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  1. As much as you want to believe it isn't political, it's really not. It's going to be a hot button issue for many years to come. I would prefer they keep an apolitical stance, and if you thought anymore into it than "muh pride, muh colors, muh ninjas" you might get a glimpse into the repercussions of them doing something like that.
  2. They already said warframe rivens are never going to be a thing, the omega rivens that were datamined years ago were a joke.
  3. You could probably just give your friend fully starred ayatans and it would give them more than they could farm with a booster.
  4. As long as it isn't that my little pony looking skin they showed like three years ago.
  5. Except in this case, the cake was fully cooked and ready to eat. No reason for the middle to turn to goop after you pull the toothpick out clean.
  6. Riven mods use up a lot of memory on the servers afaik, so they aren't like normal mods. That's why we've gotten very few increases to the max we can have. I would probably care more if I didn't transmute 15+ garbage rivens a week.
  7. You should never buy platinum from anywhere besides the main site here, anything else is either a scam or you'll end up getting banned for black market plat.
  8. First of all, this belongs in feedback. Second, putting umbral mods on a frame doesn't turn it into "Umbral X" and that drives me up a wall seeing it literally everywhere.
  9. All of my yes. If this saves me what feels like an eternity flipping through menu after menu after menu clicking and clicking to do stuff.
  10. That cocktail of unflinching violence and pseudo-random rewards? It's good for business.
  11. It was pretty good for a star chart boss, it could use some polish though. I wonder if the other version of it a meat mattress for a head will ever come out or if that's just more lost concept art.
  12. People like that are the reason I don't watch many youtubers, except for the meme ones. Too many clickbait titles and videos just barely over the 10 minute mark to tack on ad revenue for it while they repeat the same stuff over and over that's been said a million times before. He's one of those "oh my god the devs dropped an insignificant amount of info about an update, I had better go make an 11 minute video over one sentence and prattle off nonsensically hoping my clickbait title will lure people in for that sweet quarter of a penny per view" kinds of youtubers.
  13. This isn't a job, this is not your lifelong profession, or mine. It's a non-consequential digital currency that won't translate over to anything. Trying to compare fake currency in a video game that is meant to be enjoyable and entertaining and comparing it to work is just so far off the reservation that I can't even begin to fathom why I would engage in an attempt to argue this line of broken logic. I'm not trying to be rude, but, this is just a ridiculous way to view this sort of thing.
  14. Nobody should have any reasonable expectation of compensation, considering how much ample warning was actually given. The devs have stated that there's going to be catch up mechanics, and anything you could buy with wolf creds will most likely be purchasable in the next series. Had the update not been delayed, nobody would be having this discussion and it would just be a waiting game for series 2 to start. Everything in this game, with the exception of very few items like the founder packs and tethra's doom emblem and a couple of other things have become available again at some point so all the fuss people are making over the issue is pointless.
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