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  1. Yeah, the god rays :3 And ambient occlusion ^^ but even then it crashed after around 15 to 20 minutes. xP - but that's another problem. The new plains of eidolon would look amazing with these effects.
  2. Y Yeah, since release with each update it ran better and better. it ran best with the profit taker part 2 update - only dropped some frames in orb vallis but everything else was extremely smooth, even in the plains of eidolon with 4 players. (and there where really nice lens effects *_*)
  3. - The loading times are around 10 to 20 seconds longer since the Jovian Concord, mostly because there is a blackscreen before the loading screen. Sometimes it stays there so long that you think the game crashed...
  4. You can disable a lot of options manually on Switch... The framerate was also really good until the Jovian Concord update - and no blackscreens before loading/ way shorter loading times. We are trying yo find out what is causing this performance drop. (especially in the openworld areas and Jupiter)
  5. My girlfriend finally received Necros Prime, she is soo happy :3 Thank you DE ^^
  6. Or maybe the ai of the enemies was improved... the number of different enemy types and behaviours could be the problem... thanks to the adaptive resolution (if it works) the gpu should not be a limiting factor
  7. Another theory could be that it doesn't run worse but we perceive it like it's running worse... maybe some way of smoothening was changed that makes frameratedrops more apparent... A framerate test would help to find this out...
  8. My girlfriend will be really happy 🙂 she received the lotus emphemera but not necros prime. She will be soo happy ^_^ Thank you :3
  9. Yeah, but as a new player it motivates you to build & use forma. it took me around 200hours to figure out that forma is not only used to build rooms in the dojo 😅 I also build my first amp because of nightwave. (But didn't know you hat to have to have even higher standing to gild it...)
  10. You are all veterans and i understand if you don't want to format or gild weapons, but for me who didn't do that before it really motivated me. please consider more the newer players, they are really important too. that's why i think that maybe some of the challenges like gilding & format could be replaced by difficult challenges for high level players
  11. If the update also drops the performance on pc maybe we should look what it changed in other places like orb vallis. (because jupiter is completely new it would be hard to find differences there) maybe run orb vallis before and after the update and compare and then look at the new changes... if you find the performance draining factor it probably also applies to jupiter & plains of Eidolon.
  12. My game is also on the SD Card (SanDisk 400GB) But I'm playing mostly undocked. I have these issues both as a host and as a client. I'm not sure about the resolution thing but it could be possible... Lately I only noticed a really low resolution on cetus...
  13. I also have no idea what is happening... Last time I tried I couldn't even fish in orb vallis when i'm alone ! it just stutters so badly. and it's really hard to kill the amalgams on jupiter when the game runs so bad... completing the Nightwave challenge wasn't fun, it was fighting against the game - but in a bad way. 😞 At least other than cetus, eidolon, orb vallis, fortuna & jupiter the game seems to run fine ^^
  14. Maybe the challenges could be different depending on the level of the player... Or players with a really high level get more difficult missions instead of those forma/gild challenges 🙂 Like all missions are the same exept the difficult ones. low level players get forma etc. challenges while high level players get 30min survival on mot in the void or do sorties.
  15. There are also pink boxes in cetus & plains of eidolon instead of plants.
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