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  1. Single target guns aren't exactly dominating in settings where single target damage is needed either. Like Index or Disruption for example. AoE damage options often out DPS single target options. So there's no scenario where you want to bring single target weapon unless DE forces you to like Eidolon. Which is the crux of the issue here. The exception here is Titania. Why? Simple: Because she CAN out dps AoE options. By a lot, when built and played correctly. So the solution is to replicate what Titania have. Buff the raw damage output of single target weapons. Take the Soma Prime for example. Double it's base crit chance and 10x it's base damage. Because that's what single target weapons need to be competitive agaisnt AoE damage dealing options like Warframe nukes, Melee weapon and and AoE guns.
  2. Yeah it's good that there are people who are taking their time to try the new stuff out. They are great. Also the Gundition Overload mods seems to work properly now and my god they do crazy damage (I think some guns like the Ogris is still bugged tho). What Galvanized Scope and Arcane Deadhead need is an easier way to proc. On-kill effect are incredibly easy to proc as they work off DoT kills, so slash and heat ticks (very common among meta builds) can easily keep these buffs up at 100%. On the other hand, the on- headshot kill effects doesn't work with DoT, so if you have something like Hunter Munition on your Rubico Prime it becomes much harder to proc these effects. Either make the DoT kills from headshot count, or make it that they only require headshots, not headshot kills.
  3. Cap smeeta at 2x. If the buff proc again, refresh or add to the duration. Don't let it grow exponentially. EZPZ. Except it does hurt the game by severely reducing the variety of pet choice down to 1. Now, yes many of the pets mechanics are outdated, and should be changed and buffed, but as long as Smeeta stays the way it is, it will remain the only choice for any players farming any kind of resource (so basically everyone except for the veterans MR30/L1s who have been playing for years and sit on huge stockpiles of everything). Case in point: Panzer Vulpaphyla. AoE viral status. Doesn't need to be revived. Can make you effectively immortal with Matyr Symbiosis and Hunter Recovery as long as it is alive. Basically the perfect pet that every other pet wishes to be. Except... if you are farming something, you still need Smeeta loot/exp buff, because loot buff is better than all of the above. So even if DE buff all the other pets up the wazoo, people will still use Smeeta 90% of the time. Loot buff as a stat that competes with other stat ruins every game it touches.
  4. Since that stat was taken Ash has received a massive buff. His 4 place 3 marks instantly, and cost the energy of 1 mark. This drastically reduced his energy consumption and increased his speed. I keep telling you that every time you pull that outdated stat up, and you keep ignoring it (or maybe it's buried and you didn't see it?) His 4 went from being one of the worst abilities in the game, to being one of the best. I definitely do not want to replace any Helminth ability for Bladestorm now, not even the best ones like Breach Surge. Ash absolutely do not need a full overhaul. Your suggestions are far too convoluted, and DE would be insane to expend that much resource to rework a perfectly functioning Warframe. You are suggesting a dozens different effects and interactions for each abilities. This only make sense if Ash is the only Warframe in the game. DE would much rather implement a new kit into a new Warframe instead and make more money. Which ties back to the OP. DE seems have an abundant of artists who puts out assets faster than they can make content for. That's why it's more profitable for them to make new kit into new Warframes, instead of put new kit into old Warframes. And frankly, other than Hydroid, I don't think any Warframe require a full kit overhaul anymore. Warframes like Chroma, Nyx and Frost can receive the Zephyr treatment (1 new passive and 1 new ability, slight touch up on the rest of the kit) and be well on their way. I will agree with 1 thing: Ash is too reliant on Augments. Seeking Shuriken and Fatal Teleport should be included into the ability as default. Maybe have a new augment for Shuriken so he can throw out more Shurikens without eating thru all of his energy. That's pretty much all Ash needs really. Rising Storm can stay, because Blade Storm is already very good without the it. Costing a mod slot is a fair price to pay for Rising Storm.
