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  1. Is there someone at DE uncultured and made a subconscious joke naming the orbitor decoration?
  2. I found the reason, i had the filter off for showing maxed mods.
  3. Silly me i had a filter on
  4. My suggestion if you cannot get rid of the lich solo is to make sure you are in public and enter missions hoping that there are other players there already or where you can wait until someone else joins. A second player will make it a lot easier. The end mission is the same, you can just try and join a party or wait in your railjack until others join the fight.
  5. With all the people reporting we are at 13 succes in 96 tries. Getting max 13 ephemeras with a 20% dropchance on 96 tries is 6.8% Getting max 13 ephemeras with a 10% dropchance on 96 tries is 90.3%
  6. It looks like it has been reset to the old 10%. I am at 44 Sisters now and have 4 ephemeras and more people in my clan are talking about similar odds. The odds on getting max 4 in 44 tries are 4.4% with a 20% drop rate The odds on getting max 4 in 44 tries are 53.8% with a 10% drop rate
  7. Helping to kill the Lich of someone else.... why would i? I rather have the lich generating minions because that would boost my mod counter as well as my rage meter.
  8. The mission you stab your lich in does not generate rage on the bar for the next level. I have seen people leave the mission since staying in would only cost time and not have any benefits for them. It used to be that the rage you build from the mission that you stabbed your lich went over to the next rank. This might be a bug i don't know?
  9. I do not understand this. If this won't matter at all like you said then what does it matter that they introduce this? For me i might try a frame like Wukong for instance, a frame that i normally never use
  10. I like the invigorations, i might actually play other frames then the ones i now normally use. For all the people who talk about meta etc the question, how many times do you need the arbitration bonus frame and weapon to be allowed to play in that arbitration? I have never heard that as a requirement!
  11. Most hated weapon atm akjaGARA grrrr searching the relics!
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