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  1. I'll be brief, Latox Une's Shield Drone is targeted by anti Archwing attacks. If you don't notice Tendril spawns or if Mutalist Ospreys spawn in groups they are spammed with >1k damage blasts.
  2. My foundry previews a Broken War I have sitting ready to claim in the foundry, when I open and close the foundry the 3D model shrinks. I can repeat to make it appear to be as small as a toothpick.
  3. The raw mining resources Adramalium, Bapholite, Namalon and Thaumica are not linkable in chat. I'm not sure if this in the right section for the post, but I made the attempt to select the best fit.
  4. I hope Fortuna/Orb Vallis fixes are in the much more catagory. Also, can you guys add Terra Railgun Moa/Eximus and Deimos Leaper to the codex? I know some things are delayed being added but I get the feeling you guys did/will forget about them. Also Terra Anti Moa/Eximus
  5. Fortuna really is just busted at the moment. The game crashing is very frustrating, you have to get in and out quick for resources. I've had a multi hour toroid farm crash, Exploiter orb crashing mid fight, missions failing right out the gate, getting stuck under the map. Who knows what else is lying in wait to kick me in the pants, I don't want to even mess with anything else. Conservation might send me into a black hole, taking over a base might turn the map upside down, using a k drive might delete my account off the servers and nuke them from orbit via a military satellite. /hyperbole
  6. Just crashed as I was about to turn in from a multi hour toroid farm, with a doubler. So a ton of toroids plus wasted doubler time....
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