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  1. https://forums.warframe.com/forum/89-fan-concepts/
  2. https://forums.warframe.com/forum/34-warframes/
  3. I think it took me 70+ odd runs to actually get the final part I needed, and I was doing most of those with my clan so the runs were pretty quick. I never liked her main blueprint being in the drop tables because of dilution. It never felt like work because we were goofing off and having fun in the runs, but I know some people make it like work and it really sours the game lol
  4. https://forums.warframe.com/forum/34-warframes/
  5. I built mine from the ground up and have been running it for a little over seven years.
  6. I know a few players that had accounts banned for having multiple alternates in a clan for dojo building, but that was after making the fact of it public and it lead to them being reported. Kind of what this post is screaming at people to do right now. If you need to put alt accounts in to build stuff, maybe it's time to downgrade from mountain.
  7. I'm waiting for the motivation element so i can do the grind in the first place.
  8. I feel like this is going to be another one of those posts where op drops complaints/feedback in general and never replies. This is a couple years late though.
  9. They already said it will be solo.
  10. I grinded some OT at work and got it with a 100% drop chance in the supporter pack.
  11. Pretty much, I spam fed it resources and swapped the same two skills in and out and hit 15 pretty quick. People that rushed to mastery rank 30 and have no resources to back it up, compared to people like myself or those in my clan who have been playing for 7+ years aren't really "veterans".
  12. That image really leaves a bad taste in my mouth, I can't possibly fathom a reason for us to not be able to use the augment on the kuva variant. I agree that it is disingenuous to us, and it should have been mentioned.
  13. I'm like 99% sure that you're trolling us with this post. How do you not call it powercreep?
  14. So a few questions here: 1. With how long it took to fix this, why are the other set mods not on the chopping block for this change like the vigilante set? It seems unfair to remove the interaction with melee mods, seeing as melee is receiving, what many believe, is a huge nerf, while leaving the primary interaction alone. I personally don't see that happening due to them benefiting from the mods. 2. Why was this not posted in the main thread the other day? Is this a last minute thing? This is a big change for a lot of people basically using the sentinels as stat sticks. 3. Will gladiator might be changed to work again in the future, should a companion melee weapon be released that has more critical focused stats?
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