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  1. I think the best example of combo input would be for honor. Every frame of animation of an attack in a combo is assign to a button input. The moment you stop pressing the button, the combo stops. Shinobi and peace keeper are a good example of this concept. Most stances lock you into an animation that could fit in some more button inputs (looking at you brutal tide). Imagine a version of brutal tide that would involve you pressing the attack button for every swinging kick in the combo. It also would help if we could just have a heavy and light attack button.
  2. I actually think the reload/interact button should be used as a heavy attack button instead. Would remove the movement based combos along with the pause combo. If anything, what they had with the switch weapon button pre 2.9 was fine, it just needed to make swapping instant and remove the need to hold button to switch to melee (still don't understand why that was a thing). The two buttons to switch to gun from melee may have sound good on paper, but definitely not good in execution or the long run.
  3. I feel like the only reason block button was changed was so people could have the option to hit the target with accuracy or just to ready the gun (both not good reasons to remove manual block rather than improve the system). A better idea could be would be when the fire button is pressed, it immediately auto locks onto the enemy closest to the reticle and hits them, then the person can aim afterwards and continue firing. Additionally, just removing holster speed and making it instant and allowing use to use the switch weapon button to cycle between melee, primary and secondary would be just as good as the the "streamlined system" we are forced to use.
  4. All nightwave has to do is just reward enough creds after completing a challenge to allow you to buy an item after completing 1 or 2 challenges and it will be perfect and far better than alerts
  5. I still stand by the fact that completing a mission should yield a small portion of creds (15-25 creds) and a good chunk when you rank up (50+). Only then will it become a superior system that can replace alerts.
  6. Personally I would love it if they could make arch wings control like the space ships in star wars battlefront 2 or anthem javelins (leaning towards the javelins) Heck, if the controls are made better, they could probably also rework zephyr by replacing her 1 with the ability to fly like an arch wing for starters.
  7. I honestly don't get why they don't just reward nora/wolf creds whenever you complete a feat. Could give a fixed rate of 10 creds at least. By doing that, players can earn the cred offerings faster which is what it should have been when they replaced alerts. Alerts required you to complete a mission and would then give you the reward. The problem was it was random and required you to be at the right place at the right time. With night wave, you got a bunch of options, but it takes a lot of time to get the creds just for ONE item. As a result, it takes as long, if not longer, to get the rewards compared to alerts.
  8. To be honest, they could have just tried adding a heavy attack button that performs stationary combos and a light attack button that performs agile combos. The heavy attack button could easily be bind to the reload/interact button as when melee is out, the button has no use other than interact.
  9. I think an ai revamp would do wonders for the game. This goes specifically for enemies. Would be nice for once if the difficulty would increase based on the enemies getting smarter rather than them just one shotting all the time
  10. I never really thought about how limited the engine is (I forgot that games have an engine). Also, you make some good points about cloud Walker. The ability itself was my only complaint about the rework. I already had full confidence in the rest of the kit. Especially the 1st ability as it has an "attack this target" button which reminds me of the recent god of war game that has a dedicated boy attack this button (though I think it would be nice if as you level up wukong, you get more clones so you could have a monkey gang). I will look at the stream when I get the chance but I do feel a lot better about wukong now (though I still wish he could have the ability to transform into different animals).
  11. Did not see the stream nor did I know they did one. However, this is definitely biased, I still think cloud Walker should have been replaced with an ability that allows wukong to transform into different animals like in his lore with the 72 transformation thing. Maybe cloud Walker is actually good know and just one of those abilities for me that doesn't look as appealing from face value, I honestly don't know.
  12. You would think that they would reward nora/wolf creds for completing challenges so that we can get the things we want quicker. Makes wish alerts were here. At least then you could get what you need if your at the right time.
  13. This 1000% especially if enemies would get more difficult through strategy and counter play (dark souls enemies would be a fair match against warframe if you think about it) rather than bullet spongy one shots enemies. A new enemy type being introduced as difficulty goes up would also be much better. As for mod slots, maybe ONE augment slot and a rework to forma so you won't have to level up your frames back to 30 only to have to rinse and repeat. That and polarity stacking would be nice.