  5. Primary: Tenet Envoy. Like the Kuva Bramma with much more ammo but with less damage and lengthy reload (but can be reloaded while using other weapon). Is good if you are incapable of slotting in Vigilante Supplies and moving around collecting the tons of ammo lying on the ground. As the Bramma is the best AoE primary, this is the 2nd best. Secondary: Tenet Cycron. Like the Nukor with less crit damage and status chance, but much better crit chance. Also has base Heat damage instead of the Nukor's Rad. It can stack hundreds of Heat stacks in a few seconds. Might be better than the Nukor tbh. Close contest for the BiS secondary in the game. Melee: can't tell. Only have the Exec, which seems to be a top tier Heavy Blade rivaling the Gram Prime. Don't have the other ones as I have been too busy grinding Inazuma and dont have time for holokey grind lmao.
  6. Pure Status Melees suck too. If you run Weeping Wound and Condition Overload without any Crit, they will also do very little damage. I've even tried Exodia Force Zaw build, it's still pretty bad. Status is bad. Crit is good. Status + Crit is better, which why the meta is hybrid. A Weeping wound equivalent for guns wouldn't solve this issue. You will still be slotting it into a crit build anyway. Just like how people are slotting Galvanized Aptitude into their crit build guns now.
  7. You can still use it the weapon as a heavy blade. Just not the special effect. It's still one of the top melee even without it. Your overheat scheme is needlessly convoluted (therefore perfectly in line with what DE usually do, remember their anti-Railjack ability spam scheme? Pretty similar to what you suggested). Almost every other game developers have cracked this problem by using cooldowns. There's really no need to reinvent the wheels here.
  8. TLDR: Tenet Exec heavy slam special effect deals much more damage, but has a short cooldown so it cannot be spammed. The Tenet Exec is one of the 4 new Tenet weapons, sold by Ergo Glast for 40 Corrupted Holokeys. It's a heavy blade with comparable stats to the Gram prime (less damage and less status chance, but higher atk speed and crit chance) and have a special effect where it's slam attacks fire offs explosive wheels (3 wheels on Heavy slams). It has the necessary characteristics to be one of the best weapon in the game, and the special effect is just the cherry on top. At least... that's what it should be. In practice, despite having a massive AoE, the wheels deals virtually no damage. So at best, they are a useless gimmick, and at worst, they are a hindrance as they jostle enemies around the room with knock-ups and make you miss. I understand that: If the Tenet Exec passive does any significant damage at all, it will be ridiculously broken. The Heavy Slam in particular can hit a whole swath of enemies with its massive AoE. If it can kill enemies, people would be spamming the heavy slam until kingdom come. And I'm in the camp that believe Warframe need less spammable room-clearing nukes, not more. But ... what if I tell you that's there's a way that DE can implement cool and powerful abilities/effects, while have them remained balanced and not game breaking. It's called cooldowns. A solution that most other modern game developers have arrived at to balance their content (both PvP and PvE). Now I understand that at this point it's far too late to add cooldowns to any of the old contents (there is too much resistance against it). But as Lavos shown, there's still room to do it to newer contents. It's very simple: On Heavy Slam, the Tenet Exec fire 3 rolling wheels with large AoE and significant damage (scalable with the heavy atk combo multipliers). But it will have an 8 seconds cooldown (number subject to tuning), during which if you use the Heavy slam again it will not fire off any wheels. You can build up combo between that 8 seconds, and then Heavy Slam again for a 12x damage AoE nuke. And it's not like the Tenet Exec is useless while its abilities is in cooldown, as it have amazing stats by itself. There you have it, powerful, fun, but not game-breaking. Everyone should be happy. (of course if you want to keep spamming million damage AoE nukes you can keep using Glaives or Khora or Breach Surge whatever, this is an experiment for a new weapon)
  9. Ikr this is bizzare. Imagine if it had been Tenet Penta and is able to use the Penta mods like Napalm Grenade and Tether Grenade. Instead we got the Tenet Tetra as a grenade launcher that is incompatible with its own augments? Wut? And the Flux Rifle is a beam weapon. What's the point of turning it into yet another mediocre Assault rifle, which are a dime a dozen to begin with???
