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  1. Well there goes my umbra fashion frame idea. Was gonna be so cool
  2. That rev deluxe syandana is gonna look sick on excal umbra..... just sayin.
  3. It would be cool though if our parazons could that though...
  4. If that conflicts farming and grinding, we could have higher difficulty multiplied drop rates, drop chances and unique reward drops and multiplied affinity to balance out. High risk high reward. Mission fails could also give you some of your collected rewards so it is not a complete waste of time if you were farming
  5. Years ago there was a fan frame called hennya that has possession as one of its abilities. With the gameplay involving playing as grineer, corpus (and maybe infested or sentient one day?), it feels like she would be perfect to add after the new war.
  6. What if excal models were not around yet? They never specified when the frames were made or if all the models were built at the same time
  7. I have this theory that umbra versions of warframes are actually the original hosts. These were the people that were infected with the strain and, with their skills, personality and fashion, influenced the mutations to become the different warframes we know today. Excal umbra would basically be patient zero for the excal models.
  8. It would be basic melee attacks. Stances on k drives would be impossible.
  9. I feel like she SHOULD be able to use melee weapons and primary. It feels as though the cons of the ability will outweigh the pros. Though they should allow her to throw her aqua blades around individually or as a giant saw blade to add more function to the ability
  10. Kinda wish you could fly around with her mount silver surfer style. Also grinding on walls would be good as well. Wished there was more to the aqua blades.... like throwing them around indivdualy or as a giant glaive saw
  11. It would be nice if one day melee is reworked to have a deeper combat system with devil may cry type of gameplay and challenging enemies (bullet sponge and one shot kills dont count)
  12. Sweet. I hope it really is major improvements.
  13. They did? Which stream? Also, i know people want to get the durviri paradox and new war, but i would rather have it put on ice in favor of adding to the core gameplay and giving the combat more depth. I am kinda done with railjack and open world stuff. Give me some good old fashion core gameplay content
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