  14. Personally I think cloud Walker should be replaced with an ability that allows wukong to transform into a handful of animals that each play differently (his 72 transformations) such as a tiger, leopard, rhino, wolf, panda and eagle. Personally think it would be a way cooler ability than cloud Walker
  15. I have an endgame idea that I posted. It's here if you are curious
  16. I find wisp to look quite interesting from what i've seen. However, I have a an idea for will o wisp and breach surge (the latter being replaced with a different ability) For will o wisp, increase the speed of the specter for tapping the button and when holding the button, wisp creates a portal icon that she can use to teleport to the targeted spot (think reaper's shadow step from overwatch combined with nurse's blink from dead by daylight) For breach surge, I want to replace the ability with one that works similar to interceptor's wraith strike from anthem. Wisp summons a specter that attacks the closest enemy or targeted enemy. The specter then warps to a number of nearby enemies within specter's attack radius. The specter will wrap to enemies that have already been attacked if specter still has some charges (affected by strength) remaining. If used while undetected, the specter will perform finishers on all nearby enemies.
  17. Never got a chance to play raids. Heard it was buggy but fun. Also a lot of the enemies and bosses tend to be pretty easy to shred through with really strong builds unless the enemies are covered with armor. Definitely agree with you regarding the AI. Would love it if the AI being more strategic for difficulty rather than them just getting more health and armor. Hence why I suggested weaker stalkers. Still like my idea of limiting frame/weapon selection and build option to prevent people from building op builds and shredding through the game mode while also allowing for puzzles that can be solved with thinking and teamwork (like an escape room) or with the use of one specific war frame ability. I also think creating levels with multiple layouts would help keep things fresh even when you have already visited that level. Or the fact that mine could have it that every frame is scattered around the level performing their task to progress the mission so everyone has a part to play (one is distraction, one infiltrates, one steals, one flanks, etc) your idea seems interesting as well.
  18. I have never played nightmare mode and in all honesty, that is not what I am going for. My endgame consists of maps with different layouts, puzzles that need a specific warframe ability to solve or teamwork to get it done, different enemies that are like weaker stalkers, unique bosses with difficulty level being like dark souls (since we can move around fast and have very strong arsenals) with different phases and mechanics that make fighting the boss a fun ride. Additionally, mission types like a infiltrate base or assault or other modes could have phases that start with either together or with players at different spots of the map (each with a task to complete in the area before grouping up). Phase 1 would be sneaking into the base without being detected with the next phases involving different tasks with different elements to be thrown in to shake things up. Basically, a project that would be a lot of work like railjack and fortuna combine, but allows for replay-ability and gives players that have done everything available a game mode that is refreshing and keep players entertained for a few months to allow for time to push out content. Nightmare star-chart would not be as thrilling in my opinion and could get tiresome quickly.
  19. Either they need to get rid or mod capacity as it just makes applying forma and leveling your frame multiple times a chore, resulting in players probably getting bored with that frame. OR Remove the whole resetting your frame back to rank 0 every time you forma cause it is nothing more than an annoyance at this point or make it that a forma applies all polarities at once (both combined together would be recommended). Either way, the way the mod system limits customization has no pros that outweigh the cons in the long run.
  20. So I have this game-mode of sorts that I feel would be good endgame content but could turn out to be stupid. The idea is this: setting: Unique levels that have different layouts for different mission types and replay-ability. Here, you and three other frames either start together or in different locations. The starting point could be your team outside an enemy base and having to sneak in or one person is in the front ready to cause a distraction while another player is in the vents navigating and working on shutting down the security systems. On the channel, different characters will either give your team one task like sneak into the base or a different task for each player to do on their own. As you progress through, your team will run into puzzles that require using your abilities or thinking skills to solve. Your team does tasks similar to the missions available in the start chart mixed in with puzzle solving, cooperation with each-other, mini bosses and unexpected surprises. An example could be being split up and each player would need to fight a stalker like enemy to continue the mission. Another one could be clearing out a room filled with stalkers. sometimes, you will even need to use your operator and the skills with it to progress forward. At the end, you would face a final boss that has phases, unique mechanics, and enough health to make it that four players can't mindlessly hack and slash to finish a boss quickly. The bosses would sorta be like dark souls bosses difficulty and mechanic wise to challenge players to think things through a chain attacks rather than spam or rely on high damage output weapons. Every