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  1. Well there goes my umbra fashion frame idea. Was gonna be so cool
  2. That rev deluxe syandana is gonna look sick on excal umbra..... just sayin.
  3. It would be cool though if our parazons could that though...
  4. If that conflicts farming and grinding, we could have higher difficulty multiplied drop rates, drop chances and unique reward drops and multiplied affinity to balance out. High risk high reward. Mission fails could also give you some of your collected rewards so it is not a complete waste of time if you were farming
  5. Years ago there was a fan frame called hennya that has possession as one of its abilities. With the gameplay involving playing as grineer, corpus (and maybe infested or sentient one day?), it feels like she would be perfect to add after the new war.
  6. What if excal models were not around yet? They never specified when the frames were made or if all the models were built at the same time
  7. I have this theory that umbra versions of warframes are actually the original hosts. These were the people that were infected with the strain and, with their skills, personality and fashion, influenced the mutations to become the different warframes we know today. Excal umbra would basically be patient zero for the excal models.
  8. It would be basic melee attacks. Stances on k drives would be impossible.
  9. I feel like she SHOULD be able to use melee weapons and primary. It feels as though the cons of the ability will outweigh the pros. Though they should allow her to throw her aqua blades around individually or as a giant saw blade to add more function to the ability
  10. Kinda wish you could fly around with her mount silver surfer style. Also grinding on walls would be good as well. Wished there was more to the aqua blades.... like throwing them around indivdualy or as a giant glaive saw
  11. It would be nice if one day melee is reworked to have a deeper combat system with devil may cry type of gameplay and challenging enemies (bullet sponge and one shot kills dont count)
  12. Sweet. I hope it really is major improvements.
  13. They did? Which stream? Also, i know people want to get the durviri paradox and new war, but i would rather have it put on ice in favor of adding to the core gameplay and giving the combat more depth. I am kinda done with railjack and open world stuff. Give me some good old fashion core gameplay content
  14. I feel like they need to redesign more levels that makes it madatory to wall run. Boss fights aswell.
  15. Interesting on paper, but seeing how the rivins we have now? Not a good idea unfortunatly. Cool idea though
  16. I put alot of time and effort into making my post. Now it is LESS likley to get feedback as a comment than it would have as a seperate post
  17. With the reveal of Yareli, I thought I would put my 2 cents in on her ability kit before release. I know I have not played Yareli yet but I still wanted to discuss what could be added to give her abilities more depth as they look a bit shallow but still filled with a lot of potential. Design: I like the design. Though the in-game model is not as vibrant as the artwork that gave us our first look at Yareli in the previous Dev-stream. Yareli’s skirt is also a bit more poofy compared to the art work or it could be that the longer skirt parts have been really shorten which is a shame as they looked really cool. I prefer the Concept art to be honest way more than the in game model right now. Lore wise: I think that the design fits Warframe as I believe that when a host is infected with the virus that turns their body into a warframe, the abilities and design of the frame are made based on the host’s skills, talents, clothing, personality, age, biology, etc. So, for me, the design is not out of place here. Animations sets: I am mixed on this. They are well done but I find that the heart shape gesture and the water hearts are a bit much. I was expecting her animations to have more of a young kid who is naïve but is also a bit sassy or something like that. They have grown on me though so no big deal. (I like the one with the board) Passive: I like the critical bonus but I think it should also apply to melee and primary as well. Sea Snares: I like it but have some ideas to add to it. Hold ability to have snares orbit around Yareli, absorbing oncoming damage and storing it before shooting out at nearby targets or the targets Yareli is aiming at. https://i.imgur.com/TjayOdf.mp4 (visual example to help visualize my idea) Additionally, hold ability and press fire to fling an orb at a target like Sephiroth’s shadow flare. Firing at the enemy with these orbs orbiting them increases the damage stored in the snares. The snares, after 2 rotations, will then home in on the enemy and heavily damage them (the damage is boosted based on damage absorbed by snares. Great for focusing single targets). Can use the snares that orbit Yareli. Can stack five snares on one target. https://i.imgur.com/IWhikYR.mp4 (visual example to help demonstrate my idea) Merulina: As it stands, while good on paper, Yareli’s mount looks pretty clunky and will need some custom controls to allow this “’K-Drive” to work smoothly in tight level designs. While using the mount, if it is approaching a raised flooring or obstacle (things that usually causes a frame to fly off a k-drive) the mount will automatically raise up to avoid the obstacles on the ground. Visually, since she is “surfing” on her mount, Yareli would have a wave under the mount that would increase in height to raise her over an obstacle and then lower back down once over the obstacle/raised terrain. The mount should also be allowed to clip through small details (like thin white tree branches on void tile