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  1. True that, I never used it for channeling that I legit forgot it was changed to speed/combo chance lmao Meh, relying on an RNG mod with a RNG system built into it isn't exactly what I would call good design choice. I wouldn't want to be swinging at 2,0 attack speed either, looking at you wisp. We can only wait to see what happens now I suppose.
  2. What about hammers and other slow melee weapons? It's going to hurt them without being able to stack fury and berserker.
  3. Enjoy that sweet af 0.5 disposition lol
  4. The person receiving it NOW isn't to blame, I don't know what makes you think an even blinder exchange is going to do. Just because you say it's so, doesn't make a reality dude, if some mr2 posts a braton prime stock for 100p and someone buys it, only to charge back, they're still going to get banned if they're in the negative blind exchange or not. I know right? I read some of these posts and I wonder how people can go through life with with these rose tinted glasses. It's just "me me me me me gimme AWCTIN HAUZ" with literally no regard for any of the hundreds of factors at pla
  5. What's to stop someone from buying the 200 dollar platinum package, then going to the "auction house" and spending all of it, before charging the platinum back on their card? People have literally done that to get dozens of people banned for negative platinum. Negative plat will always be an issue, AH or not and since it's been an automated support issue that hasn't been touched in years, it's really doubtful that it will go away.
  6. Thank you for breaking this down, I haven't played GW2 since early on in the first expansion. I only had the previous experience from years ago to go off of.
  7. Didn't we have this discussion on the last auction house thread? I can't remember how many times I've one in circles over this, no sarcasm intended here. The only one that comes to mind is the gems to gold/gold to gems exchange in guild wars 2. The last time I played that, the prices fluctuated wildly due to the player base and botting. They also had to heavily monitor and separate the european and chinese server economies due a wide number of financial incompatibilities. Most games don't allow direct trading of their premium currency like warframe does. WoW gold isn't really a premi
  8. Same, all these auction house posts end up the same way because people think companies are dumb enough to shoot themselves in the foot financially lol
  9. https://forums.warframe.com/forum/89-fan-concepts/
  10. I've never seen such unanimous hate for an idea. Firm, hard and definitive no from me.
  11. I'm running defiler right now with some nice debuff spam, it's way too nice. I just started unlocking more specs because 8 was doing pilgrimage missions to get the godspawn projects.
  12. I have spent far too many hours in the siralim series, I'm like 175+ now in ultimate with 300+ in the rest lol
  13. Xaku is basically a gunplay enhancing frame, like what mirage used to be before melee completely took over the game. You can even put eclipse on it to put the nail in the coffin for her in that regard. Xaku and gara serve two entirely different functions and play styles.
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