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  1. Most hated weapon atm akjaGARA grrrr searching the relics!
  2. Situation: Valkyr Prime 6 config slots with 6 different Helminted abilities Swapping the order of the config slots does not move corresponding helminth abilities. Example Config B is named Silence and has Sillence in the third ability slot Config C is named Ensnare and has Ensnare in the third ability slot Swapping config named Silence with the one called Ensnare had as a result that the config called Silence now has the ability Ensnare and the Config called Ensnare has the ability called Silence Expected behaviour: When swapping the ability should either mov
  3. The amount of fissures and especially the resultant reactents dropping on Grineer missions is far to low. I am playing Warframe for 3 years or so, i think i had more missions not cracking the relic after this update then in all my playing time before.
  4. Yeah but which one is abnormal .. I did click open the warframe tab in the task manager so the epic overlay things that are associated with warframe i did not count.
  5. The fps counter tells the amount of ram used, for me it is 1,288MB in my orbiter. Task Manager says 2,954MB used. What's going on with there?
  6. Just came out of the void relic mission with 5/10. Can the sentients even become corrupted to drop shards?
  7. After the relog for the friends list i do not see my RJ in my clans dojo dry dock I got invited into a group by a clan mate before i got to the dock.
  8. On the second quest mission i had a somachord pn my own railjack in the same spot as the one on the tempestarii when i slingshotted there afterwards.
  9. First mission i can't pick up loot after going back to my RJ. My loot's in space.... :(
  10. I am getting the message Please ensure that your firewall permits UDP ports 4950 & 4955. Why?
  11. Means the message was posted 19 hours ago and dunno.
  12. I think this is because they want to simultaneous launch it on all platforms, though it seems that PS5 will be a bit delayed.
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