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  1. I think there is a spelling error in the Neo S11 Relic [Radiant] If i sort it on the name it shows up before the unrefined relic while all the other radiants show up after the unrefined one
  2. IO - Jupiter spawn bug with Nekros - Shadows Of The Dead After using Shadows of the dead the mobs stop spawning we don't get a wave finished message and there is no red dot on the map. Once after 11 waves, once after 4 waves. Without using it we had no problem going to 20 waves.
  3. Wolf is to easy now. Seems trying to farm him to get the motor to drop in the past few weeks seems for nop now.
  4. I had this twice now. First time it was in a sabotage mission where you got to plug something in to a terminal second time was in a mobile defense mission. It might be something to do with that?
  5. Bug: When i fought with Guandao i cant throw my canister. I first have to go back to my shooting weapon before i can throw it. Often this means i have to cycle trough my main hand weapon dropping the canister to the ground.
  6. I just was group leader on the Exploiter Orb. My group was unable to get out of the cave after fase 1, we had doors closed on us on two sides.
  7. No fix for the cetus bounty loot screen bugging the whole client out 😞
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