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  1. yeah.... about that.... go back to the picture and check the top right corner at my overall credits after the mission
  2. yeah.... about that.... go back up to the picture and check the top right corner at my overall credits, with credit booster next to it
  3. [CREDIT BOOSTERS NO LONGER APPLY TO INDEX] I've read all the current updates coming in. And im unsure, but i dont remember seeing a change in the index no longer doubling the credit reward while a credit booster is active? I've only started noticing this today. So i have no idea how long this has been going on for, or if this change came with a recent patch or not? However, its most definitely important to get it fixed if it is a bug, because it implies ive been wasting my money, which would be unfortunate.. I hope it gets sorted! [SEE PICTURE BELOW SHOWING NORMAL HIGHRISK REWARD WITH ACTIVE CREDIT BOOSTER] [Edit]: Check the top right corner and youll see i have credit booster active 2hours, and 277k credits after the high risk index mission
  4. hi! thanks for the fix.. can you please fix grinding on k-drives please? ill be midway through a combo and it will pretty often cancel the grind animation on its own and spoil the combo.. it overly triggers me, especially when trying to farm kdrive standing! haha thank you.. hope you see this
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