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  1. I think i am the only one glad that the new war has not happen yet along with the duviri paradox. In the games current state, im not confident that DE would be able to deliver an experience that would really live up to expectations. Even the duviri paradox. It could end up being another open world with a few gimmicks and QOL additions. I love warframe but the core gameplay could really use abit of an upgrade or something.
  2. Yeah, but with how long it has been, i wonder if they forgot about it. Also, im concerned about if they will use the abilities from the concept. I like the ability kit but based on wraithe's transformation into sevagoth, alot of the abilities may get replaced (im still a bit upset they replaced the original reap ability)
  3. I mean... last tennocon they announced a fan concept in development which became sevagoth....... So, maybe they announce this frame at 2021 tennocon? Would be cool but i am concerned how much would be changed from original design....
  4. Ahhhhhhh.... yeah that we be cool to have. Now imagine dual weilding two handed nikanas......
  5. What does that mean? I missed the part they talk about it. Dual wield nikana or new two hand nikana stance?
  6. I would love a boss fight similar to the blade wolf boss fight in MGR. would be soooo cool. Sad that the Sisters won't have wolf hounds instead. was expecting them to look more menacing.
  7. might be both. Sounds like pablo is spear heading this frame so it is bound to be interesting.
  8. I have been thinking of ideas to make this guy fun to use. I did not go to a large effort to craft the guy and make him look like davy jones just for him to be a farm frame. The tides will rise in his favor or so help me ordis......
  9. I was expecting that. though with the technology of transforming weapons, I would pay real money for RWBY like weapons that switch between melee and gun mode (the heavy blade shown off has a gap that could allow for a laser blast or laser blade like a buster sword from zenoblade chronicles) I still wish melee weapons had custom idle animations. Never liked how the heavy blades are held....
  10. To be honest, i wish they kept more of the original liger fan concept in some way. I perfer the orginal design of the shadow and liked the purposed reap alot more than current version. The blackhole thing had some nifty ideas that were unfortunatly used already. His concept art for the abilities had me really excited.
  11. Regarding sevagoth tennogen, is there any plans to make the shadow's helmet customizable? Its dissapointing we can't use alternate helmets on shadow...
  12. That is quite dissapointing. I was hoping someone was going to make an alt helmet that heavily ressembled the shadow's original helmet design from liger's fan concept. The hat was so cool.....
  13. They could rework vauban to have a cycle ability that puts down different types of turrets with reasonable range. Plus, you could interact with them and pick up the turrets to use them like a machine gun doom eternal style. Afk can be avoided if they have a decent hp or limited ammo. Also maybe vauban would need to collect scrap from fallen enemies to build them?
  14. Same reason why ground missions and space battles can't happen at the same time: the game engine or net code is in dire need of an update. In the last devstream, they talked about how they couldn't do certain things due to the coding and engine so they had to compromise.
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