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  1. I posted this in General Discussion. My mistake. I'm a noob lol. Conclave is pretty bad and boring. So boring that I've decided to not play it, yet, I want an overhaul for Conclave. Well, it's because I just really love Warframe, this game is awesome. But, to see people dismiss Conclave is just something that should bother DE. They made that game mode. Would you care for something that you worked so hard for only for people to dismiss it the moment everyone knows it's bad? Of course, you would care. Now, I'm not saying DE does not care about Conclave. DE probably just dismissed Conclave too because people don't talk too much of it. Well, Conclave should be played. And now, I will sound like Jerry from Rick and Morty when he pitched his apple ad. Conclave Overhaul for Warframe Disclaimer: I don't really play Conclave. I am dumb. So, most of what I say could probably be in the game mode already. Any type of feedback will be accepted. I am only suggesting my opinion. There are probably other people who have suggested better ideas for Conclave before me. -The parkour system should be dumbed down to just sprinting, jumping, wall-running, wall-climbing, and rolling. The absence of bullet jumping is a massive relief because bullet jumping is often being way too annoying and messy. This could be applied, but this is just an opinion. Let me know if you guys would like to have bullet jumping removed entirely from Conclave. I don't know if DE could somehow implement this type of system in the game, but I'm really looking forward to it. -All Prime equipment should be banned. Primes are the upgrades of the non-prime variant of weapons and Warframes. Having Primes in Conclave will be an utter disadvantage to those who do not possess a Prime Warframe or weapon. Or, you could use the Prime appearance as skins or something like that. -There should be a dedicated Warframe for Conclave. A Warframe so simple and unique only to Conclave. A Warframe created by Teshin? I don't know. Maybe Teshin discovered a fricking Warframe that dates all the way back to Orokin Era, where the player can use this Warframe as a means of being able to use Conclave. Like a sparring Warframe, built to fight in a boxing ring and entertain rich Orokin pimps. All outside Warframes are prohibited. Only 'this' Warframe. I think its name should be Vorza. No abilities yet, maybe no abilities at all. Its stats should be basic, like 150 Armor, 300 Health, and 200 Energy. Also, there are no warframe abilities. Instead, Vorza (the name of the warframe native to Conclave) uses perks. What perks? Well, first of all, Vorza can only have one perk. Perks are abilities, but not warframe-like. They are devices, like a jetpack, a grenade, a flashbang, an invisibility belt, a teleportation belt, a hack tool, speed boots, a grappling hook, all the front. Vorza is a sparring warframe, not built to be the demigod that you use outside Conclave. Vorza isn't really a warframe. He wasn't created by Ballas. He was just created to entertain. To fight. -There should be no mods to use in Conclave. Whatever you have, you got, that's it. A Sybaris, a Braton, a Hek, whatever you have, that's all you. Their base stats are constant, your skill and intuition should be your main advantage in Conclave, not by your ability to possess a lot of mods. -Conclave should have its own currency, its own economy. Concredits. Pretty simple concept. Concredits are acquired to your performance in Conclave. Your number of kills, the number of points you gathered through playing the objective, that kind of thing. These Concredits can be used to purchase stuff only native in Conclave and items already present in the game. Skins, attachments, orbiter decorations, cosmetics for Vorza, available relics, forma and all the sh*t you need. You could also transmute these Concredits to real Credits and Endo. Welp, that's all I could think of. I'm saying this again, these ideas were probably suggested even before my post. Or these ideas are probably already in the game. So yeah, all sorts of feedback are accepted. Thank you for reading this lol. No h8 pls.
  2. nice also, fast hands should be an exilus mod too
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