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  1. I really hope this update also gives me back my mysteriously gone K-drive Launcher... I can't do anything K-Drive-related 😕
  2. Here's my digital entry, merry tennobaum! https://imgur.com/U77eoLG ~puns intended~
  3. Any news about missing k-drives launcher? Cant use my k-drive, been a while now :'c
  4. Guardian, meet the Fire Knight! This was fun and a motivation to learn things about captura: (after dealing with AI, procs and timing) Ahh the poses.. perfect, the fire effects.. all on, cameras position and speed... done, now lets put some filters and see how nic-... "Turn on color correction" ... whoops... I'm not wasting all this sync and all for a filter... I'll leave it like this.
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