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  1. So you started this thread over cognitive bias? Bad RNG doesn't mean it's rigged. The old system won't apply if you don't actually get the lich to spawn, so you will get multiple of the same weapon to show on the larvling in a row. The bad luck protection doesn't trigger until you create the actual lich.
  2. I can just apply constant 24 hour chat bans on you if you don't want to see it. I'm sure the alliance leadership wouldn't mind.
  3. I wish there was a barrier to stop people from spam posting GD threads.
  4. I don't have to get used to anything, because there will never be an auction house. I personally don't care about being undercut, I've made and purchased enough plat to not need any right now or for a long time, and my point of view is a broader one than just "iwantphatstaxxxofplatlul" because there's a lot things to actually consider. DE isn't dumb enough to add an auction house and destroy the price of their platinum knowing full well how the community will run rampant over it. So again, you're not really bringing up any points unless you just want to fluff your post count.
  5. This entire post is a gigantic oversimplification, and you don't really offer any actual points here other than just saying "that's how it is" and giving some pretty mediocre examples of nothing.
  6. I worded that poorly, and have corrected it. I just personally feel like any sort of progress I made with anything archwing related, meant nothing in the initial release of railjack.
  7. Modular archwings aren't going to be any better than the archwings we have now, not until we see what sort of overhaul they get in the coming weeks. Archwing has a ton of other problems, and they won't fix it. Not to mention the fact that DE basically set any sort of progression or effort we put it into our archwings/archguns 10 whole steps with the massive overnerfing of them just to artificially dumb down the gameplay of the mode.
  8. I actually haven't seen this yet since I got void hole right off the bat after launch. It burns.
  9. I would imagine the kuva liches will be born out of some sort synthetic kuva that either Alad V (for the umpteenth time) will try some crazy scheme with only to have it horribly backfire. That, or we'll FINALLY get that Nef Anyo boss fight to reintroduce him to the game, and have some corpus units twisted and warped by the void.
  10. Yeah sure, so people can sit there for hours and hours and hours on end undercutting people by 1 plat at a time and tanking the hell out of any sort of market. Never mind the people who would want it on the mobile app, which after playing wow, is such a cancerous thing. We don't need an auction house, and we'll never get an auction house. The playerbase will drive the price of everything down to the bare minimum and then some and platinum would be virtually worthless outside of market only items. Not to mention how often people buy black market platinum, that often gets reversed and screws over people and could bring their account into an automated ban until they buy enough platinum to bring the balance to a positive. An auction house would make it incredibly easy to grief people like this, especially if someone buys a thousand dollars worth of plat and buys more expensive postings before charging back to push all of those they purchased from into a negative platinum balance, and thus, an automated ban. I would like to see someone tell me why they think an auction house is still a good idea, because OP doesn't seem like they're going to try and argue their point of view. This is a free to play game, there's no way ANY f2p with a premium currency would a system in that had no checks or balances (like trade limits) that people would rampantly drive prices down on.
  11. Doubling the amount of asterite you get isn't enough when you only get 15 in a mission and you need 1400 per part. Having a now 4% drop chance on the parts you need to actually progress that are completely RNG based still isn't good enough. I don't know why all the reactor/shield and engines don't drop off of the crewships like the guns drop off of the fighters, it's a basic and simple solution that even with the RNG would alleviate some of the problems.
  12. My end game is going to be reading the salt on the forums when they hit us with the riven melee disposition changes in the immediate future.
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