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  1. LOL Walked right into that one huh? Also, I was think of adding gadgets like her night goggles that can add wall hacks and infinite punch through for her abilities and guns Or maybe a sniper mode for her 2nd ability that uses both barrels to fire a high powered shot that hits one enemy and bounces off to another (like a laser bouncing off mirrors) Heck, how about an electric blast from her 3rd which she can send out to a group of enemies and deal higher damage depending on armor or shield amount. Gadgets like those would be interesting to add to her kit in my opinion.
  2. While I am 100% with you on revenant, the rewind ability for protea never sat well with me since it doesn't fit in the theme given to her. I would much prefer if she was given more gadget abilities to throw out. Save the rewind for a time frame.
  3. While I agree that her current 4 does not really fit the theme, I'm not sure if your suggested new 4 ability would work either. It's a great ability mind you, but it sounds like something for a racer themed warframe (also, would be hard to drive in tight spaces). They DEFINITELY should save this ability for another frame, but I'm not sure what her new 4 should be. Would be nice if she had an ability to use her night goggles to activate wall hacks and gain infinite punch through for her abilities and guns. Still hoping for the best. Like her design, but I feel she needs more gadgets to throw out.
  4. Personally, I feel that while self damage is good for balance weapons like these, I do think that the self damage amount should be adjusted to take off a fair chunk of health without instantly downing the player. Maybe it takes 25-50% of your health instead?
  5. At this point DE should just make there own warframe designed controller that has a more dedicated buttons so we don't have this problem. Hell, replace the right analog stick with a touch pad similar to steams controller. Rather than make t-shirts or other accessories, would be nice if there could be accessories that are actually USEFUL FOR THE GAME.
  6. As much as that's appreciated, what if instead we get a small portion of creds for every night wave challenge we complete so we have a more consistent way of getting night wave offerings?
  7. Honestly I think this is how they should hire players if they want to make a team that really understands the game and feedback.
  8. Will the team consider either hiring someone or getting some staff members to work on significantly improving the enemy AI system to allow for more depth and difficulty that does not rely on high armor or bullet sponges? Also, will there be any way to scale back armor on high level enemies so corrosive is not the mandatory status type to build for in order to allow other status types to shine in high levels? Finally, any chance of the team taking notes of the recent ideas proposed by ratahlius on his YouTube channel (such as adding dungeon towers to the plains or dangerous animals and more exploration in orb vallis)?
  9. Warframe this year just was not it for me. Honestly I think after they make the durviri paradox update, they need to stop and work on making new content by updating and reworking the content they already have to be more sustainable and fresh. Ratahlius put it best in his recent videos.
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