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  1. While I agree with the op's post, I also know that they can't spend time doing one big patch to fix everything. However, they can release updates like the jovian concord for the rest of the planets which can be considered new content. These updates could also be used to add more depth to the main gameplay loop and make the path for new players less overwhelming. What I mean by this is that warframe tends to be very hard to recommend to new players when it can sometimes be too much to process and with no guidance on how to do stuff (the wiki should not be the only way for players to
  2. Okay, I have not yet obtained this frame, but from what I saw and what people are saying, Xaku is not very good. While I was all for the design and concept, the execution did not work well. So rather than try to repeat the points made by everyone else in the megathread, I will just provide suggestions on what the frame's ability kit should look like in my own opinion. So for his passive, I feel that either he should have his own unique type of void damage that provides a 10% damage bonus to all health/armor/shield types but not effective towards eidolons to prevent the frame from bei
  3. I was thinking more on the line of marking targets and the arrow zips through the enemies' heads. Also would be nice if the navigator was much easier to steer and aim (could also be that I am not the best at the game)
  4. Would be cool if it worked more like yondu's whistle arrow from guardians of the galaxy...
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