sets) to avoid getting stuck or flung off due to small objects. Tap the sprint button to toggle an exclusive mode that will allow Yareli to control her mount like an arch-wing: moving the camera will move the mount forwards, leftwards, rightwards, upwards and backwards at a speed between normal k-drive speed and fast k-drive speed. Camera would still be over the shoulder instead of directly behind her. She would basically be flying with her board similar to what someone would see with the Marvel character “Silver Surfer” or Pixar’s The Incredibles “Frozone”. Visually, Yareli’s mount will be riding on water at all time while leaving a road/trail behind it which can damage enemies that walk into it. https://i.imgur.com/dhHXMnO.mp4 (Frozone GIF) Hold the crouch button while moving to drift around on the mount. Hold sprint will toggle the usual k-drive speed boost. Yareli’s mount should also allow her to use her melee weapon (stationary combos or basic attacks only) along with her primary weapon. Additionally, It would be great if by holding the ability button, Merulina becomes a channeled ability where performing tricks/maneuvers will perform different types of attacks (drifting splashes enemies, down slam cause AOE knock back from waves, Tidal wave from behind, spin to make a whirlpool, Etc..) Aqua Blades: I am a bit underwhelmed with the twin water glaives being just a blender attack. I think it should have more functions that will give it ranged attack options (since Yareli is looking to be a caster frame). Yareli would use the throwing glaive animations for the ranged attacks. Maybe have the Aqua Blades scale off of melee weapon equipped as well? Hold ability to charge and throw the Aqua Blade Blender to act as a giant glaive throw that shred and ricochets off of enemies. Hold the aim button to control the giant blender similar to Sevagoth’s Reap ability. https://i.imgur.com/aIAdKlM.mp4 (demonstrates throwing Aqua Blades as a giant glaive idea) Hold ability and press the fire button to shoot out individual glaives that ricochet and damage enemies hit by these aqua glaives. These glaives are extra bouncy and ricochet a lot more compared to the average glaive (bounce number scale off strength?). Can throw multiple glaives out at once. Hold ability and press heavy attack/secondary fire to throw aqua glaives that do not ricochet but instead shreds into the enemy struck by said glaive dealing heavy damage. Can have multiple heavy glaives out. https://i.imgur.com/D23tFKM.mp4 (visualize the spinning sword as a heavy glaive throw) Wishful thinking: It would be an awesome if Yareli had dual Glaives as a signature weapon that would float around her like in her artwork shown off last devstream. Cyclone Strike: I think it is fine but needs a change. Instead of sending enemies flying at the end, the tides from the cyclone drags them straight down to the ground to finish off enemies still breathing. This way you don’t have to worry about trying to find the enemies sent flying. Would be cool if you could somehow interact with the cyclone with Yareli’s mount. Let me know what you think about my ideas. Try to be open with my post. I want to try having a discussion on what is good, bad or needs improvements. Thank you.
  18. Im fine with nerfing melee if we can get a more deep combat system like devil may cry. We would not be having this problem if the enemies and combat had more depth
  19. Would be pretty nice for excal replacing his 3....... maybe i should get my own little hemlinth.
  20. Yarelli's design also kinda feels like it is less bright in colors compared to her artwork from last month which is a shame. Also I find that Yarelli ability kit is meh. Cool ideas but they could use some depth. Her k drive for instance, i feel it should be less of a k drive and more like a hover board that is not limited to the ground and can surf around in the air silver surfer (marvel)/frozone (incredibles) style. It cannot be just an exalted k drive. It NEEDS to be more to work. It would be nice if by holding the ability button while doing tricks with her mount, you perform stylistic attacks with the mount. Her cyclone glaives could also use some depth. Imagine if you could hold the ability button to move the glaives around. She could send the cyclone out to shred into enemies from long range, individually fling the glaives at different targets, rotate the cyclone vertically while shrinking the size for a more concetrated single target attack at close or long range, etc.
  21. Granted but im refering to adding personal melee idle poses to a frame's animation set. Additionally, sparring, fists and claws are easy to do as it would just require using the unarmed poses with the weapons equipped. This is already possible as the weapons can be visible when holstered. Staff melee weapons can just use the same animations as the primary staff weapons. They also do not need to do it all at once. Just one at a time. Creating new melee poses for the animation sets can be done by using the agile/noble unarmed pose, adjust the positioning of the upper body (arms, torsos) and position the weapon in said frames hand in a way that best fits the frames style. Gara prime could be a good test. Excailbur Umbra is also a good test. For holding a two handed nikana, use his noble pose but he holds the sword like sephiroth I actually kinda got a photo of this concept due to a bug (Will insert photo when i get on my pc)
  22. If we were to get new poses for melee weapons, it would be a good compromise to use the unarmed noble/agile poses, adjust the arms to hold the weapons in cool ways based on the frames selected animation set and, if needed, use the unarmed idle animation rather than record new ones.
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