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  1. Games lock you at the end of the railjack mission if you try to enter a crewship before it disappear and it disappear exactly while in the entering animation (can't escape or recall to railjack even if the host navigate to dojo and wait for timer you are still locked in place, you can see the reward screen but can't do anything beside abort mission)
  2. So many good feedback, yes the main question to ask when deploying a new UI is to ask "what do users look for and need to be displayed for them without having to open up more UI elements" i know a lot of the screens you posted are just place holders. So for example players would like to see rare loot/prime parts they got at the end of the mission so the loot should be sorted by rarity, prime parts/ rare mods...etc not just a mix of items or icons. Also it would be nice to have the railjack map switch next to the nightwave button for easy switching while having the world state panel opened and maybe add a hide button for both or individual. You can utilize the star chart for icon navigation so you can have special effect/icon for each event like plague star or ghouls / invasion project boss that indicate that this plant got an event going on, something like the kuva red cloud for liches but a bit more clear (the red clouds are cool but need to be more defined around nodes) and also the mission type for the kuva lich tend to be wrong on some of the nodes that require some fixing 🙂 The end screen can be implemented better (overwatch style) show off the fashion frame then after 4 sec it show up the loot/rewards and stats window in full screen. The Resource extractors system kinda need a rework to be honest (you can add something creative to it that you can go into a resource extractor mission to hasten the process and get extra resources type from the planet that is deployed to) but for now it would be nice to have a collect all and repeat button (and a check if the person doesn't have the same type of the extractor when clicking repeat it would give a warning message). The Mastery rank icons the current one looks good but if you want to remodel all of them again to a cooler one would be nice if we be able to see samples and vote, but the ones in the preview you posted doesn't look better than the current one also that should be reflected in the new end mission with the squad you previewed so it would be cool to have the player glyph bordered with their mastery rank icon.
  3. Yohohoho Yohoohohoo Yohohoho Yohoohohoo On the way to deliver our bounty Space debries blowing as it pleases Riding the void Beyond the stars, the void hole rejoices Stars are painting the fabric of space Farewell to my Dojo Farewell to my Orbitor let's all sing out with a bang as the Railjack sets path Waves of Grineer and Sentiant dissolve into matter As our Warframe cut and maim
  4. Ok here is all the bugs i encountered playing Railjack Most of the bugs usually happens when you get into a laggy host Things that occur is usually the same as the normal warframe bugs like (not being able to open doors, or unable to use any interactable buttons like consoles,exits...etc) Railjack specific bugs If someone destroy the crewship from outside (using ordnance) and if you are flying the crewship, you will die on the ship and then get sent into space, when you rez back up you will lose your archwing but still be able to fly in tenno mode and will be able to use your normal guns but with your archwing abilities. (rare happened to be few missions only) If you do a close railjack recall while on the crewship right before it get destroyed there is a chance that the game will bug and you will get kick into space and then teleport to the railjack with archwing equipped inside. (rare and also require some timing) Dying on the crewship while it explode might send you into the "black abyss" below the space map with the ship wreckage and you will get stuck in some falling loop until the game stop you from falling then you can sprint back up into the "space window" space map again to get back into the game map. (Happened quite few times early on not so much lately) Using the side guns on the railjack sometimes you get a black flickering or the actual ship texture to block part of your view when you are panning your camera around. (Gunner phantom eye) Host migration can sometimes render the railjack with less avionics stats than intended also you still use the host ship not the migrated host ship. (had a host migration and the railjack had way less hall HP than before) Trying to repair a railjack component while returning from a mission into a different dojo than your own, will get your stuck in "please wait" with not ability to exit the game beside Alt+F4. Zetki Reactor MK lll with minor breach repair have a tool tip duplication bug. There is quite more but these the one i mostly remember. happy fixing 🙂
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