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  1. That's great to know; thanks for your patience.😎👍
  2. So, if I'm not misunderstanding you, I shouldn't count on regular enemies, in any Survival on any planet, dropping Orokin Cells or Argon Crystals, and should go container-hunting for them instead, right?
  3. So does that mean regular enemies cannot drop them?
  4. Thanks, I guess I was mistaken on the Orokin Cells dropping in void part. That said, I think I should have clarified myself better... What I want to know, is if these two rare resources can drop, >specifically<, from enemies themselves. I know they can be found as bits on the ground and in lockers. But I can't recall them dropping from enemies.
  5. Just a quickie for those in the know; is it possible to get Orokin Cells [and as an aside, Argon Crystals] as drops from enemies in a Survival mission in the Void? Again, for EMPHASIS, what I want to know is if these resources can drop specifically from regular enemies. Not containers/lockers/special&boss enemies. I'm eyeing the Ani [lvl 20-25] mission, but I'll go to Mot [lvl 40-45] if mission level range dictates drop chances for rare mats... Just wanna take advantage of that 3-day Barro resource booster, ya know?
  6. Thanks to all, you and the marked comment especially. I have no clue how void storms work; that'll be the next thing I research. Thanks to everyone, again. I'll be much happier getting those ice mine rewards post-mission, when soloing.
  7. According to the in-game market, the parts/BP for the new companion are found in ice mines in Neptune Proxima missions. Where, specifically? As end-mission rewards? Or in the actual optional mines? [White objective marker] Also, do I HAVE to enter & explore the ice mines mid-mission? Or can I still find the parts if I explore the ice mines after the main objective is cleared?
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