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  1. While I do find the game getting a bit stall, my main problem is just with how melee currently is. Does the game modes get stale? Yes. But I have confidence that we will get more content that will last longer eventually. What would be cool is if the enemy types could adapt to your playstyle and force you to change it up.
  2. What does IOW stand for? And no I don't have a pc account. But others will have played him so I can get other people's opinions.
  3. Ok so the consent (obviously) is that we should wait and see. Should have seen this coming so fair enough. Will probably repost this a week after he hits pc.
  4. ohhhhh. My apologies then. My point still stands but thanks for the clarification.
  5. not sure about what you mean for 1 being to much. would it be better if he could just drag enemies instead of also being able to jump kick them? as for 4, my reasoning for slow down applying to allies and gauss is to allow for skilled shots or lining up shots (as seen in the attached gifs). as for allies, i was concerned that if they were not slowed down they could steal all the kills from gauss. While i would like to add the option for gauss to slow down when lining up, i now realize that slowing down allies is just not going to end well. Will edit the 4th ability now. Thanks for the feedback and happy that you like the passive.
  6. you make great points. However, you said his 1 is ok and his 4 is a self buff. I just want to add to them because they feel lacking and could use some fun mechanics. As for the theme, I still think my ideas can fit in nicely. I like his 2 and 3rd ability just fine. Don't want to rework. Just add to them. But if we were to ignore that, what do you think of my ideas?
  7. Never got to play it nor did I really get into it due to it looking like it has no melee. maybe will look into it some day. Definitely was a diamond in the rough. As for Astral Chain hyped cannot describe my excitement for this game. Looks really fun and I really hope this becomes an ip with sequels or something cause it looks like a blast to play. Nice to see someone with great taste 😁 by the way, what do you think of my ideas for gauss if you don't mind me asking?
  8. I kinda feel like speed is his theme but lets not jump down the rabbit hole (especially since no energy conversion was shown off since infinite energy was on and how his code name was running fan and how he was the fast friend to the big guy shown off recently). His 1 involves him running fast and ramming into walls for damage. Why would it be out of place to have him drag an enemy while running or jump kick an enemy at the end of a run? My idea for his 4 could be like kinetic energy zone that slows down time. Besides, that actually could be really cool and unique for this frame. I personally don't agree with your opinion, but its fine. Hopefully you enjoy gauss when he comes out
  9. true but technically, I'm not reworking any of his abilities. i'm just adding to them to give them more fun mechanics. Would you be able to tell me what you think about my ideas anyway?
  10. now that I think about, you have a point. just removed it. thanks for the feedback
  11. I know he is not even out yet, but I still find his abilities missing something. Don't get me wrong, I like all his abilities, its just that his passive, 1 and 4 could use some fun mechanics added to them. For starters, majority of my ideas are inspired by platinum games Vanquish. Passive: holding slide allows gauss to rocket slide around at a constant speed which slightly drains his gauge. Can be used as a drifting button for his 1. 1st ability While running, gauss can hold the melee button when an enemy is in a 1 meter radius to grab the enemy and drag them across a surface (floor, wall, etc), heavily damaging the enemy. While enemy is being dragged, enemy should be rag dolling like crazy for comedic effect (and also cause why not?). Release melee button to slow down for a second to aim and throw enemy at others, acting like a kinetic projectile. (this idea was actually from god of war 2018) 1:05-1:10 Additionally, tapping the melee button will result in gauss quickly sucker punching an enemy with a jump kick 4th ability when activated, gauss is always sprinting and the sprint button now acts as a time slow down ability (a lot like vanquish mechanic) -option to make the button a hold to activate or a toggle button -would be a radius and not affect the whole map -slows down enemies and enemy actions by 50% -slows down gauss by 10-50% (can be adjusted to player's desired slow motion speed) along with his actions (allowing with planning attacks, dodging attacks, lining up shots and just looking awesome) -will have an option to make the self slow motion affect apply only when holding the aim button or in general -would drain gauge at a medium to slow rate -work in progress ideas, but you get the idea TLDR: gauss would play a lot more like the main character from vanquish and would be really cool in my opinion.
  12. Those are probably the nerfs mentioned. Thanks so much. Will be mentioning these in my post for my ideas for melee 3.0
  13. agree to disagree. I personally feel that it could use a lot more work. But if you like it, good for you.
  14. yeah melee is not doing so hot right now. I'm actually working on a post on how I would rebuild melee to make it more interesting. was trying to make sure to find all the parts that have reduced how fun melee was and what would make it better. That nerf may not be the one I was thinking of but sorry to hear that it screwed you over. Hopefully DE will fix it.
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