prime Blunderbuss too. I want to see a bunch of yellow and orange crits on these weapons. They're supposed to be boomsticks. Right now they are just pathetic.
  8. Maybe the sheer quantity of guns is the reason? But they already did it for hundreds of melee weapons. It's not that much of a stretch to do it for guns also. Part of the reason for Melee 2.9's success was that DE buffed the base stat for a lot of underperforming, outdated melee. As a result, we get a much wider range of viable melee. Of course, there's always the best in slot, meta choices. But the gap between the best and the average is not too large. Every melee weapon can be build to decent performance. This was good. Why aren't they doing the same for guns. There's a large amount of guns with outdated stat lines. I doubt that the new mods and arcane are capable of helping them. Top performing guns like the Knukor and the Bramma obviously don't need any buff. But older like the Braton Prime, Soma Prime or Burston Prime do. We already see this with the Soma Prime. It just recently got a new mod that let it does red/orange crits and constantly proccing Hunter Munition. Still doesn't help it as it's base damage its so poor. So it's still a terrible weapon. It looks like the new mods will only widen the gap between the top performing guns and the mr fodders ones. Especially considering that they proc off kills, so getting that first kill fast and keeping the chain up is very important. There's still time, so maybe consider buffing the base stats for guns, especially the single targets one? Just base damage buff, at the very least.
  9. TLDR: Keep Steel Essence drop for Eximus, NERF KHORA. Acolytes are cool, they can stay. Having the pleasure of playtesting Deimos Arcana Steel Path, I can say that once again, DE is missing the problem, or is willfully ignoring it. The problem with Steel Essence farming wasn't that people were doing Endurance runs. For most cases, Steel Path is actually kinda challenging. Mobs can dish out tons of of damage, and require good builds to be damaged in returns. If people can actually last for long periods of time in Endurance Steel Path missions, more power to them. The fact that Steel Path rewards scale up over time thanks to increased Eximus spawn rate provides an incentive to last longer in missions. This is good. The problem here is Khora. Her AoE damage output is completely out of line for so little effort. Of course, this phenomenon is nothing new - Saryn, Mesa, and Octavia exist. But even amongst these broken frames, Khora takes the cake. She can deal millions of damage per hit every ~1.5 seconds, applying that to a whole corridor of mobs by throwing down her 4 and then spamming her 1. Think this is hyperbole? Nope: This is easily accomplished on a 2 forma Khora with a poorly optimized build with a crappy Jaw sword riven. I'm sure other people who actually invest more in their Khora and statstick can do far much more damage. This is what let people make Steel Path farming bot/macro happen. Khora can 1 or 2 shots whole rooms even against high-level Steel Path enemies. It's so braindead that of course bots can do it. Khora's current state is what enabling automated Steel Essence farm, and I can say with confidence that if DE nerfs Khora, then Steel Path auto farm will no longer be viable. No other Warframes can achieve this much large-AoE damage alone by pressing 2 buttons. Even Mesa and Saryn falls off against Steel Path enemies, Khora straight up does not. You can't buff every other warframes/ weapons to be doing millions of damage per hit to whole room. That would turn Warframe into Cookie Clicker with fancy graphic. 1 click to wipe out rooms at a time. No gameplay other than to watch your Kuva count go up. Is this what DE envision for their game? Also, no reason DE can nerf things that are out of line AND buff weaker underused warframes at the same time. These actions are not mutually exclusive. So yeah. Nerf Khora, and keep Steel Essence drops for Eximus units. Have Acolytes supplement them, make Steel Path a bit more interesting. Only Khora is the problem. Don't nerf the rest of Steel Path just to avoid nerfing 1 Warframe. So how do we nerf Khora, without crippling her? Some suggestions: Disable Blood Rush affecting her 1: Most exalted weapons don't even get Blood rush and Weeping Wound. Why does Khora's pseudo exalted get it? Nerf Accumulating Whipclaw max damage. Heavily reduce Whipclaw's damage vs Strangledom'ed enemies (enemies directly hit by Whipclaw still get hit with the same damage. And to compensate: Bake Venari Bodyguard augment into Khora's passive. So Khora don't need to use a mod slot for another augment. If we reduce Khora's strength, it is fair to reduce her overreliance on augments and squishiness also.
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