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  1. Is this going to another one of those hot topic feedback threads that belong in GD where the op doesn't ever post in the thread again?
  2. The point of steel path is to use what we've spent years building and min/maxing to plow through it for bragging rights. I did 95% of it solo, with off meta frames and weapons, along with gimmcky status builds, it's not terribly difficult. Leave arbitration bonuses where they belong. There's more to the game than circle jerking the crit meta with an inaros and panzer. DO YOU KNOW HOW TO MULTI-QUOTE?
  3. Knowing that Revenant is a vampire themed warframe that was corrupted by eidolons is what makes someone a vet imo.
  4. The gears are turning, it's more draining than a vampire.
  5. It's a bigger crutch than iron skin or inaros lmao
  6. Right now the only reason I'm logging in is to hand out ignis wraith blueprints and fart around with some builds.
  7. I'm sorry that it wasn't drilled into your head from the last 15+ page thread of people telling you that you're wrong lol I can go quote the parts where I picked your weak argument apart. Please stop telling people that they're in denial when your post history tells us otherwise.
  8. A couple things here: 1. You're entitled to your opinion, and there's nothing wrong with that. 2. It's cool being new, and nobody is going to fault you for not being born knowing every morsel of knowledge for a game. 3. While you didn't say that, it's a strong point AGAINST a rework, not a straw man. 4. A lot of frames get left behind in many areas of the game, he excels in steel path and in longer, more endurance orientated missions. For stuff like capture and exterminate? Yeah, he doesn't build stacks that fast and suffers for it, but it's far from being the reason for a rework, con
  9. That's just like, your opinion man. He's one of the few frames who has a fully functional kit and can go the distance. Anyone saying he needs a rework clearly doesn't know how to play him, or they're not that great at the game. Also: https://forums.warframe.com/forum/34-warframes/
  10. As established as him being vampire themed with an eidolon twist, that you're in complete denial of.
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