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  1. I would like to ask something similar: Now that haptic feedback will be supported on Ps5, will there also be a patch for the Switch ? The Switch controllers also offer haptic feedback but it isn't used in Warframe on that plattform yet.
  2. Now that ps5 is getting haptic feedback... Is it maybe possible to bring it to switch too ?
  3. Now that the Ps5 is coming and will support haptic feedback, could you please bring it to Switch too ? - It was the first console to have it after all xD
  4. Me and my friends would really appreciate the Tengoken sword Skin, because ot resembles the Master Sword and that would be really nice to have on Switch 🤗
  5. Thank you all for working so hard on the Heart of Deimos on Switch. :) Solo and with one Friend it runs extremely well ! :3 But in a squad with 3 or 4 players the framerate can drop a lot. And the fog clouds that appear when volumetric lighting is enabled look glitched. (But that was already the case in eidolon and orb vallis) Also capturing animals is buggy... Sometimes they don't appear or glitch into structures where you can't catch them. That's a bummer because this time they are required to progress. Other than that it looks and runs amazingly. It's the best openworld yet and a lot of fu
  6. I play on Switch because it's most optimized, feature richest, comfortable and overall most impressive version of the game. Also the migration from pc was just copying the account to Switch. The pc accounts are still there too, so we regret nothing about that. 😅 If you want DE to remember how important crossplay or crossaves are to you, please ask nicely and be polite. Then maybe they will respond.
  7. Well, I can wait a few days longer because on switch I can play it everywhere I want and I have motion controls 🤗 I still think it's the best way to play warframe 🙈 I would not want to play it anywhere else... (But i would like to play together with my friends that only have a pc - crossplay please 🙈)
  8. I still prefer a cheap console with the option to add cheap memory. imagine they where doing it like apple... 300$ the 32gb version, 400$ the 64gb Version etc. 😅 Also even if the cert on switch takes longer, i don't have the impression that nintendo is doing a great job... because they let games onto their system that used their own tracks (copyright infringement) and updates to Minecraft that can corrupt the internal memory 😅 I'm happy that the update comes to Switch very soon :3 And that the Game runs so well on the system. But i would love crossaves/ crossplay.
  9. That's true, but they had more than enough time to figure it out 🙂 They could exclude the plat from the crossave feature and just let it remain exclusive to the save of each plattform. xP Many games do it that way. I mean even Witcher 3 added crossaves to Switch in only a few months 😅
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