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  1. Why would I be mad? I know how to do perfect captures without having to use invisibility frames or anything special other than a lure and a tranq rifle. I also know what bureaucratic means and don't try to use big words to make weak arguments, nor do I ask people if they're mad because of weak arguments. Maybe if people took the five minutes to learn a mechanic, instead of coming on the forums to complain and think if they whine hard enough that DE will just remove it from the game threads like this wouldn't be an issue. If you or the OP need someone to show you how to do this, I'm more than willing. But considering you guys are are rank 26/27 I don't see how a simple mechanic like this could be such a hindrance.
  2. Yes it is, and it's not "bureaucratic" to use your brain.
  3. It's so incredibly easy to do, and takes almost no time at all once you learn what you're doing. People have complained away all the even semi-difficult challenges, and now nightwave challenges as a whole are so brain dead it's become a drag for me. You don't have to do it, nobody is going to force you and that one single challenge isn't going to prevent you from capping.
  4. I haven't seen a bot in years, maybe you're overthinking people just playing poorly?
  5. I swapped back to the old flight system, the new one is infuriating. You hit one tiny thing in the tileset and you spin upside down violently out of control with no proper way to accent to the ground. The AI is even more braindead than a normal mission with large groups of enemies getting stuck on things in the tileset, often leading to packs of 10-20 mobs all bunched up.
  6. I don't know why catchmoon just didn't get the 0.5 hatchet the first time around, it's going to be OP no matter what.
  7. Been waiting five years for one, but considering what they used the name for...
  8. No, it would still be worthless and the conversion rate would be so low that you would just be better off raw farming whatever resource it is. Not to mention the varying cap of focus depending on your mastery level that people would claim is "unfair" and do nothing but complain about.
  9. First of all, this probably belongs in fan concepts. https://forums.warframe.com/forum/89-fan-concepts/ Second, even if this conversion idea of yours somehow made it into the game, the time it would take to farm the focus to convert into X/Y/Z currency/resource would just be better spent raw farming for them instead. Focus is easy to cap, it's not a valuable resource, and you can farm focus while farming the other things you want to convert it too. Focus as a currency is virtually worthless, even if you've capped all your trees, it's still easy enough to get to diminish any real value. As for the other thing, there's a lot of stuff DE could do for newer players, and we've been waiting years for them to do it.
  10. Because Zarozian, I mean, the OP, needs as high of a number they can get on the buff because it's some sort of weird measuring contest for other people who player rhino.
  11. Pretty obvious to me who does 4/4 radshares only when farming in this thread lol
  12. TheGuyver


    You should probably look up some videos about character and animation rigging then, and look up some older quotes by the devs as to why first person would never be a thing due to such things among other reasons. Just because you might have to do some digging to find it doesn't mean it doesn't exist.
  13. What about getting ahead with thread counts? lol
  14. Looks kinda meh to me, especially with the 3 and 4 merged into one skill. Why can't we electrify the net with our teslas or shoot it to add elemental damage like the zephyr tornado, etc.
  15. We kind of already had archwing 2.0 already, and it really didn't do much considering they couldn't even add an accent to ground button.
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