  10. There will absolutely be a need for proper public testing environment. Crossplay means DE can no longer just say "PC players are the beta testers lol". No more hotfix, no more day 1 patches. The patch must be ship in a finished state, with fine tuned balance and 99% bug free. Genshin Impact is about to ship a whole new region in 3 days, and their beta have been sitting there for around a month now. Warframe needs to be doing the same if they want crossplay to be a thing. Use the testing environment they set up. Run longer beta for more major patches. There is no acceptable alternative. Have PC get patched first and then lock PC out of crossplay for a month? Or ship a ridiculously broken update and have the whole game be broken until the fixes can be certified for all consoles? All unacceptable.
  11. Trade offer: - I receive: 55% extra base crit chance for slotting in Sac Pressure with Sac Steel (+110% on Heavy attacks). - You receive: 27.5% extra base damage for slotting Primed Pressure Point with Sac Steel. This is a fair trade. Sac Pressure does not need to be buffed. In fact, it's an unfair trade because there's very few scenario where Sac Pressure don't come out on top (like weapons with non existence base crit chance, in which case you shouldn't be using them in the first place). I mean PPP is already considered the worst Melee damage mod among the big 3. Heavy Spam builds use Sac Pressure. Combo spam builds use CO. The only weapons I still have PPP on are the ones I haven't used in years and have not remod them yet. If nothing else they should buff PPP so it's worth consider using.
  12. More players in Steel Path don't increase spawn rate as it is already at max level (of 4 players). I don't think DE's gonna make the game spawn even more enemies, because then then you start running into technical issues, like lower-specs computers getting wrecked.
  13. Try the Tenet Detron. Similar ammo dump mechanic, large clip (which can be enhanced by Ice Storm), tight spread, good damage, fast reload, works like a dream. Just continuing the weird trend the 2ndary shotguns are so much better than the primary shotguns. Pyrana Prime, Catchmoon, Kuva Brakk, and now this. I'm pretty sure that if you make a secondary version of the Cedo with the same mechanics, it would be better than the primary version too. For some reason the 2ndary versions are just better tune and have access to better mod selections.
  14. At this point I'm scared that Yareli is gonna get overbuffed from all these complaints like Khora was lmao. Maybe a Pilfering mod and some insane damage scaling Augment. Protea proved that you can easily achieve massive nuke damage without needing exalted or pseudo-exalted interactions, so it's entire possible something similar can be done to Yareli. Like Khora, she's already pretty good on the AoE CC side And if Khora show anything, its that once you overbuff anything, you can never, ever take it back. Not even a tiny bit. Not saying that Yareli don't need some buffs... but like... I hope DE properly test it and don't go overboard. Their last few Warframes are all at somewhat of a good spot currently.
  15. At the bare minimum , Holokey drop has to be guaranteed per Void Storm completion. It can do with 1 less layer of RNG.
  16. Don't mind if I do. Here, I will even use Inaros for you: https://i.imgur.com/uXOxvtd.mp4 But... hey, you used Chroma to boost your damage, showing that even Flux Rifle can shred Acolytes. That's great. It proves my point that "Bullet sponge is in the eye of the beholder". They are spongy if you pick the wrong choice, wrong combination, like a bad weapon with no damage boost. With the right one (like bad weapon with good damage boost, oor good weapon with good damage boost etc.), you can do Steel Path easily. That's the point of Steel Path. It's not a skill check. It's a gear check. Well... bring the right gear. P/S: Before you asked me to try Bramma without Chroma, did you even test it first yourself?
  17. And you assume I don't do the same? My staple loadout is nothing but meta AoE tools like Breach Surge, Bramma, Knukor and Glaive Prime. Yes, it's fun to do big fat number. Like this or this or this The difference is I recognize that we have received too many buffs, and so it's perfectly ok to be nerfed back down a bit. It's really is that simple. You can intentionally handicap yourself by going around shooting with a half modded Braton, but that's the equivalent of putting on a blindfold and ignore reality. You can intentionally play the game badly and it doesn't change the fact that we have had far more buffs than nerfs. Like? If you are referring to Gas status and the Zenistar, then I agree what happened to them was tragic, and that DE should buff them back up to viability soon (like they have done for Ash). But again, these are outliers. The overarching pattern is that players has been getting increasingly much more powerful overall. Edit: If you are hopping into SP Mot right now and spending the next 8 hours getting to lvl 9000 or whatever to prove a point, then Please, don't. It will hurt you more than it will hurt me.
