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  1. I think the point at which most new players start quitting, is when they've done most of the nodes and are starting to get near the point where they need to build end-game gear to start enjoying themselves again. [Around MR 10 or so, I think...] As for me, I powered through it and, after a break to refresh myself, got a decently-powered Arca Plasmor that allows me to comfortably do the majority of content, but for new players, I feel that the moment they run into level 50 to 60+ enemies, which many lightly-modded weapons with no forma won't do much against, is the time most of them ditch the game. It also doesn't help that a lot of them hate the time it takes just to get a new frame, on top of the low amount of starting slots, plus build times for both frames and weapons. My only real suggestions for countering this are as follows; #1 create "locked slots" for frames gotten specifically through the currently available quest lines, and award these frames fully-built upon completion of said quests. [Limbo Theorem, etc] Think Umbra Excal free slot, but applied to quest frames. These slots will house ONLY the warframes gotten through said quests; the other initial slots everyone starts with will still be there, but will only house Primes and other none-official-quest frames.[Wisp etc] This will encourage players to experiment with more frames sooner, and will soften the blow when they find out that other gear takes time to build, like, for example, Prime frames being built part by part takeing 3 days without real money rushing. #2 At some point very early on [perhaps upon their first acquisition of a new weapon type before MR4 or 5?], award players with a 4-pack of "essential" mods, with a couple of upgrade dots already added into them, alongside the tutorial explaining what endo is, how to get it, and how that links with Forma later on. For instance, when they get their first pellet-based shotgun primary, give them a 4 pack of mods that fit into almost any other pellet-shotty build, which will help them understand what they should be looking for. Heck, if they want to take it a step further, make some quests or missions award these basic weapons with the mods already added in. That way, by the time they've gotten through the nodes, they've got plenty of stuff to help them learn the ropes, adjust their strategies, and get a feel for their favorite types, without the immense grind that they'll have to do for powerful gear later on. The shop already has a form of this for elemental mods; think that, but through a tutorial quest or something similar.
  2. No, I wasn't; I'm not even sure what her gimmick is. There are a lot of frames I have zero experience with; most of my playtime is with Excal, and Umbra after him, with a bit of Zephyr Prime play for variety. A Limbo eventually swooped in and saved me on this riven, btw; the riven turned out to be for the Broken War sword. I was hoping for a Silva & Aegis riv, but apparently those are ludicrously rare...?
  3. I have a Limbo, he just needs to be leveled up. Thank you; I'll figure out how to play as him then get this done later.
  4. I've got this Riven mod that requires me to do a defense mission where the objective takes no damage at all. I thought that meant just health, but it apparently also means Shields as well because no matter how many times I try, I keep failing the moment its Shields drop even slightly. Right now I'm using a frost frame and it's bubble alongside chilling Globe to increase my odds, and I'm doing a mission with infested on Pluto to cut down on the number of enemies that fire projectiles, but every single time, there has to be just one enemy that explodes or sneaks past me that gets to the objective and fails me automatically. I'm getting frustrated and angry over this. Games aren't supposed to make me feel this way. Anyone got any tips to help me get this done? Or maybe offer a carry or something?
  5. I prefer the effects, honestly; every enemy that's flat on their arse, is an enemy that isn't shooting at me, after all.😂
  6. To be fair, the enemy interactions in this game when being hit don't allow it to come close to being like Devil May Cry, so it's not like they succeeded in that goal either. What they missed is that when you go into a weapon in Devil May Cry, the switch isn't just instant, it's locked into that form, and many of the buttons on the controller switch their functions around to cater to what that weapon can do. Which allows you to pull off many more combos and makes it more exciting. Warframe screws this up by not linking any of its other buttons into Melee mode; melee mode feels transient now, at best, and superficial/not-even-there at worst. Plus it takes away options [manual blocking/block-gliding, for example], and with so many enemies on screen shooting you while you try to Melee, it would be too dangerous to stand still and combo something like you do in Devil May Cry, especially since there's no dedicated Dodge button to get you out of bad situations. Jumping works somewhat, as does going Void mode via Operator, but both break the flow in Melee and can't substitute for a good dedicated dodge or block button. but I digress; my point is that saying this is like Devil May Cry is a bit of a falsehood, because this doesn't even come close to reaching that bar. The original melee system we had was far better; all it needed was better swap times without mods, the directional slam, and some better combos, as well as a way of dodging strikes and bullets when in Melee mode.
