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  1. Edit: The possible reason why false stats were showing for Chromatic Blade was due to changing my arsenal while on a relay, near Simaris, rather than in my orbiter. Need more testing to confirm this glitch... Original post follows. ------------------------------------ No matter what color I change my Umbral Excal warframe's energy to [not secondary, first energy], for some reason, my Exalted Blade considers it to be Electric, which means, when paired with my Primed Fever Strike, I get corrosive as my default element. This is great news for my corrosive anti-Grineer build. Not so much good news for my anti-Corpus build, which needs lots of Viral but can't get the extra to show on its stats thanks to this bug. And before anyone asks, no, I don't have any electric-granting mods the frame section on my Corpus build that could be screwing it up. Is this a known bug, for Chromatic Blade to be showing false stats? Should I just build for Vir, assume the actual damage type will reflect in-mission, and ignore what the stats page on the Ex Blade says?
  2. The first does not remove the purpose of forma, it just makes regular Forma act like the aura forma, only for slots aside from the aura slot. There are still plenty of other things in the game that need forma aside from our gear. If there has to be a downside to it, which I honestly don't believe there needs to be considering all of the time sinks this game already has, then they could make it so that after the first three forma, that piece of gear starts reacting to forma the same way as it does now, by only allowing one polarity per slot. Think of it as the piece of gear developing a resistance to the forma. As to the second one, it doesn't remove the time sink aspect, it just makes it so that you have to go through 3 forma's worth of experience all at the same time to get the weapon to 30, if you use three forma. [2 for 2, 4 for 4, etc] There's no logical reason to force a downside into that one, considering, again, all of the time sink that this game already has. It's just readjusting it so that you can get it all done at once, and the fact of the matter is that there is still the prerequisite of having to earn to that many Forma in the first place, unless you just buy everything with Plat.
  3. Aside from infinity Forma, I like it. It's still not "let us multi-Forma our gear", though; I'm adamant that letting us use more than one Forma at a time would be a great change.
  4. Isn't it about time we revisited how regular Forma work on our gear? Now, granted, the current system isn't bad, but after seeing how Aura Forma works, and hearing the devs state that they don't want to increase the grind too much in the game, I felt it wouldn't hurt to have a serious shop-talk about them, to get some good suggestions on how these already-good items could be BETTER. My suggestions; #1 Let Forma work similarly to how Aura forma does, but remove the slot-swapping option in favor of a straight-up "change polarity of that one slot whenever you like" option. That way it functions like "unlocking the slot", or you can just directly make it function as Aura forma do, but for regular slots instead of Aura slots. #2 More at once, with matching requirements. [Streamlined leveling] Let us use multiple Forma at a time [maybe 3 to 5 max?] when polarizing something, but balance out the exp required to level it to 30, so that all the exp required to level it all those separate times, combined, becomes the new requirement. This lets us do everything at once, instead of having to reset our mods over and over again with each Forma, which can get annoying over time with gear that we want to put lots of Forma into. It would be especially useful for those that have a hard time remembering their builds sometimes; having to remember the build during 3 separate leveling processes can get tedious. Does anyone else have any good ideas/suggestions for improving Forma?
  5. Is it possible for us to purchase just the ticket [and maybe the plat], if we have no interest in the rest of the stuff? I could really use some Prime mods when his special relay opens in July, but I don't have any interest in the other things in the pack.
  6. It didn't help... The entire world around me still goes dark as night whenever I swing the stupid thing. It's a shame too; I got a heavy sword stance drop off the wolf and was looking forward to using it...
  7. I'm currently leveling up a heavy sword in order to turn it into a paracesis, but every single time I swing it, the world around me darkens, while the light of the sword flares up brightly, which basically blinds me to everything that isn't within 5 feet of me. How do I fix this? I get the feeling that lowering the brightness isn't going to solve this issue without causing others, and I've tried turning off the bloom effects. It didn't help. Keep in mind I'm on Switch, so I've only got the in game settings to work with.
  8. This is just something that I've noticed happening a lot, and I want to get the opinion of others on it. Whenever I go into a mission for a specific syndicate, I always go out of my way to hunt down the standing collectibles associated with that Syndicate during the mission. But when I go into missions like that in public mode, I find quite often that I am the only one who's actively searching for them, and I'm not willing to leave until all of them are found. Sometimes I even find myself abandoning the mission if others try to extract early without finding the collectibles. Is it the normal etiquette, to not at least ask the people whose group you're joining if they are going for all the Syndicate collectibles, and to just run straight for the goal to get the mission standing faster? Or is the etiquette during missions like that to actively search for the Collectibles without having to ask, and I'm just running across a lot of people who are either uncaring or not informed about how these Mission should be run?
  9. I prefer the effects, honestly; every enemy that's flat on their arse, is an enemy that isn't shooting at me, after all.😂
  10. To be fair, the enemy interactions in this game when being hit don't allow it to come close to being like Devil May Cry, so it's not like they succeeded in that goal either. What they missed is that when you go into a weapon in Devil May Cry, the switch isn't just instant, it's locked into that form, and many of the buttons on the controller switch their functions around to cater to what that weapon can do. Which allows you to pull off many more combos and makes it more exciting. Warframe screws this up by not linking any of its other buttons into Melee mode; melee mode feels transient now, at best, and superficial/not-even-there at worst. Plus it takes away options [manual blocking/block-gliding, for example], and with so many enemies on screen shooting you while you try to Melee, it would be too dangerous to stand still and combo something like you do in Devil May Cry, especially since there's no dedicated Dodge button to get you out of bad situations. Jumping works somewhat, as does going Void mode via Operator, but both break the flow in Melee and can't substitute for a good dedicated dodge or block button. but I digress; my point is that saying this is like Devil May Cry is a bit of a falsehood, because this doesn't even come close to reaching that bar. The original melee system we had was far better; all it needed was better swap times without mods, the directional slam, and some better combos, as well as a way of dodging strikes and bullets when in Melee mode.
  11. Told ya so.😂 But yeah, best solution is to give us a toggle between classic and new Melee. Second best would be to just roll back the control changes but keep the switch-speed benefit.
  12. That won't happen unless they change the aim button back into manual blocking, when melee weapon is drawn, again. Which would basically mean just rolling the current changes back to how they once were. Which I completely support them doing; the new melee system has very little to love compared to how it once worked.
  13. We now have 34 pages of people saying that gutting out dedicated melee-mode, taking away manual blocking/melee aim-gliding, and changing how channeling works, are not good things. 34 pages of people saying this isn't working in our favor, and is probably causing a lot of extra work on the dev's side to boot. NO ONE IS WINNING IN THIS SCENARIO. So, WHY AREN'T THE DEVS RESPONDING TO US ON THESE MATTERS?! Come on, DE; tell us what you're doing about this! Please, stop staying silent! Get into this thread, or make a new announcement thread, and tell us what you're doing in response to these issues! PLEASE!
  14. Silvia, Sordid, can you two take that particular argument to PM's or something? It's already clear that you disagree with each other; let's just leave it at agreeing to disagree, so that this doesn't escalate into someone getting moderator attention that no one wants...
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