  18. "Endless NERF" he said as the power creep completely balloon out of control with players wiping the map faster than ever, dealing ludicrous level of damage and never die unless we do something ridiculous like staying in a mission for 2 hours+. Things that was hard is now super easy. 1 shotting Eidolon limbs used to take a expensive Sniper riven, now can be done with a gunblade or Voidrig. Surviving 2 hours in Mot used to be hard, and now people can do it half asleep against Super Mot with + 100 levels and 250% armor/HP. Insanely overpowered Warframes like Mesa and Saryn are now considered average because how much the entire game have been buffed around them. Hydroid, which used to be a perfectly viable frame is now left in the dump as his poor scalings has no way of keeping up with the power creep. The players keep getting stronger and stronger relative to the game, yet it's never enough. DE keeps buffing over and over again but the playerbase is never grateful for it. Helminth was a biggest player buff I have ever witness in any video game, and all people could see was a few percent off from Roar. "Toxic" is correct. "No, never enough damage, not big enough numbers. I want to win the game spamming 1 or 2 buttons, and doing absolutely nothing else. Anything that infringe upon that is the end of the Earth." Rivens have finally stop getting nerfed because most of them have settled into a good place. They were originally supposed to make the bad weapons good, not the good weapons better. Now all that's left is to buff the rivens for weaker weapons gradually, based on usage rates. Only the big 4 is left: Gram Prime, Kronen Prime, Glaive Prime and Reaper Prime, weapons that had far higher disposition than they were supposed to (because DE couldn't separate riven dispo between different weapon variant in the past). They WILL go to .5 dispo eventually, trust me on this one. The only thing DE does wrong is being far too generous. They buff too much, making people spoiled and go on to expect more buffs forever. Like a giving a kid too much candy/junk food and now they refuse to eat anything but candy and junk food.
  19. "Bullet-sponges" are in the eye of the beholder. Try picking better gun than the Flux Rifle. The Tenet version is barely any better than the base version, and the base version is one of the worst weapon in the game. (note the bottom right, I have the infinite ammo cheat on)
  20. I mean... what else is new? DE keep buffing and buffing and make the players ever more overpowered. But is anyone ever grateful for that? Nah, they only see the very minor nerfs to the extreme outliers and say bullcrap like "DE always nerf and never buff". Although, this Invigoration thing is... too random. Not something that can be relied upon. Like right now I have a +75% efficiency buff to Garuda, which is crazy. That would enable Blind Rage builds that can spam nukes without needing to run Fleeting Expertise or even Streamline. But am I gonna change my build for a random buff? Who's to say that buff is gonna be available again? And do I want to use the 10 Invigoration ticket for Garuda if the buff pops up? Seems like a lot of work to build around and keep up with this mechanic. Even veteran players with large stockpile of resource might find themselves running empty feeding the Helminth.
  21. Unfortunately this is not a bug, a hotfix today just listed as a missed change unlisted in previous patch notes: Why on God's green earth did they have to nerf Exodia Contagion. It's not even that good.
  22. DoT kills will trigger on-kill effect (Galvanized Chamber/Diffusion etc.). Pretty sure this was changed in the hotfix, as they did not before the hotfix. DoT kills will not trigger on-headshot kill effect however (Galvanized Crosshair/Scope)like the OP said. That reminds me, need to go test out the Pennant and Athodai to see if DoT effects trigger their own on-kill bonuses now.
  23. Drop 1 rank on the Steady Hand. Have it 2/3. You wont be noticing the miniscule increase in recoil at all. I thought this should be rather obvious.
  24. Oh right I had anabsolute brainfart. You're right, you dont need to get the tier 3 reward for the sister candidate to appear lmao. Just the tier 1 is fine, which i think is like what? Only 10 kills if you do it solo? Then no need for the Xoris nor Mesa. Any weapon and any Warframe will do fine. Although I suppose while Im there might as well farm some extra sets of Proteas and Strophas lol.
  25. Bruh who cares about the lore. Do you want to farm a whole new set of Requiem mods? With the amount of grind shoved up our collective glutes this update I'm just glad there's at least one thing I don't have to refarm lol.
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