  7. Told ya so.😂 But yeah, best solution is to give us a toggle between classic and new Melee. Second best would be to just roll back the control changes but keep the switch-speed benefit.
  8. That won't happen unless they change the aim button back into manual blocking, when melee weapon is drawn, again. Which would basically mean just rolling the current changes back to how they once were. Which I completely support them doing; the new melee system has very little to love compared to how it once worked.
  9. We now have 34 pages of people saying that gutting out dedicated melee-mode, taking away manual blocking/melee aim-gliding, and changing how channeling works, are not good things. 34 pages of people saying this isn't working in our favor, and is probably causing a lot of extra work on the dev's side to boot. NO ONE IS WINNING IN THIS SCENARIO. So, WHY AREN'T THE DEVS RESPONDING TO US ON THESE MATTERS?! Come on, DE; tell us what you're doing about this! Please, stop staying silent! Get into this thread, or make a new announcement thread, and tell us what you're doing in response to these issues! PLEASE!
  10. Silvia, Sordid, can you two take that particular argument to PM's or something? It's already clear that you disagree with each other; let's just leave it at agreeing to disagree, so that this doesn't escalate into someone getting moderator attention that no one wants...
  11. Actually, just aim glide for a sec after jumping upwards. That gives you time to adjust the angle. I play on Switch and it works for me...
  12. I agree with your points, however, I feel that putting gun switch in the same slot as fire gun is a mistake; it not only wastes a shot when switching, it also alerts all nearby hostiles in most cases. Gun-switching should be tied to the aim button. That way, manual blocking can be contextual, and tied to the fire gun button whenever the melee weapon is being held by pressing A first. That, or just tie Blocking to the Contextual Action button, Y in the Switch's case, so that you can block whenever there's nothing around to interact with, and when you're not holding it, it goes back to the weapon or gun you were holding before blocking.
  13. Calm down, Ted. This is a feedback thread for this. EVERYONE HERE knows that this is just the first part. That's WHY we're here complaining; the complaints, if widespread enough, will indicate to the devs what isn't working, and will more than likely factor into the changes in later parts of the update. We want this to be better, not worse, and the complaints highlighting the points of contention are an important part of that, not mindless hatred. The best thing the devs could do for us, is give us an optional toggle for these changes. Let the old guard stick with the tried and true methods/buttons that have worked for them for ages, and let the adventurous sorts play around with the new way. Everyone wins, no one loses.
  14. I agree with most of your points, but for the love of Lotus, don't place blame on console players for the "dumbing down" they've done here. Console players are suffering from the broken aspects of new-melee, too, after all! Do you think we LIKE having manual block and melee-gliding disappear? Do you think we appreciate having melee channel being FORCEFULLY BOUND to alt fire? Hell no! These and other changes are BAD for players on console, just as they're bad for players on PC. We're all in this together, for both the good and the bad. Please don't place blame on console players for the mistakes the devs make. It isn't fair or right.
  15. Here's an idea for aim gliding; let us pick what button does it, and if it goes on a button that's already taken, make it a "hold/tap to glide" feature, again with us deciding which we'd like to have it do INDEPENDENT of other toggles. This could also be useful for Melee/quick melee; with your gun out, tap the melee button for quick strikes with your melee weapon, or hold briefly after the first quick slash to transition into the second hit of a full Melee combo, then staying in full melee mode until you swap back to gunplay. Which, btw, could ALSO remain bound to the current holster key, only made swifter, to also allow one to switch to Melee or gunplay just as it does now by holding it. As for quick-swapping to gun mode, why not make it more intuitive by letting us double-tap the block button, when in Melee mode? Or heck, give us a toggle to let us choose whether double-tapping or press-then-continue-to-hold either block or channel will swap back to gun play when in Melee mode, in addition to the standard holster button? That way there's two ways to do it; one slow [holster button held to swap modes as usual], and two fast, double-tap or press-then-hold block/channel for gun, & press-&-hold melee button to smooth-swap to second hit of full Melee mode combos? Everyone wins.
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