faction will have their own level design for this endgame with unique mechanics and conditions in each level. The endgame mode would refresh after a week. This was an idea that has been siting in my head for a while. Hopefully it makes sense and if not, ask me to clarify where it seems unclear so I can polish my idea further. There is also two things that is important to this game mode: 1. the Endgame mode has only 4 selected warframes and specific weapon types (i.e. only sniper rifles or throwing knives) that can be used in this mode which changes after every refresh. So if one week allows you to pick from Garuda, Oberon, Wisp and Ash, the next one would need Trinity, Rhino, Excalibur and Loki. This allows for puzzles or level designs to be made that require the use of a specific warframe ability. Additionally, if you have already played this mode as one of the four warframes available, you will have to choose a different one to play the mode again or wait a week for a new selection. Once you complete the mission as all four, you can go again as any of the four frames. This means that to access this game mode fully, the player would need to have every warframe and know how to use it. 2. Along with a limited selection, a frame and/or weapon must be modded to a frame's build condition (i.e, Excalibur must have 100% efficiency, 150% range, 125% duration, 200% strength, adaptation and chromatic blade). This allows for more encouragement to collect mods, use mods that are not meta and to experiment with different builds. Makes people more flexible and could prevent players from using builds that are overkill (frames like mesa and sayrn come to mind). Problem with this idea is the amount of time and patience having to forma frames just to fit it on (which could be solved by getting rid of mod capacity as it is pointless and limits flexible experimenting, but that is for another thread that I will make eventually). As for the rewards for completing the game mode, reward pool should have unique strong weapons that have a unique secondary feature, really cool attachments, skins, new interesting stances, creative mods, etc. It will have one guarantee reward for completing the mode: platinum. Currently, plat is only obtainable through the market or trade chat with no actual way of obtaining it game-play wise. The plat you gain from finishing a mission would vary depending on the end score of the team or yourself. A low score will give you 25 plat, a medium score will give you 50 plat and a high score will give you 75 plat. You can earn these rewards 4 times allowing you to get a good amount of plat for your skill and teamwork.  In order to access this endgame, players must have completed the star-chart and have access to all warframes available. This makes sure that players will have the opportunity to try out different frames rather than sticking to their mains. I hope my idea makes sense and is somewhat good. If you have any tips to add or ideas to add, feel free and I will try to take them in to improve my idea. Thank you.
  21. Yeah you do have a point. I just want them to focus less on trying to streamline the system and try to be creative to freshen up the melee system. My main reason for being so excited for 3.0 was that I thought they were going to add a heavy attack button and improve stances to be more mobile and less clunky. Also a lock on target would not hurt to make it easier to not just swing around and miss your target. I would also like if they could hire someone to significantly improve the enemy AI so difficulty is just new enemy types and enemies just being more strategic rather then a bunch of one-shot enemies with high armor and health (I would even be accepting of a damage nerf on our behalf if it meant that the AI was smarter and less bullet sponge like with insane damage output). I get the whole hit fast and move on strat, but that tends to get stall after a lot of that and results in having enemies hitting harder and tanking more damage. They should freshen up melee and make it more detailed rather than taking out the depth (although melee did not have that much depth to begin with). If it takes longer to kill enemies in exchange for having a good time, then so be it. Games are fun first, meta second.
  22. Could there please by an option to use the unarmed animation set for wisp while melee is out? It really sticks out like a sore thumb seeing her running around with no feet.
  23. With the fact that melee will most likley never get their own animation sets like primary and secondary weapons, it would be nice if we could use the unarmed idle pose and animation while in melee. This would not be as hard as it can be done but requires constantly reequipping a scanner in order to get there. Additionally, it will allow players to fashion frame even more in missions. Example: My fashion frame for nidus makes him look like Marvel's Carnage. In order to really sell the look, I use the nidus agile stance to make him look menacing. However, whenever I use my melee weapon, it no longer sticks to my chosen animations and just goes to default. The only way I can use the animation is by equipping my guns which is annoying since Carnage does not even use guns nor do I like when the guns are out. It breaks the cosplay for me. Also, I like using melee more than guns any way so that just adds to my annoyance. This also becomes a problem when wisp is always walking/running with melee out which really sucks as it really sticks out like a sore thumb. If we could at least just get this as an option it would make things so much better.
  24. Yesterday, I saw game-play reveal of star wars jedi fallen order. The thoughtful combat actually looks cool and I think would be good inspiration for melee 3.0 rather than DMC 5
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