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  1. I encountered a bug today in the defense sortie with the NPC, i only had one weapon equipped (Kitgun) while activating the Primal Fury and giving the side arm to the defended NPC, the Primal Fury activation get buggy sometimes it will be permanent activation without any mana cost drain and sometimes it get deactivated and you get stuck in the staff pose and unable to attack.
  2. People tend to forget that using abilities for their intended use is different than using the ability in exploiting mechanics, sure that's a smart why of using the ability in a different way but not really meant for it intended use, Loki teleport is not meant for killing targets, but just switching. Yes it doesn't kill target by it's own but using it outside the game intended design is wrong, that what people get confused by "Iam just using my warframe ability"
  3. Same can confirm it happened to me as well logged in today and noticed the affinity increased and thought it was related to the last hot fix but since you guys mention it and i guess it related to this research blueprint
  4. Please fix Magus Lockdown bugging out bosses (put them in disabled state forever) force you to abort the mission
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