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  1. True, but for all we know that story could have been written along side the deimos development and be part of it. I'm just saying that I have some basis to use for that train of thought.
  2. They already showed some of them off on the last devstream, they look like they just might be from her story.
  3. Spear guns only really shine in solo play due to their mechanics and the ridiculous amount of damage we can deal. Trying to use one effectively in a squad is like a Nidus with three Mesa players trying to get mutation stacks.
  4. Honestly, same. I wish it was a toggle for winged syandanas.
  5. Silence is hardly her iconic move, it's sonar, which is ridiculously good. A banshee is a wailing spirit, silence makes no sense.
  6. I thought energy conversion didn't work for the buffs, unless they changed that.
  7. I'll never understand the reasoning for the pvp augment remaining unchanged. The four second limit in pve is really limiting considering energy cost among other things.
  8. People rage quit over the dumbest things, if the formas are being removed then that just means a chunk of the playerbase won't be playing it. I have other things to do in game that are more fun than defending a cargo truck and fighting a lephantis clone.
  9. After going through about 30 something liches, I personally have grown tired of the same two personalities over and over again and the now boring and repetitive dialogue they both have to offer. There are more issues than this at present, but it's my major pet peeve with it. Here are my suggestions for new personality types and quirks to spice up the liches. Some of it is still WIP, and I'll add to it as I go. The Gambler: This lich variation has a fondness for gambling, with YOUR resources. It takes a percentage of your resources that it has taxed you for over the course of elim
  10. Inaros is just a giant health pool with one redeeming skill that only serves the player and not the squad. He isn't a squad frame, it's a pretty selfish playstyle. Nidus offers support and CC with Larva, Parasitic Link and Ravenous, you don't even need to swap any of his skills out because he functions so well with his kit. It's more interactive than just spamming kronen prime or whatever the hot stuff melee is at that moment. For a quick mission, Inaros would be the better option and for longer runs you could easily have nidus in there decimating the map. It's comparing apples and
  11. Considering how much DE has catered to newbies lately with the helminth MR requirement reduction, increasing standing for lower ranked players, etc, I wouldn't be surprised if they did this and we got nothing. We didn't get grandfathered in when they added the new login system. I'm fine with the time gate, all it would do is bury people under more things they would feel "forced" to grind.
  12. Just because you didn't like what they have to say, doesn't make it toxic. It's legitimate advice.
  13. Hard pass on this, there's still a lot of things poorly explained in the game. Newbies don't need more stuff thrown at them.
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