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  1. I just did the first 2 missions of the last void arm, something and Marduk and got no The Steel Path XP for it. I was and am at 26,693/27,501 So i guess void does not give xp.
  2. Strange there are a lot of possibilities that could cause that. 1 They capped at the wrong number of nodes 2 Some nodes counted while they did not count on normal mode 3 Void does not give mr at al I am working trough Sedna now should reach that soon to see if i have the same
  3. What was the composition of the team? As it was Lith it was a lower level mission, might there have been a trigger happy nuke frame killing the mobs to fast?
  4. This is the description of stasis from the wiki: The problem you seem to encounter is enemies shooting at your defense target (assuming its stationary) where the bullet comes into contact with a stasised cataclysm bubble. The bullet will hang there until stasis is gone. The real problem i think will come when the stasis is still active and you recast your cataclysm. The moment you drop your cata to recast it the stasis has no rift to bind the bullets to so they will go trough. Try it with dropping stasis before you recast your cataclysm? Hope that helps for you. I had this problem as well and i am now doing this on Akkad with a larger cata bubble to make sure the chickens do not cast their stuff on the floor underneath the defense target.
  5. I am going trough Eris now and i fail to find hardmode in it. Things die in seconds where on some of the other previous planets i had to adjust builds to the enemy. Eris feels like a regular mission and not hardmode. I killed the Jordas Golem solo (no one joined the open group) in seconds. I did Akkad with speed nova and it was one hit kills with my Zaw. Those mobs absolutely did not feel 135+
  6. I was grouped in a steel path group clicked the junction (tested on earth to Venus and the mars to Phobos junctions) and both times i got the low level specter in the junction that dies in 1 hit. When i leave the group and then enter the junction i get the high level specter to fight. Killing the low level specter does not give the yellow icon to complete the junction but rather the here is the mission end green icon, so i have to do the junction on the proper high level to complete it.
  7. I found mine. On the far side there is a crane. On the ring around the foot of the crane is where i found mine
  8. I got the same one as Daftmeat and cant find the orange datapad either
  9. I would like to see the amount of murmers that i got in a mission in the mission result screen. As an added benefit it would create awareness for those lets reach the finish line rushers that that might not be the most effective way to do the missions.
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